Tips to be an elegant man

Being or dressing like an elegant man is not something that is related only to the clothes you wear or if you wear high-end brands sewing. Being elegant is much more and for this reason at Modaellos we now give you some advice or tips so that you become a man with style and elegance.

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Although suits, shirts, good shoes or knowing how to combine styles and colors are the essential elements to be able to learn to dress elegantly, the truth is that there are a series of habits and tips that you can easily acquire and that will help you achieve that desired elegance.

Tips to be an elegant man

A suit for every occasion:

  • The first thing that we have to be clear about is knowing how to dress for each occasion since elegance is not only related to the fact of wearing a good suit.
  • Casual style can also be elegant as long as we wear it, in the right settings. In this way we can say that a classic suit will be essential for an important event, while for example putting on a blazer and dress pants can be perfect for a date.
  • On the other hand, some jeans, which can also be used to dress elegantly although something more “casual”, can be used to go out with friends or for an informal date.

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Follow all the trends, and from there choose

  • With the new technologies it is very simple what is worn and what is not. You can follow fashion websites, blogs, magazines (such as Modaellos) or any other publication in which you can consult the latest fashion items and trends each season, such as pastel tones, for example, for this summer of 2012.
  • On the other hand, and regardless of fashion trends, we can always be attentive to the style of men who are considered the most elegant every year and seeing how they dress, we can adapt their “look” so that we ourselves let’s take.
  • Also, do not think that fashion or elegant dress corresponds only to the fact of choosing clothes, never forget the right shoes and the accessories that best fit with each of your outfits.

Buy only what is necessary:

  • Not by buying clothes you are going to become a more or less elegant man, because if you spend a lot of money on clothes and brands, and you don’t know exactly what can look better on you and what not, you might end up with a wardrobe of clothes full of clothes and that you will never get to wear.
  • It is important that you visit the stores so that you can find out what trends are in fashion, but this does not mean that we buy them all. For example, fluorescent shirts are now worn, but if you are 60 years old it will not be very elegant for you to buy one of them, no matter how fashionable they are.
  • It is better to buy little and in fact what is necessary and that cannot be missing from your closet, and that could be a dark suit, a light suit, a pair or three of jeans, basic shirts (blank), shirt with a print of fashion (such as plaid), a pair of blazers, a dark coat, a few ties, dress shoes, and sports shoes.

Fragrances and colognes:

  • Successful fragrances and colognes also denote elegance in men and although there are many brands, some of them from haute couture firms such as Armani or Calvin Klein, it is important that you know which one to choose.
  • No one better than you to choose the cologne that gives you the essence you need to be an elegant man. It is best to bet on fragrances that are not very strong and have a fruity touch, or with notes that denote freshness.

Personal hygiene:

  • Another “tip” that we cannot ignore when talking about how to be an elegant man, is the fact of being attentive to your personal hygiene and that obviously will be constant and daily.
  • We cannot forget either the fact of always having perfect hair, so get used to visiting hairdressers more often and, of course, start using creams that help you take better care of your face, take care of shaving, as well as make yourself manicure from time to time.

Learn to store and care for clothes:

  • It is impossible that if you want to be elegant your clothes denote the opposite if they are stained or wrinkled. If you have a lot of clothes and a small closet, maybe you should buy another one or set up a room as if it were a closet.
  • You have to know how to put clothes in the closet, which ones are folded, which ones need hangers, like suits and shirts and of course, you should know that you should never keep clothes that are stained. In addition, perhaps some garments, such as coats or delicate suits, need you to take them to a dry cleaner or laundry so that they always look like the first day.

Photogallery of men and elegant clothes:

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Now I leave you a video with more tips to learn to be elegant:

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