Trends in comfortable shoes for men Spring Summer 2022

Footwear is one of the fundamental accessories in the world of fashion, on this occasion we we show what are the trends in comfortable shoes for men Spring Summer 2022.

One of the great advantages that time has given and that many men have become followers of fashion, is that more and more designs are created aimed at this audience. We have a clear example in footwear, before it was uncomfortable to wear shoes all day and you had to look carefully for a model that was useful and painless; Today we are faced with the possibility of choosing from a wide variety of comfortable, beautiful and not always expensive shoes.

For this reason, in this article, we are going to share with you the latest trends in comfortable shoes for men for this Spring Summer 2022 season. The brand we are going to rely on to explain the global trends is Pitillos, which has recently launched their new men’s collection.

How to choose a comfortable shoe for men in spring summer 2022?

Before we begin to see the most comfortable shoes for spring summer 2022, we are going to see several points that you should consider when buying shoes.

  • Don’t trade on comfort level: Lately, many shoe companies are neglecting comfort for style. While this can work to a degree for casual wear footwear, you want to look beyond the style for regular footwear. Look for a sturdy, snug pair of shoes that feels like a second skin on your feet. The midsole design of the shoes also plays an important role in the comfort quotient. Always choose fit over style. You won’t look good if your feet hurt.
  • Give preference to flexibility: flexibility is again an important consideration when choosing comfort, and it is particularly important in walking and jogging shoes. Always make sure that your shoes feel comfortable when walking long distances and on all types of surfaces.
  • Opt for a light pair of shoes: thick and heavy shoes require much more effort to walk and are made of cheaper and more uncomfortable material. Those shoes also tend to be stiff and inflexible, which can throw off your natural gait.
  • Choose optimal cushioning: The type of cushioning in a shoe will vary depending on the type of shoe. For example, a running shoe will need more cushioning in the heel, while a walking shoe may require more cushioning in the ball of the foot. Choose a shoe specially designed for the activity you plan to use it for. Also, avoid excessive cushioning as it can have many adverse effects on your health. The rubberized cork sole provides adequate cushioning and the sole contributes equally.
  • Look at product details before buying: Look at the product description on the website of the shoe you are interested in buying. The product description has all the necessary details to choose the right shoe for the right foot, such as the type of midsole, arch support and more.
  • Quality: When in doubt, go conservative over cutting-edge. You don’t want to save a few bucks on something that starts looking outdated in a few days and harms your health as well. Your shoes should be chosen with a strong preference for material, comfort, and longevity rather than price. Remember, good quality products are often expensive.

Trends in comfortable shoes for men Spring Summer 2022: Sandals

It is true that sandals are not a shoe to use, but in the end it is one of the shoes that is most used in summer and in hot weather. The first sandals that are a trend in comfortable shoes for men in spring summer 2022 are these espadrilles, which are in the middle of shoe, slipper and sandal. You can find them at Zalando for less than €50 and they will help you look fresh in summer.

Another option are these sandals from the Pier One brand, which, in addition to being available in various colors, will help you combine better with the rest of the clothes.

And for a little less than €60 you can get sandals like these from Timberland, which will be worth not only for going to the beach or the pool, but are also very comfortable for day to day.

Trends in comfortable shoes for men Spring Summer 2022: Ankle boots

Boots are a classic this season of the year and one of the most versatile, comfortable and attractive options that we can find in the world of footwear.

Ankle boots for men are easily combinable with suits, as you can see above, but also with urban and casual looks, so we can say that it is a very versatile type of shoe. You can wear them with jeans as with pleated pants.

It is also important to take into account the type of design of the same, because we are going to find them with a more informal look like this touch of blue, both in the rubber and in the elastic that you will have to combine well.

For those of you looking for a more urban ankle boot with very marked lines, this is the ideal style. A comfortable shoe that respects the curvature of the foot and with a wide rubber sole to provide a more comfortable tread.

In addition, those of you who prefer to regulate your foot support with this type of boot will have it much easier thanks to its laces.

Trends in comfortable shoes for men Spring Summer 2022: Blucher

Surely many of you know the shoes but you did not know what this man had, well, his definition tells us that we are dealing with a wide, open shoe with laces. Although at first it was designed for men, over time we have seen how fashion remains for them but they have also begun to put them on their feet.

Despite the years, it continues to be one of the most chosen shoes for day-to-day business or those who like to dress with style.

In shoe stores we can find Blucher shoes that add new details to their shoes to bring them closer to different styles and all types of consumers, both those who prefer simple shoes and those who love a very personalized shoe.

Thus, we also find models in which various colors are used – like this one with a two-tone sole – which provides a note of distinction among the others and a more personalized shoe.

Trends in comfortable shoes for men Spring Summer 2022: Loafers

Loafers are one of the most frequently chosen shoes, regardless of the time of year in which we find ourselves.

Another of the interesting aspects of this shoe is that you can combine it very easily since it is ideal for the most urban and sporty looks, so young and old alike can opt for its design.

We also add that both moccasins have elastics, which makes it much easier to introduce the skin and a comfortable hold.

Trends in comfortable shoes for men Spring Summer 2022: Sports

For those moments in which you prefer to wear a sporty look but without moving away from comfort and style, you will find very comfortable and attractive designs that can be the key to always be up to date.

One of the big differences that this type of sneakers presents compared to others on the market, in addition to the leather material with which they are made, is the comfort but also their versatility. You can use them with sporty looks but also with an urban style.

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