Who are more attractive, men with beards or men without beards?

Do you think the beard in man is attractive? Are you one of those who thinks that going shaved is synonymous with elegance and seriousness? Can you be elegant with a beard? In today’s article I want to end the eternal question of who are more attractive, men with beards or men without beards? To do this we will use photographs, studies (with proven results) and expert opinions. Look out!

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There is no doubt, currently the beard is a trend. For some time now, men’s facial hair has become the best complement to our casual style looks.

Beard, why do we like it?

There are several theories about why we like to wear beards.

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  • Health: Many men like to wear beards to protect their skin from the sun.
  • Symbol: Some think it is a symbol of virility and a sign of a strong immune system.
  • Vaguería: It is a look that does not need much care, only two days a week are necessary to take care of the beard.

Thousands of world-famous faces have joined the beard fashion. In fact, today’s great handsome men (actors, soccer players,…) have not been able to resist the temptation of the bearded look, as is the case with Xavi Alonso (Real Madrid and Spanish National Team player), Piqué, Hugo Silva , Bratt Pitt or Aston Kutcher, among others.

It is often said that there always comes a day in the life of every man in which, in front of the mirror, they think about whether or not to grow a beard, they even turn to the female sector to ask for advice, which on many occasions they answer negatively. negative.

A softer look

The fact of going without a beard and always clean shaven is something that many women also look for and that is that not all of them like men with beards.

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But the reality is quite different. There are many women who prefer them shaved, however, Muy Interesante magazine has revealed, in a study carried out on heterosexual men and women, that men with beards are considered more attractive, much more masculine and healthier than those who are shaved.

Beard styles

If you have already decided to grow a beard or are thinking of doing so, you may think that they are all the same and that they only change in that they are more or less long, and although this is not entirely a lie, the truth is that depending on the amount of beard or how you shave it to shape it, we are going to find various styles.

In this way, to give you an idea of ​​what types of beards exist, we are now going to give you a summary of the most outstanding styles:

Balbus Beard

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The Balbo is one of the most popular beard styles these days. Robert Downey, Jr., a famous American actor who starred in blockbuster movies like The Avengers and Iron Man, has kept up the Balbo look for years as it matches his features so well.

To get this type of beard you need to grow a full beard so that you have enough hair to shape it. Do not shave for 4 weeks or until the beard is fully grown. You also need to grow a mustache. You will then need to shape it so you will need good razors to achieve the look. You can use a disposable or electric razor to remove the hair on the sides, and a straight razor to shape the Balbo beard style properly.

Bandholz Beard

The Bandholz beard style was popularized by Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardbrand, who was in the corporate world until he fell in love with beards. He got negative feedback due to his desire to grow his beard to its limit, therefore he quit his job and decided to create Beardbrand

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Beardbrand was just a community in its early days. Eric posted blogs, YouTube videos, and Tumbler posts to provide information for enthusiasts who wanted to keep their beards in top condition. Later, he decided to turn it into a business by offering high-quality products that really work great. From beard oils, washes and softeners, scissors and combs, the Beardbrand is certainly a one stop shop.

So the basis of this type of beard, following the advice of its creator, is to let your beard grow as long as you want, but without forgetting to care for it and clean it daily.

Growing this beard requires patience. At first, it will look patchy and unkempt, especially during the first 4 months. You must have the patience to keep it intact. Put away the blade and scissors; you won’t need them for months. You just have to let it grow until it reaches the maximum length it can go. You can start shaping and cutting it 7 months later, or you can keep it as it is, depending on your preference. The good thing about the Bandholz is that you can maintain it freely unlike other beard styles.

Circle Beard

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Also known as a “standard” beard, the circle beard is a combination of a mustache and a rounded goatee. It looks neat, therefore, making it a good choice for men who want to look presentable without letting go of their beards.

A perfect beard for round-faced men, the circular is a beard you’ll achieve if you grow a reasonable amount of hair to avoid over-trimming or shaving. It would be best to visit a salon to achieve the perfect circle shape as it can be a bit finicky. As soon as you’ve got the right look, you’re free to trim and shave as you like on your own.

Extended Knob

The extended goatee is a combination of goatee and mustache. The style is different from the full beard in that the hair on the sideburns is removed.

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To get it you must make sure that you have grown a medium beard before shaping your beard. To do this, you will have to remove the hair from the sideburns and adjust the width according to your preferences. Don’t take off your mustache.

Wolverine’s Beard

This type of beard is known as “Wolverine’s” since it is the type of beard worn by Hugh Jackman’s character in the Wolverine movies characterized by having a lot of hair on the sideburns.

Thus, to wear this beard you have to let your sideburns and mustache grow until they meet. Shave the hair from your chin down to the lower lip area. Also, you can keep your sideburns growing until it becomes fluffy.

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Full Beard

Among beard styles, the full beard is certainly something you should not miss this 2018. A well-groomed beard is more attractive as it better accentuates your features.

The full beard depends on your genetics. If you let your hair grow all over your face, achieving this is easy. You just have to let the hair grow until you like it and shape it evenly with a razor. Stop shaving until 6 weeks to achieve the look. Trim right after to maintain length.

Garibaldi Beard

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Don’t have enough time to maintain your beard? The Garibaldi style is perfect for you! It is slightly shorter than Bandholz beard, therefore trimming is required only from time to time.

To get this beard you have to grow your beard for months, about 4 months depending on how fast your beard grows until it reaches 15-20 cm. Trim and shape the bottom area from time to time to make it look round. The length of the mustache is something that you should also keep neat as the focus should be on the beard. No styling aids required as it has to look natural.

Be yourself

However, the only one who can decide if you like yourself better with or without a beard is you. Remember that the beard will suit you better or worse depending on your face and its features, as well as depending on the haircut you wear, your look, etc. That is why before choosing to grow a beard or not, you should ask yourself if it is the look that you like. Once you know the actual data, it’s time for your choice. Do you prefer a bearded look or a shaved look? Tell us your opinion about it.

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