Zayn Malik’s tattoos

Zayn Malik is one of the young stars of One Direction, and although he is no longer part of this famous group, it seems that his solo career has begun with overwhelming success. The singer not only triumphs with his music, but also his way of dressing, his hairstyles and haircuts, provoke the desire of fans and the fact that many imitate him, and not only that, but his many tattoos are inspiring for many young people who follow him, Next in Modaellos. Zayn Malik’s tattoos.

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Zayn Malik’s tattoos

To date and that we have counted, Zayn Malik has a total of 47 tattoos spread all over his body. Among the most prominent there are “tattoos” like the one that was made with the face of his girlfriend and fiancée Perrie Edwards, singer of Little Mix. In addition, the young singer has many others that represent flowers, animals, phrases and even some allusions to his old band.

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The area of ​​the arms, wrists, elbows and chest are perhaps those that concentrate the greatest number of the singer’s tattoos and although we have seen most of them thanks to photographs of his concerts and other moments, the truth is is that the fans would like to be able to know all of them in detail. We are going to give you a list of the entire list of Zayn Malik’s tattoos, but first we will show you the most prominent and the ones that fans like the most.

Zayn Malik’s most outstanding tattoos

Grandfather’s name tattoo

The name of his grandfather in Arabic was one of the first tattoos Zayn got since he is of Muslim origin (his father is of Pakistani origin). He wears it on his chest.

Tattoo of his ex-girlfriend Perrie Edwards

For a few years Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards were dating and when it seemed they were going to get married, they finally broke up to the surprise of all the fans. The singer got a tattoo of Edwards’ face when she was still his girl, and many wonder if he’ll ever get it removed.

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Tattoo of a microphone

There are many singers who get tattoos of microphones and in Malik’s case, he wears it on his right arm. It was one of the first “tattoos” that the singer did “in a big way” giving rise to talk among some fans who do not understand why this fondness for ink on their skin. The meaning for this particular tattoo was because of the success of One Direction during their 2012 tour.

Arabic tattoo

Next to his grandfather’s name, on his neck and before his chest, Zayn has another Arabic tattoo with the phrase “Be true to who you are”.

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Tattoo of red lips smoking

On the hand, Zayn sports a smoking mouth. It is not the only similar tattoo that he has on his body if we take into account that he has a smoking man on his leg and other lips on his chest, but this one is undoubtedly disturbing. Does anyone know the meaning?

Tattoo of the letters “ZAP!”

Five years ago, Zayn surprised his fans by presenting this “weird” tattoo with the word “Zap” as if it were a comic. Many doubts assailed them so that the singer explained that it was a tribute to his love for comics, nothing more.

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Tattoo of wings and red lips

Zayn’s chest is “decorated” with wings, as well as red lips. A strange tattoo that will have his symbolism and that many fans associate with his breakup with Edwards.

These are the most outstanding tattoos that Zayn Malik has on his body but they are not the only ones. Below we offer you a list with all that has been done, to date.

List of all Zayn Malik tattoos

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After having seen what are the most outstanding Zayn Malik tattoos, we can offer you a list of everything that this boy has tattooed on his body.

47. The title of his album “Mind of Mine” on his arm

46. ​​A man smoking on his leg

45.A lotus flower on her left arm

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44. A checkered flag tattoo on the left forearm

43. A smoking red lips on her left hand.

42. A Hindu tattoo in black and white ink on the back of her left hand, extending her henna-style tattoo to her wrist

41. A black and white henna flower on top of left wrist.

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40. A large black and white gun tattoo on the left side of the hip.

39. Black geometric shape tattoos: a triangle and a circle on the arm

38. A strange black and white tattoo depicting a monkey with a space helmet on his upper right arm.

37. A large black and white snake on the right shoulder.

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36. Large tiger tattoo on upper left arm.

35.A tattoo of the word “BUS 1” on the outside of the left hand.

34.A tattoo of the phrase “I have a pirate’s life to myself” on the right ribcage below the tattoo of a playing card.

33. A tattoo of a lightning bolt on the outside of his right arm.

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32. A huge tattoo of his ex-girlfriend, Perrie Edwards on his arm.

31. A tattoo of a wolf and some feathers on the left leg.

30. One red lips, between a pair of black wings on the chest.

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29. A tattoo of a smoking skull wearing a top hat on the left shoulder.

28. A tattoo of Pink Floyd’s album Dark Side of the Moon on his right bicep.

27. A tattoo of a skull with waves on his right arm.

26. A tattoo that reads “M.S.G. 3/12/12” on the right arm.

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25. A tattoo of the word ‘Chilin’ and some palm trees on his right arm.

24. A Bandana tattoo on the right elbow.

23. A small tattoo of a bird on the right hand.

22. A small tattoo of a screw on the ankle.

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21. A skull and crossbones on the right shoulder.

20. A tattoo of a portable stereo on his right arm.

19.A tattoo with the word “Friday?” on the right clavicle.

18. A number 5 next to a tattoo of a microphone on his right arm.

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17. A number 1 next to crossed fingers.

16. A number 6 on his right arm.

15. A second number 6 on his right arm.

14. Another number 1 tattoo on his right arm.

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13.A tattoo that says “! ZAP” on the right arm.

12. A large number 6 on the right arm above crossed fingers

11. A big microphone tattoo on his right arm

10. A tattoo of the phrase “Be true to who you are” written in Arabic on his left clavicle

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9. Fingers crossed on the right arm.

8. A very small puzzle piece on the right arm.

7. A New Zealand bird on the back of his neck and upper back.

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6. A tattoo of the lyrics of the song “Don´t Think i Won” on the left hip.

5. A heart covering another tattoo of a Japanese symbol.

4. A Japanese symbol meaning “born of luck” on her waist.

3. A playing card with a crown and your initials on the ribcage.

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2. His grandfather’s name written in Arabic across his chest.

1. A small Ying-Yang tattoo on Zayn’s left arm near his wrist.

Photos of Zayn Malik’s tattoos

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Video of all of Zayn Malik’s tattoos

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