The best perfumes for men Spring Summer 2021

A man who smells good leaves his mark along the road where he passes. In this season of Spring Summer 2021 Men’s Perfumes there are many fragrances from different brands and for all tastes that you can buy to show off your body odor.
Not only is it being fashionable, but it is a mark of manliness and masculinity wherever it goes. Using a good men’s perfume will guarantee that you will be remembered positively, for a long time, because of your scent.

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One Million

One of the favorites when it comes to men’s perfumes is the One million or “One million” as it is known in its Spanish version. This product from the Paco Rabanne brand for this Spring Summer brings us its Monopoly version in honor of the famous board game.
With its counterpart called Lady Million, made for women, they set trends from their release. A masculine perfume that is characterized by a fresh fragrance, with a touch of orange and mint distinctive of autumn.
Its packaging also has a design worthy of admiration. One million monopoly retains its characteristic shape that resembles a gold ingot, but the difference in this masculine perfume are the crystal-encrusted dice that immediately remind us of the board game.

Boss Bottled

For this Spring Summer 2021 Hugo Boss surprises us with woody scents in search of pleasing the nose of its consumers. This masculine perfume in its notes you can feel the grapefruit, as a first impression.
After the grapefruit, the Boss Bottled allows smells like bitter orange or even apple. A masculine perfume whose woody touch will be given by cloves, cinnamon and ginger that will allow you to live a comfortable experience this season.

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  • Hugo Boss men’s perfume

Le Male

Designed by Nathalie Gracia-Cetto and led by Jean Paul Gaultier. A team for this masculine perfume that will make your autumn smell in its notes of mint and neoli but in whose heart there will be an explosion of sage and clary sage.

From the Fougere aromatic family and with woody touches, which smell of autumn, make Le Male Superman Eau Fraiche a masculine perfume that you really have to get to end the year with an incomparable style.

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  • Jean Paul Gaultier perfume for men

Opium pour Homme

Opium Pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent has been on the men’s perfume market since 1995. In this 2021 it could not be an exception since it is a fragrance that makes you feel the arrival of autumn.

It is characterized by reminiscent of the smells of cedar wood, in addition the fragrance of star anise is combined with pepper and a touch of tolú balsam. It is a sober and elegant aroma, truly a classic among men’s perfumes that surprise us year after year.

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Perfume Opium pour Homme

Black Orchid

Tom Ford’s Black Orchid since 2006 has given us fall smells and this 2021 will be no different. If, when talking about masculine perfumes, you like the smells of chocolate, truffle, orchid and vanilla, then this will be your best option.

A masculine perfume that leaves a heavy sillage and is ideal for long autumn days as it is quite long-lasting. It belongs to the floral family but having aromas of Mexican chocolate makes you feel as if autumn is with you from the moment you put it on.

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  • Perfume for men Black Orchid

CK One

This year Calvin Clein surprised by showing a new version of CK One Summer for men. A masculine perfume that is characterized by having been launched on the market during the summer but that will continue to be a hit in Spring Summer.

It belongs to the citrus family and contains top notes of lime and cucumber. When using it you can also feel a slight touch of saffron and ginger and what makes it ideal for this time of year are its hints of gaiac wood and musk.

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  • Calvin Klein perfume for men

The One for Men

Dolce & Gabanna could not be left behind this season and as always its fragrance The One For Men leads as one of the favorites in men’s perfumes on the market.
With a distinctive fragrance starring grapefruit and basil to later give way to cardamom and ginger; resulting in a spicy combination, a classic in men’s perfumes.

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  • Perfume The One for men

Allure Homme

Channel also has its men’s perfume which is known all over the world for its freshness and woody scents. We are talking, of course, about Allure Homme, which is inspired by today’s elegant man.
With light touches of mandarin and coriander together with some spices make this masculine perfume a perfect option if we want to represent charisma and strength, we will not seek to stand out but we cannot avoid it with this fragrance either.

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  • Allure Homme Perfume

212 Menu

The Venezuelan Carolina Herrera also brings us her masculine perfume for this season, which is synonymous with autumn since it belongs to the family of woody weapons.
With a successful launch in 2009, which continues to this day, they make this masculine perfume an effective purchase if we are talking about autumn scents. With a combination of ginger, gardenias, sandalwood and incense you will turn everyone’s head if you wear this fragrance on your body.

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  • Perfume 212 Men


Paco Rabanne once again makes himself felt on this list, but now with Invitus, his masculine perfume that also smells of autumn. With a trophy-shaped packaging that will make you feel like you are and smell like a winner, Invitus means invincible and that is the man that represents its scent with a refreshing and rewarding masculine perfume. Together we can feel a fearful fragrance, whose protagonists are grapefruit peels, which will make you feel like a winner this Spring Summer 2021.

All these fragrances are some of the best options to enjoy excellent men’s perfumes this Spring Summer 2021, go ahead and try some and live unique olfactory experiences.

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