Do men choose the car because of its design?

Let’s ask the question in another way. What makes you notice one car and not another? Love at first sight exists, especially when we talk about men and cars, after which one looks inside and ends up falling exhausted or disappointed.

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But, if we are realistic, the first image we receive is the exterior of the car, its color, its curves, the shape of its headlights… Many claim that the exterior design of a car defines the personality of the driver with the same precision that it could. the color of it.

We are going to propose an experiment.

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After looking at the photographs of the New DS 5 that we put throughout the article, who do you think this vehicle would be for and how would you define it? If we look only at the design of this vehicle, the first word that will come to our mind is elegance and this car is very stylish, without a doubt, it is luxury made in Paris.

What is the first thing you notice when you have seen the photos of the DS5? Our eyes have gone directly to the curves and to the headlights, which have DS LED Vision technology, which are the directional headlights, progressive turn signals and LED fog lights.

But let’s go inside, let’s discover what it contains beyond the precious packaging that we have before us. When we used to talk about luxury and elegance, it was not in vain. The DS 5 has excellent finishes in leather, aluminum and metal that are combined with exclusive clothing.

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In short, what kind of profile do you think someone who falls in love with this car would have? We would dare to say that he is a lover of fashion, sinuous curves, firm and clean lines, luxury and elegance; a person who likes to stomp on life and enjoy it to the fullest.

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