How to Look Well Groomed on a Budget

The 21st century has always been the era of technology & fashion. These are the two essential things human beings inculcate with, every day. 

Looking good has a direct impact on the perspective of the opposite human being you are interacting with. A person, at first notices your external appearance and then other important things. 

Many times, we have seen people spending huge bucks to buy grooming products. But is that necessary? Not really. Spending money on grooming hardly makes any sense. 

Grooming can be budget-friendly as well. It’s just you need to know some tips and tricks in order to look well-groomed. 

Here are the few things you need to do/have in order to look good in a budget:

  • Balanced diet
how to look expensive on a budget

 It doesn’t matter how much money you invest into your grooming, but if you are into too much junk eating, alcoholism, etc , then probably the money you are putting in is going to the bin. 

All you should do is to maintain a simple and a clean diet consisting of vegetables, proteins and healthy fats as a major portion. 

  •      Know the colour game 
how to be fashionable on a low budget

It’s not how much you have, it’s how much you implement on it. Try to understand the colour matching trick. You can’t wear orange Jeans with a green shirt.

For example Black can be worn with anything. So you have to identify which colour will suit with which other.

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  • Using herbs and natural extracts to heal your external appearance
  1. Oil your hair often. It will give your hair a smooth texture and make it shinier.
  2. Reduce coffee and start drinking green tea. It is anti-ageing and will make your skin glossy.
  3. Apply a paste of Curd, gram flour, turmeric and honey on your face once a week. It is an all-rounder.
  • Before going to sleep, what you need is three ingredients 
how to look good with no money

Aloe Vera, Glycerine and lemon juice. You have to mix it and apply on your face and keep it overnight. The next day, you will get to see a significant change on your skin.

  • Workout
how to dress well for cheap

It’s always not possible to access to the gym, not everyone can afford to go to the gym yet you can come out with much better things. 

As you are a smartphone user, you can watch a lot of home workout videos, which should help you to get back in shape. A lean body fits everywhere.

  • Be very particular with shoes and perfume 
how to dress well for cheap

Being a man, you can’t use perfume with feminine fragrance, nor can you choose shoes with high heels. Use perfume with a strong fragrance, fragrance which suits your region. 

Shoes must match with clothes else you will look like a jackass. You can make a one-time investment on snickers etc. It will be worth your money. 

dressing well on a budget

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