What to Wear With Green Bomber Jacket

Green color jackets have always been in fashion. You can match it with lots of different colors and styles.

A bomber jacket is a unique type of jacket for men similar to flight jackets that the crew or the pilot wears. It has different styles, designs, cuttings, and colours. 

The green bomber or olive bomber jacket has been trendy and trend over the years.

We will focus on what to wear with a green bomber jacket and how to style it.

Different ways of Styling Green Bomber Jacket

what goes with a green jacket
  • Match it with green pants

You can wear green color pants with your green color bomber jacket. Wearing the same color jacket and pants has always been a style quotient.

You can try to match it with different fabrics and a slightly different color of green.

  • Blue denim with Green bomber jacket

You can sport the bomber jacket with nice denim jeans. It’s known for being one of the most famous combos.

Green and blue colours are adjacent to each other. It will give you a quick casual look, and it also looks quite manly. This combo will also give a street style look.

If you opt for an oversized bomber jacket, that will look much better with this combination. 

  • Pair the green bomber with a black jeans

If you want to go for a look that never fails, you should wear black jeans with your green bomber jacket. Black is something that will always go with everything, and matching it with a green bomber will always look good.

If you are confused about matching different colors or not really comfortable adding different colors to your outfit, black is the best choice for you.

Keep the black denim fit, and if it’s torn at the knees, it will look much better. If your jeans are big, get it altered as properly fitted jeans would look well with a green oversized bomber jacket.

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  • Sport a cap and Bag with a Green bomber jacket

When you are wearing a green bomber jacket, you can spice up the look with different accessories. You can go for a cap that goes with the look, and a dark-colored bag will look great with the bomber jacket.

You should test and match different colors of caps and bags if you want to see what is looking better on you and what is more comfortable with the outfit.

  • Sport a scarf on a green bomber jacket

You can spice up your bomber jacket look along with a circle scarf. You should choose some color which matches with your bomber jacket. If you are confused about the matching of scarf and green bomber jacket, you can go for a black scarf that will look ravishing on the green bomber.

  • You can wear a Tee or a Shirt with a Bomber jacket

You can wear a dark-colored tee inside as that will make the bomber jacket shine. If you want to go for a modish look, you can also wear a graphic shirt inside to look great with the green bomber jacket.

  • Checked chinos or Trousers with Green bomber

Chinos are a good option to pair with a bomber jacket as the fitting of chinos is very good. You can try to go for a retro look by sporting checked chinos or trousers with your green bomber jacket.

A light colored checked bottom will look great.


These are some combinations and tips for sporting a green bomber jacket for men. I hope we have answered your query of What to Wear With Green Bomber Jacket properly, and you must have gotten an idea on how to sport the green bomber.

Thanks for reading and check out our blog for more men’s fashion tips.

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