Modern Beards – The best photos of handsome men with beards Spring Summer 2022

For some time I have been observing a trend that has become inescapable among the modern masses: La Barba. This has become the preferred complement for looks that seem carefree but have been taken care of to the last detail before leaving home. Therefore, I want to show you the best of handsome men with beards. Is the metrosexual dead? Below are the photos of handsome men with beards.

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The photos of handsome men with beards

The beard, as the complement of a look, depends on the cycles of society, politics, ideology,… that is, it obeys the historical evolution.

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The beard as a trend

Currently we find ourselves in a moment in which, both men and women, demand a much more masculine archetype, further removed from the “metrosexual man” that triumphed until very recently.

Surely many of you will think that with a beard you can achieve that image that both men and women are looking for, a masculine image although many wear it for aesthetic reasons.

Look at the fashion or hipster style that is currently so popular and that has caused many men to end up wearing very long beards.

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Leaving aside trends that for many will be fleeting, it is evident that the beard that is currently worn is very groomed, has a very classic air and is far from the scruffy two-day image that was worn until recently.

The importance of taking care of your beard

The beard is much neater and aims to find a special look. The classic beard needs home care, as much as it does at the barbershop, to achieve the look of the “new modern” that is cared for without looking like it.

Beard Types

There is no standard beard type. There are some handsome men who prefer a mustache and goatee, others just want to lengthen their sideburns, and some choose full beards.

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It does not follow a pattern. Keep in mind that beards can favor some men and make others uglier (although the images that I put below favor them, and a lot), not only for a matter of trend.

It is also important that your beard, even if scruffy, is always well cared for. For this, the market is currently full of products and machines that allow us to comb, trim, reduce, and clean our beards on a daily basis.

And if you don’t like filling yourself with “junk” or you don’t want to complicate your life. Nothing simpler than soap and water to wash your beard every day while you’re in the shower or when you wash your face right out of bed. In a short time your beard will be cared for like in this video:

How to take good care of the beard

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If we talk about care, we will tell you that the beard must be trimmed according to its length and what you intend to do, for this you will need more or less frequency.

Caring for a short beard

For the maintenance of a short beard, we must visit our barber or you can do it yourself every two weeks.

Caring for a long beard

If it is long, cutting it a little every 3 weeks or every month will be more than enough.

In any case, it is a matter of whether you look in the mirror to see if it has grown a lot or not and also whether you like to wear it very low or like the most extreme hipsters who look on the street today.

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Using scissors and a comb is the key to keeping your beard well-groomed. With the comb you can style it every day and although it may seem like an exaggeration to you, the truth is that men should think of their beards in the same way they do their hair.

Isn’t it true that you comb your hair every day? Well, the beard requires the same “effort”. If you also have a long beard, good scissors are the ones that will allow you to maintain its length as you wish.

You may have decided never to cut your beard because you want it to be as long as possible, that doesn’t mean that you should look at it from time to time, because as it grows you may also realize that it doesn’t have the desired shape.

The “hipster” beard, the trend for 2022

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Now we want to show you all those photos of handsome bearded men who are also famous, but also make you see the most fashionable beard.

The “hipster” style beard, this is the big trend for men who wish they could wear beards this year. As you can see, it’s quite prominent.

It is a type of thick beard, and it can also become quite long, so as I have already pointed out, it requires a series of specific care.

In this way, it will be important not only that you brush or comb it daily, but it will also be good that you trim it from time to time (not much) and that you wash it specifically with soap and water.

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Also note how “hipster” beards (and those that are not) combine a lot with the type of hairstyle that also sets trends.

In this way, the full beards that many “hipsters” sport are combined with “undercut” hairstyles and haircuts, as well as quiffs and strongly parted hairstyles.

The big trends in beards for spring summer 2022

Apart from the hipster beard that we have already highlighted as the great beard trend for this 2022, the spring-summer season will also be marked by these other trends in regards to beards.

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Incipient or several days beard


For those not quite ready for a full beard, stubble can be a great alternative. A beard somewhere between a clean shave and a short beard, the style also known as a “three-day beard” is practical in length and very stylish.

Of all the types of beards available to men, the budding style is the easiest to grow out. All you have to do to get it is stop shaving for a few days. It is also the easiest to maintain and the one that suits most face shapes.

This type of beard also provides good camouflage for blemishes like acne scars and even skin pigmentation. Kept clean and trim, it’s a style that looks just as good in the boardroom as it does in a bar.

By the way : as a general rule, the optimal growth period for stubble is three to four days.

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Executive beard


This beard style is a versatile and office-friendly option for men who want to add a serious note to their faces. The middle ground beard is ideal, kept neat but not too groomed, a short beard that looks good on both work and leisure time.


A well-trimmed beard will suit most face shapes, although you may need to tailor the angles to emphasize your best features and minimize your blemishes.

If you have a round face, for example, you may want to slightly reduce the length of the sides to elongate the face. Similarly, leaving the sides a little longer can help add width to a slim, narrow face.

When in doubt, have a groomer attend to your beard with your next trim, then maintain shape at home. It’s never been easier to look fashionable, even at home.

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Full Beard


Growing a full beard is one of those things that is decidedly more difficult than it seems but it is clear that this type of beard is trending and as such, we have to mention it. The bushier your beard, the more maintenance it will require and the more problems you are likely to encounter.

Of all the beard styles, the full beard is the most difficult to care for, partly because it is so complex. Guys with oval faces will have no problem making it work, but if you have any other face shape, you may need a creative undercut to make sure it looks good on you.


Slender, angular jaws and narrow faces can be softened and rounded by keeping the sides slightly longer, while round faces can be lengthened by growing hair on the chin and keeping the sides shorter.

You can also make a rounder face look slimmer by growing the hair in the front of the face a little longer than the hair around the sides.

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Grey Beard


In this case it is not so much the shape as the color. If you have a beard full of gray, now is the time to show it off with pride, since this style is another one that prevails this season.


Trimmed Beard


It was a matter of time before everyone got used to the idea that men nowadays have a perfectly trimmed beard.

This perfectly trimmed and carefully groomed beard can give you the look of a very stylish man, always focused on looking fresh and elegant.

Faded Beard


Have you noticed that gradients are one of the most popular beard styling trends in 2022? This unique and modern look is achieved by forming a clean line on the cheek that fades down to the jaw line. The beard is left in a goatee, natural and arched.

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The faded style of the beard is one of the beard styles, however, a type of beard that requires more care so that we can maintain it.

Celebrities with beards 2022

Justin Timberlake

Some celebrities, if not practically all, have also joined the trend of wearing beards. Some of them look really good like Justin Timberlake .

The singer has soft features that make him look much younger when he doesn’t wear a beard. The beard adds years but the truth is that it suits him great and we hope that he will continue wearing it in 2022 as he currently looks.

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michael fassbender

Actor Michael Fassbender has had an unstoppable 2019 that will lead him to be one of the most outstanding actors in 2022.

Thanks to his work on Macbeth, he has managed to get critics to notice him and in the new year he will be the protagonist of the movie that has been made based on the Assasin’s Creed game.

He also tends to wear a beard and although he normally wears it either very bushy or with a goatee, lately we have seen how he opts for a trimmed beard that favors him a lot. Also, being redhead stands out much more.

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Oscar Isaac

The actor Oscar Isaac has seen his fame skyrocket after participating in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, but he is also one of the actors who off camera takes the opportunity to stop taking care of himself so much and wear a beard.
In her case, she usually has it, and wears it, very full and although perhaps she should trim it a bit (especially in the neck area) it is indisputable that it attracts many women because of the “look” that she shows off precisely in this image.

David Beckham

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Another famous person who has not resisted wearing a beard has been David Beckham. His case is something special if we take into account that we see him wearing a beard for practically his entire career.

He has worn it in all styles, long, cropped, with a goatee, or as he currently wears it, with a cropped goatee and bushy mustache.

It is a somewhat romantic or “retro” style that has not become fashionable at the moment but it will have time, since if he maintains this style throughout 2019, surely in a few months many of his fans will imitate him.

Robert Downey Jr.

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Robert Downey Jr. is another celebrity that we hardly remember except with a beard on his face. In his case, the actor is always committed to wearing a goatee and in fact, it has become a common image for him since it coincides with his character in “Iron Man”, the millionaire Tony Stark.

The actor has already said on more than one occasion that this is how the children recognize him as their character and he is delighted, although the truth is that I think he wears it because it favors him a lot. Although he is over 50 years old, he is an isolated case of a man who does not look older with a beard. Of course, when he shaves he is not so attractive.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is another of the celebrities who have joined the beard trend, although in his case, we can say that he likes to vary things.

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Among the different beards we found, it seems that DiCaprio has taken them all, or almost, from the goatee to the bushy beard.

Now his face, which seems that of an eternal adolescent, is much better shaved or when he wears a more well-groomed beard.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck doesn’t usually wear a beard but he should. The Batman actor improves a lot over the years, and with a beard, although when he’s not wearing it he always looks as if he hasn’t shaved in a couple of days.

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Ryan Reynolds

To some celebrities we can make a comparison of how they are better if with or without a beard. In the case of actor Ryan Reynolds, it must be said that he seems born to wear a beard and look good or appear without it and also be favored.

Bradley Cooper

The Bradley Cooper case is quite evident from the photos. He looks much better with a beard that combines perfectly with his light eyes, don’t you think?

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Without it, he is not as attractive, something that curiously happens to many men who, by letting their beards grow, look much more interesting.

Christian Bale

The actor Christian Bale, on the other hand, should always shave his face because he looks much prettier and especially younger.

Although the actor who played Batman may not seem like it, he is 41 years old, so without a beard he looks much more attractive and youthful, with it and if he wears it so bushy, he simply seems something else.

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Brad Pitt

We can also make this comparison of actor Brad Pitt, and in his case we realize that he is another man who looks infinitely better without a beard than with it.

The reason is that when he wears it, he tends to be quite careless and even lets it grow too long, so his fans will surely thank him when they see him appear as in the photo on the left.

Zac Efron

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Zac Efron, on the other hand, is the opposite case. It improves a lot with a beard because although it doesn’t have too much of it, it looks much more interesting and attractive.

Without it, he still reminds us of the teenager he played in High School Musical and that was more than a decade ago, so now is the time to go for a style like the one shown in the image on the right. With a bit of a goatee, and a bit of a stubble on the sides, and with that much more flattering hairstyle.

Ricky Martin

And Ricky Martin? Something similar happens to Zac Efron, since with a beard he looks much more mature. It’s not that the singer is a teenager, but without her it seems like he’s taking years off.

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Anyway, he is one of those men who has such strong features that, whether with or without a beard, he will always look attractive.

Beard styles according to the face

Just as women look better with a certain haircut or makeup style depending on the shape of their face, men should also pay attention to their facial structure when it comes to growing a beard or, rather, trimming it.

Square face

If you have a square face, it will be good for you to enhance the beard in the chin area but keep it short on the sides of the face. This will highlight your sexy square jaw.

Circular face

If your face is round, you’ll want to slim it down. It is possible, for this you only have to shave your cheekbones and leave a very abundant and long beard on the chin. This is how you stylize your face.

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Rectangular face

If, on the contrary, your face is rectangular, then we look for the reverse effect and, therefore, the cut must be reversed as well. In these cases, shave your chin and let your hair grow more to the sides.

Oval face

If you are lucky enough to have an oval face, congratulations, because all shave styles will look good.

Beard styles for young people

If the hipster style triumphed in past seasons, the truth is that its fashion is falling during these months. If you want to take it, you still have time, but from now on you will start a somewhat different style where you simply bet on a well-groomed beard and when looking at it one says What a clean and beautiful face! So you’ll start to see well-groomed, trimmed beards gaining ground among young people whether with or without a mustache.

Beard styles without a mustache

Although it is usual to see a beard with a mustache, the reality is that there is nothing written about tastes and this makes styles increasingly varied. If this is your case, you hate wearing a mustache but you like to wear a beard, do not deprive yourself. We show you how to make your beard without a mustache attractive.

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However, you must remember that not all faces look equally good with different types of beards. If your face is oval in shape, you can wear the beard cut you prefer and not wear a mustache.

You can grow a full beard or just have a goatee. The ribbon-shaped beard, as long as it is not too long, also looks great without a mustache. While if you simply want to go a couple of days without shaving, then you can not wear a mustache, although try that your beard is not too bushy.

Photos of handsome men with beards 2022:

Once I have explained to you what the new trends are like today, and how celebrities look, I leave you with the best photographs of men with beards. Handsome men with beards 2022:

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Items of interest:

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