We analyze the skater style. Do you want to know it?

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Being a Skater, is it a fashion or a hobby? Or is it a lifestyle? Lifestyle! Any skater you ask will answer you without any doubt, while listening to the sound of the boards falling from the railing while one of its members tries to do one of the thousands of tricks of this urban sport like the ones we can see in this video, amazing!

Have you seen what they do with skateboarding? Watching the VIDEO makes me want to take to the streets with my skateboard and start to do, or rather try, all possible pirouettes. I’m sure I’ll hit more than one cake!

But here we have come to talk about the skater style and not about the impressive tricks that these skate wizards do. And I want to start by asking you a question: What do you think came before, skateboarding or skater fashion? Skateboarder clothing and fashion are a big part of the sport. These board jugglers usually look the same, they buy the clothes and shoes that are functional according to their tricks and moves they perform, but most importantly for us, clothes that are always up to date.

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The skater world likes certain brands since their lines of accessories and clothing are totally designed to their needs.

1. They wear pants or even jeans that are loose and wide since they have the need to carry out movements with their legs, if it’s hot (like at this time of year) they bet on Scottish shorts or cargo shorts.

2. They use short-sleeved t-shirts that usually carry images of the world of surfing: skating, snowboarding or surfing. Another option that is seen a lot is the band shirt. And for long-sleeved shirts, they wear henleys or, when it’s cold, thermals.

3. Hooded sweatshirts are the star garment, along with wide pants, when it’s cold. It also fulfills a very important function and that is to cushion the fall. They tend to be dark in color or, on the contrary, very striking.

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4. Their shoes have good traction to be able to skate well, but they must be modern. They tend to be a bulky and large shoe model, with a round toe and smooth laces.

5. As a complement we find the caps. They tend to have a short visor.

What do you think of skater fashion? Personally, I love seeing it, because it’s something different and it has a lot of personality, but I don’t like it to wear it. It’s just not my “stuff”.

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