Men’s jackets

Jackets are perhaps one of the elements in the wardrobe that can vary the most in both style and shape but cannot be missing from our closet. We will now see what types of men’s jackets are essential and some of the main trends in men’s jackets for this year.

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Although without a doubt, clothes such as shirts or pants are essential every day when it comes to getting dressed, the truth is that as soon as the cold starts a bit, if there is something that we cannot miss, it is a good jacket. There are numerous types of men’s jackets with different styles and perfect for one occasion or another. Below we see some of these main types of men’s jackets.

Types of men’s jacket:

  • Blazer: Blazers have gone from being a jacket that few men used to being a garment that, although this 2016 is fashionable for winter, we can also find it with different styles that go from the most “sporty” models to the most formal and that will help you to go to work every day.

  • Jackets: Another style of jacket that many men bet on are jackets that although we can find them in different styles and materials, such as polyester, leather, or denim, without a doubt it never hurts to have one in the closet . In addition to the materials, it is distinguished from any other garment of the coat type because they are short and tight.

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    Parkas: The parka would be like a kind of informal coat and many men opt for a style of jacket that goes with the urban, so this type is ideal for it. Although in recent times we have seen them in different models, perhaps the best known of all would be the one in military green, with a zipper, pockets and a fur hood on the back.

  • Coats: We have already dedicated several specials to coats and it is perhaps the “jacket par excellence”. Its function is clear since it is a garment that cannot be missing every winter and over the years we have seen that it has evolved until it has many styles and varieties.

  • Trench coat: It would be one of the varieties within the coats, but it deserves special attention since it has managed to carve out a gap between the jackets that many opt for when it is the rainy season. A classic that never goes out of style, both among the male and female genders.

  • Suit jackets: The most formal jackets will be suit jackets, which are usually combined with matching pants, but which are now also usually worn with a denim style. It never hurts to have one or two in the closet for special occasions, such as weddings, baptisms, communions, work meetings or simply because your style is to wear a suit regularly.

  • Informal jackets: And within this type that I have called “informal” I would like to include everything that are tracksuit jackets, sports jackets or those that simply serve us for a specific moment, whether it is going down for a walk or being at home sheltered It does not have to be a “Secondary” garment, in fact on many occasions they will be the ones we will wear the most.

You can see that just by mentioning these jackets we find that right now it would be difficult for us to choose, although the truth is that I would recommend that you have at least one of each of these models. They are never too much and they serve you for every occasion.

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Trends in men’s jackets for 2016

We show you some of the trends that are worn in men’s jackets for this 2016, yes, without forgetting that trends are here to be broken and that the important thing is that each one follow their own tastes and have the jackets that suit them. more suit your style and personality.

Leather jackets: Leather biker jackets have never really gone out of style. They are a garment that year after year maintains its status and is renewed to adapt to any taste and style (it has been a long time since they stopped being just a symbol of rebellion or of certain groups). These types of jackets are increasingly varied, we can find from classic black to others that combine other colors and designs, always urban, modern and youthful. Numerous firms such as Diesel or Emporio Armani have chosen leather as one of their main materials for this year, mainly with combinations of black leather pants and jackets.

Suit jackets combined with a cape: It is a risky decision, but after seeing Ramón García wearing his cape again on New Year’s Eve, it seems that the cape is becoming one of the fashion stars at the beginning of 2016. The capes for special occasions they can help give us that distinctive and exclusive touch. Don’t worry, you’re not going to look like Count Dracula.

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Trench coats and long coats: Trench coats are still going strong and are gaining more and more followers among men. In turn, parkas, trench coats and long coats are also still in fashion, and have contributed to creating a more “unisex” scene in this type of garment.

Bomber-type jackets: Another of the garments that remain in fashion no matter how much time passes. We are not referring to the classic bomber jackets with a lot of interior padding, but to more youthful and sporty garments, finer and more stylized, that combine colors and even materials, for example leather for the body of the jacket and cotton for the sleeves.

Now, to finish, we leave you with a video and some links that you might find interesting to complement the information in the article.

Video of Men’s Jackets:

Below you can see some examples of the trends in men’s jackets for this year 2016:

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