When do the sales start? Sales Calendar 2021

The 2021 sales are about to start. This is how a new sales period arrives and, with it, taking out the clothes from past seasons and starting to look at the catalogs like crazy to be able to choose between the new trends for summer, but also and advancing a little for winter. The question is, when do the sales start? Sales calendar 2021.

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At Modaellos we want to update you on these two traditional discount periods and that they have the privilege of being the only times of the year in which we can talk about Sales and not discounts. Welcome to the Sales. When do the sales start? Sales Calendar 2021.

When do the sales start? Summer Sales Calendar 2021

The Summer Sales, historically, usually start at the end of June and last until the end of August. However, depending on the store, they may have some dates or others. It is convenient to know with certainty when they begin to have control over the brands that interest us.

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In addition, the Autonomous Community you are in also influences. For example, in the Community of Madrid, the sales begin on June 21 and end on September 21. Three months of discounts, balances and sales in the city that moves the most fashion in all of Spain. Seems logical.

When do the sales start? Summer Sales Calendar 2021

Once the end of June arrives, we will be able to have a new season of summer sales in Spain. A time when summer products will have many offers but, above all, it is worth taking things from other seasons. They tend to be the most discounted.

In this way, businesses try to propose new offers to make their products more attractive on Sale. The 2021 Summer Sales are no exception and there is nothing better than taking advantage of the great discounts to get great savings. Do you want to know when they start? At Modaellos we give you all the dates so you don’t miss them: the 2021 summer sales calendar.

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Next, we want to give you the sales calendar but first in the summer 2021 of the Community of Madrid. Later on, we will explain the dates by community and we will talk to you of course, about which will be summer sales 2021.

Summer Sales Calendar 2021 in Madrid

The Summer sales in the different provinces will begin from the month of June, as has happened years ago. However, as I have already mentioned, since 2013, the Government decided to change the law in relation to sales periods, a measure with which the executive wanted stores to benefit.

Each community and store will decide when their sales start and when they end. This measure sought to liberalize the sales period of the different stores, so we can see sales that will even last for months. The goal is for them to be able to liquidate all the items from the previous season, and not just the items from the winter or summer seasons.

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For all these reasons, in Madrid, it is assumed that the sales will no longer start as they did years ago, but rather that the Community of Madrid itself will decide when the sales start to start. In fact, in this community they will start early.

Summer sales 2021 in Madrid

Thus, the 2021 summer sales in Madrid will begin before the holidays begin and will end after the holidays. A whole quarter of sales in the Community of Madrid, as they will begin on July 21, 2021 and end on September 21. Obviously, it is the Community that will have the longest 2021 sale period.

Discounts for signatures

In any case, we cannot forget to add that, depending on each firm, we will be able to see how discounts are made online. Or that even the sales of some of the fashion stores in Madrid last until well into the following season thanks to another type of “special” sales that we will explain later.

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The time has come to find out what the 2021 summer sales days will be for all the autonomous communities.

Summer 2021 sales calendar | By Autonomous Communities

  • Andalusia: From July 1 to August 31
  • Aragon: From July 1 to September 1
  • Principality of Asturias: From July 1 to August 31
  • Balearic Islands: From July 1 to the first business day after August 31
  • Canary Islands: From July 1 to August 31
  • Cantabria: From July 1 to September 30
  • Castilla La Mancha: From July 1 to September 30
  • Castilla y León: From July 1 to August 31
  • Catalonia: From July 1 to August 31
  • Ceuta: From July 1 to August 31
  • Valencian Community: From June 29 to September 5
  • Extremadura: From July 1 to August 31
  • Galicia: From July 1 to September 30
  • La Rioja: From July 1 to August 31
  • Madrid: From June 21 to September 21
  • Melilla: From July 1 to August 31
  • Murcia: From July 1 to August 31
  • Navarre: From July 1 to August 31
  • Basque Country: From July 1 to September 30

Summer 2021 sales by the different firms

H&M, Zara, Pull & Bear, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Hollister, MANGO…

Together with the sales calendar for Autonomous Communities that we already have for summer 2021, it should be noted that the different brands will start their sales even earlier than indicated.

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Historically, the usual thing was that the summer sales began on July 1 and ended on August 31. However, there have already been years that have been brought forward a few days.

However, the issue has resulted in each firm launching the sales on a specific date although, in the end, all of them tend to agree on the choice

Signature sales for Summer 2021

  • Zara: From July 1 to August 31, 2021
  • H&M: From June 20 to August 31, 2021
  • Bershka: From July 1 to August 31, 2021
  • Asos: From June 20 to August 31, 2021
  • Women’secret: From June 20 to August 31, 2021
  • Massimo Dutti: From July 1 to August 31, 2021
  • Pull & Bear: From July 1 to August 31, 2021
  • MANGO: From July 1 to August 31, 2021
  • Intimissimi: From July 1 to August 31, 2021
  • El Corte Inglés: From June 29 to August 31, 2021
  • Desigual: From July 1 to August 31, 2021
  • Springfield: From June 20 to August 20, 2021
  • Cortefiel: From June 13 to August 31, 2021

Now let’s see some of the garments that you cannot miss from some of the firms that we have just mentioned.

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Summer Sales El Corte Inglés 2021

One of the most anticipated sales are always those of El Corte Inglés because they offer very good prices but at the quality that we are used to. That is why we think it is interesting for you to know when the El Corte Inglés 2021 summer sales begin.

We recommend that you take a look at its more formal section, with suits and blazers that normally have high prices but that you can find at very cheap prices during the summer sales.

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Among the garments that stand out or that you cannot miss we have, of course, shorts, one of the essential elements for the new summer season that once the sales arrive can have discounts of up to 50%.

Zara 2021 Winter Sales

Zara is also one of the classics in the sales, along with El Corte Inglés because it also has very good quality in all its garments and in the sales we can find very interesting offers. If you are a fan of Zara clothes, don’t miss the Zara 2021 summer sales.

We have to talk about, for example, the printed shirts, like the one we see in the image and that during the sales season, can have a 30% discount,

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Also among our favorite clothes from Zara there are always jeans. You can find them in many different formats, all of excellent quality and also, on sale, much cheaper. In this way, we recommend that you take a look at this section during the 2021 summer sales and you will begin to equip your wardrobe for summer.

Decathlon Summer Sales 2021

Decathlon is always one of our favorite brands for when summer arrives for a simple reason: it provides us with all the clothing and accessories we need to enjoy this season to the fullest. In this store we can find tracksuits from 20 euros and even less.

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But also, for Decathlon’s 2021 summer sales we can recommend the swimsuits. You have all types, colors, conditions and prices. A wonderful catalogue.

But we must not only look at the clothes or garments that Decathlon offers us for the summer season, but they also have sportswear for the summer season or clothes for hiking and other activities, at very good prices and with maximum quality that will be the best option in the first days of the spring summer season.

Massimo Dutti Summer Sales 2021

Massimo Dutti is one of the most popular and widespread high-end brands among men who want to dress formal and elegant. If, in addition, we go to the Massimo Dutti 2021 Summer sales, we will obtain all these services but at a much lower price.

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As I said, this firm always stands out for garments that even seem exclusive and that provide all the style of a brand that we love. Among these garments we have shirts, one of the star garments this season that Massimo Dutti can offer at a discount of up to 25%

Another example is choosing a good suit or one that is informal if you are one of those men who wears a suit to go to work every day, since you can find these at a very good price and with spectacular designs, such as We are used to the brand.

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H&M 2021 Summer Sales

H&M is one of the low cost forms par excellence, since we can find a wide variety of clothing styles at very affordable prices. Within the men’s section we can also find many worthwhile garments and at incredible prices in the H&M 2021 Summer sales.

One of them, for example, is short-sleeved sweatshirts. These have become fashionable for the summer season, and you will even take advantage of them in the fall season.

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In addition, when H&M begins its sales, it immediately begins to offer us the first offers. In this case, in the swimwear section, with which we can dress every day during the hottest months when they arrive in summer 2021.

Bershka Summer Sales 2021

The Bershka men’s section also came out long after the brand was created, but they have already caught up with the rest of the brands that make clothes for men. In the Bershka 2021 Summer sales you can find your favorite clothes at a great price.

This way you can wait a few weeks and start thinking about getting some of the printed shirts that the firm usually offers for the summer season. In sales they can reach discounts of around 50%

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And also during the Bershka sales in summer 2021 you will be able to find short jean pants from 10 euros or t-shirts for the beach from 5 euros so you can prepare for the new summer season. Really cheap prices that allow everyone to be fashionable.

Desigual Summer Sales 2021

Desigual is one of women’s favorite brands today and has become very fashionable in recent years. It also has a very fun line for men and, although its prices are usually somewhat high, during the Desigual Summer 2021 sales you will be able to find many designs at very low prices.

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If you are looking for something essential to buy in these sales, we recommend that you opt for some of Desigual’s printed shirts, so that you can save up to almost half their price once the month of June arrives.

Also, if you like original designs and colorful garments, be sure to visit the Desigual summer 2021 sales because surely, among all the ideas they offer us, you will find the one that best suits you. Like this impossible swimsuit.

Cortefiel Summer Sales 2021

As for the Cortefiel Summer 2021 sales, they are just as classic and well-known as the El Corte Inglés sales because they share many items and the same prices. In this way, if you like El Corte Inglés, we recommend you not to miss the Cortefiel 2021 sales.

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Among the many proposals that we can find and that you cannot miss these sales, we have, for example, linen shirts, which have classic designs and that we will be able to buy at a 20-30% discount,

Within the Cortefiel 2021 Summer sales you can also find more classic and elegant garments such as chinos and blazers, to other more informal day-to-day garments such as jeans and cool T-shirts for the Winter and Spring seasons Summer.

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Primark Summer Sale 2021

Primark is another of the most popular and well-known low cost brands among young boys and girls, as well as for anyone who wants to bet on clothes with very low prices and good quality.

For this reason, we recommend that you take a look at the Primark 2021 summer sales. Printed shirts are amazing and are always at a crazy price.

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Within the Primark 2021 Summer sales we recommend that you go through the casual clothing and nightwear section because both their t-shirts and pajamas are at a very good price and are of surprising quality.

Nike Summer Sale 2021

Nike is one of the most popular brands among the most practical guys who want to be comfortable on a day-to-day basis and also for those more athletes who should always be prepared for any situation or activity. Don’t miss the Nike Summer 2021 sales.

In this way we recommend of course, that you wait for the Winter sales to get one of their new models of shoes, which can have discounts of 20%.

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But not only can you find Nike sneakers at a very good price, during sales, but we can also find great deals on their sportswear and other accessories.

Summer Sales 2021

The Summer Sales that will not be given for a few months, are the second we have this year after the Winter Sales that take place between January and March, so to enjoy them again we would have to wait for them to pass those of Winter.

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But now we are talking about the summer ones and that they will take place between the months of July and August, although the truth is that we can say that it seems that during the year, as happened in 2021, that they last longer or have other periods chosen by businesses

The liberalization of Rebates

This is mainly due to the fact that since the sales times have been fully liberalized (by the government, until now restricted to Winter and Summer, and in reality what has been achieved is to end the conception of the term sales that we had.

Changes such as abolishing the restrictions on the type of item that may be subject to this type of promotion or changes such as that there will no longer be a minimum discount range.

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The word Sales has really remained a simple Marketing term, since discounts may be applied at any time of the year, depending on the interest of the merchant or the sector.

However, the term “Sale” will remain protected and will be reserved only and exclusively for the traditional weeks of January, known as Winter Sales and the weeks destined for summer and known as Summer Sales.

Madrid sales by periods

Madrid, as always, is the autonomous community that kicks off the sales period, this year they begin on January 1 for the Winter sales and after these that have already been held we have to start on January 20 June is the summer one, while Galicia and Cantabria are the ones that end later.

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Each community begins and ends the sales period on different dates, however, and as we have already mentioned, it is not strange to see stores that practically maintain discounted items throughout the year.

Each year there are about 203 days to be able to make our purchases with sales, so it is easier to buy during the discount period than not.

Other discounts in the Madrid Sales 2019

Discount campaigns in online stores also deserve a special mention, creating a new way of obtaining interesting constant discounts on many items, gift vouchers, coupons, etc., different ways of selling items that do not have much outlet or that are from previous seasons at scandalous prices.

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In any case, the official sales periods that we have indicated will be the ones that really mark the sales season, and not only in Madrid but we can also say or point out that they are celebrated throughout Spain.

Below, we leave you the list with the start and end dates by Autonomous Communities so that it is much easier for you to be prepared for this period of Winter Sales, and the 2021 Summer Sales.

Online Sales 2021

The online sales 2021 we have just mentioned when talking about the sales for fimas since these have also ended up being imposed together with those official Winter and Summer sales that we all know.

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Thus, in recent years we have realized that companies take more advantage of the options that their online stores give them to establish longer periods of their sales.

That is why we may be in the middle of April and see how Zara or Mango stipulate a week or a special period of Sales, something similar to what they do every year, and physically El Corte Inglés with its famous “Week Fantastic.”

Along with these, those that are “midseason” sales stand out, which are not only given online, but over the years have also ended up being imposed in all the stores of the main fashion brands.

“Midseason” sales 2021

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Finally we want to talk about a type of sales that I have already mentioned above. I am referring to the “midseason” sales that we can translate as the “mid-season” sales that we usually find, especially in online fashion stores.

In any case, they are taking place more and more in physical stores and in fact for this 2021 it is expected that when the summer sales arrive, a large part of the spring stock has already been sold in the discount period between Mazo and May.

What are “midseason” sales

These sales are the ones that usually take place at the time that in Spain we know as “halftime”, that is to say that they take place when spring arrives and we are not yet fully involved in the summer campaign. As for dates, they do not have specific days, although they do start in mid-March and can last until the month of June (beginning), while in autumn they start in September and last until mid-November.

What discounts do you have

A couple of years ago they began to appear more and more frequently among the firms, and although at the beginning their discounts were not as “exaggerated” as those established in the “authentic sales” and were around 15 % and 30% discount, we realize that for this 2020 firms such as Zara, Mango or H&M are already beginning to mark their “midseason” sale garments with discounts that can reach up to 50%,

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It will not be then that we do not have sales, because if we add special days like the famous “Black Friday” to all of the above, the truth is that it is increasingly easier to buy cheaper.

Tips to buy in Sales 2020

Finally, whether you are now sweeping the next Summer sales, or preparing for the following Winter sales, it will be good to follow a series of guidelines that will lead us to be able to get everything we want at the best price and without risk of being scammed.

  • For this it is always good to make lists, so that you can know what clothes or sale products you are going to go for and do not get distracted by others.
  • Also, note that what you buy must be from the season we are in and that it does not have any defects
  • Note also that the discount that is promoted is the one that is marked on the label of what you buy
  • Keep all the purchase receipts and find out if the establishment in which you have purchased has stipulated any type of condition for the sales (such as that you cannot pay by card).
  • The return processes work in the same way as outside the sales period and the guarantee must also be the same.
  • And if you have a problem, you have the right to request the claim form.

Summer Sales Calendar 2021 | By Autonomous Communities

  • Andalusia: From July 1 to August 31
  • Aragon: From July 1 to September 1
  • Balearic Islands: 2 months from July 1 or the first business day after August 31.
  • Canary Islands: From July 1 to August 31
  • Cantabria: From July 1 to September 30
  • Castilla La Mancha: From July 1 to September 30
  • Castilla y León: From July 1 to August 31
  • Catalonia: From July 1 to August 31.
  • Valencian Community: From the last working Monday of June until the first Saturday of the following month of September. June 29 to September 5.
  • Extremadura: From July 1 to August 31
  • Galicia: From July 1 to September 30
  • Madrid: From June 21 to September 21.
  • Murcia: From July 1 to August 31
  • Navarre: From July 1 to August 31.
  • Basque Country: From July 1 to September 30
  • Asturias: From July 1 to August 31.
  • La Rioja: From July 1 to August 31
  • Ceuta: There are no dates for Summer Sales
  • Melilla: From July 1 to August 31.

Once we have seen all these dates, we can then begin to think about the Winter ones as well and although those corresponding to 2021 have already been celebrated, we can say that although it may not seem so to you, in reality, those of 2021 are just around the corner from the corner.

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