New Pantone Color of 2021

Have you ever wondered who chooses the colors that are worn each season or each year? If you don’t know, we tell you that it is Pantone Inc who is in charge of designating the fashion colors. And if you already knew, we will tell you what the new Pantone 2021 color is, which, by the way, is very similar to the Pantone 2020 color. Can you guess?

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Sky Blue: New Pantone color of 2021

The new Pantone color of 2021 is Sky Blue, that is, Sky Blue. How important is it to know that classic blue will be the trend color for next year? Well, much more than it may seem. Designers, decorators, fashion, trends, graphic design… There are many professionals who, year after year, are pending this announcement

Everything around us is full of colors and whoever wants to be up to date should know and revere what Pantone dictates. But the fact that the new Pantone color of 2021 is Sky Blue affects everyone. In the end, who else and who will go shopping for clothes at some point during the year. Well, if there are a large number of garments in blue tones, you’ll already know what the reason is.

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And yes, you may or may not agree with the elections, but Pantone has been choosing the color of the year for decades and these elections have influence throughout the world. In fact, the Pantone color range is a benchmark in the field of colors. Thus, in 2021, the color that will dominate will be Sky Blue. A tone that gives continuity to the one chosen in 2020, Classic Blue

And be careful, when Pantone talks about Sky Blue, it refers to the sky throughout the day. In other words, the blue of dawn when the sun rises, but also the blue of sunset, with its darker tones. Thus, the palette of shades presented by this new Pantone 2021 color is overwhelming. It will be during the spring-summer 2021 season when it becomes official, but we can already anticipate what we want to have in Sky Blue color.

Pantone Color Trends 2021

As usual, the event in which the announcement of the new Pantone color of 2021 was made was New York Fashion Week. That’s where the Pantone Color Institute released its ‘Fashion Color Trends Report’. As we have commented, limiting fashion to the world of fashion is being very simplistic. This choice affects a large part of the world design market, where it sets the color palette to be used.

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In this report, in addition to the new Pantone color of 2021, they announced the top 10 colors for the fall-winter season, which will coincide with the start of the new year. Added to this ten shades are four classic neutral colors used by the designers who presented collections at New York Fashion Week

The colors selected for the season, according to the Pantone Color Institute, show “our interest in attractive seasonal classics full of personality”.

10 Pantone trend colors

“Timelessness and versatility”, this is how the Pantone Institute defines the characteristics of the 10 Pantone trend colors selected for the end of 2020, beginning of 2021. “Colors that stimulate creativity and pragmatism, reflect the change in mentality today’s consumer, who prioritizes value and longevity, over color options that are here today and gone tomorrow.”

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Pantone’s 10 trend colors are versatile and timeless, a safe bet and a wink at least is more. And it is that, the value and functionality become relevant when it comes to choosing this type of colors.

But what colors are we talking about? Well, curiously, among the 10 Pantone trend colors another blue sneaks in, this time intense, but also a green, giving priority to its brighter shades. These colors aim to be an absolute trend in 2021 in the field of fashion, decoration and design.

On the other hand, raw dyes and recycling will be relevant in trend colors, as will calm and natural colors. However, it is better to review the 10 Pantone 2020/2021 trend colors to know exactly what they are.

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  • Amberglow – Pantone 16-1350 – It is an autumnal orange that seeks to improve self-confidence and enhance creative expression.
  • Samba – Pantone 19-1662 – The name Samba itself indicates that the red to which it refers is sensual, suggestive and resounding. It comes loaded with energy and good vibes so we will see it a lot in 2021
  • Sandstone – Pantone 16-1328 – In this case, we are talking about an earthy color that comes hand in hand with nature. Its goal is to evoke outdoor experiences and encourage connection with the wild and free side
  • Classic Blue – Pantone 19-4052 – The Pantone color of 2020 remains king until the end of the year. An infinite blue tone that evokes the grandeur of the night sky and makes the senses fly without control
  • Green Sheen – Pantone 13-0648 – The rebellious shade of the 10 Pantone trend colors. We are talking about a yellow-green tone, halfway between daring and acid. A striking tone, with personality and very recognizable.
  • Rose Tan – Pantone 16-1511 – The friendly tone of this selection is Rose Tan. An elegant color that transmits calm, peace and a lot of elegance.
  • Ultramarine Green – Pantone 18-5338 – Another green tone, in this case with an intense, current and refreshing bluish. A tone that exudes self-confidence and security.
  • Fired Brick – Pantone 19-1337 – A sober, transcendent and elegant color to give a feeling of firmness, strength and security.
  • Peach Nougat – Pantone 14-1220 – Looking for a nice, warm shade? The Peach Nougat is going to be a hit in 2021.
  • Magenta Purple – Pantone 19-2428 – Finally, the most hypnotic color on the list. A purple tone with an aura of mystery and fascination that proposes many questions, few answers and an unknown point that is magnetic.

4 Classic Pantone Colors

In addition to the trends, the Pantone Institute has completed its color range for 2021 with a selection of four classic and recurring colors.

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  • Almond Oil – Pantone 12-0713 – It is an off-white that is as elegant as it is suggestive. A soft tone that adapts to everything.
  • Blue Depths – Pantone 19-3940 – Another shade charged with mystery that will delight those seeking the unknown
  • Sleet – Pantone 16-3916 – Sleet is a timeless and sober gray from yesterday, today and forever. A safe bet at all levels.
  • Military Olive – Pantone 19-0622 – Finally, this greenish tone comes out strong and solid to close the 4 classic Pantone colors

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