The use of wide pants in men: some style advice

It is difficult to see a man with wide pants, sometimes Although, it is true, in recent years they have become one of the fashionable men’s garments. It is not difficult to remember a time when baggy pants were considered a piece of clothing that did not tend to go beyond fashion catwalks, when some fashion designers tried, more or less periodically, to “impose” it on some men. And it is that although it is true that the wide pants caused a certainly interesting impact on the fashion track, creating a certainly striking silhouette, but little else. However, today they are back in fashion. And if you want to discover them, we present you some style tips to wear wide pants, in a unique and, above all, correct way. Do you dare to discover them?.

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The rise of pants to wider pants: origin

Perhaps today the use of baggy pants can certainly seem revolutionary. But as with some garments that became famous in the 1970s or 1980s (and are still in use today), the reality is that we have to go back to the 1920s to find the first wide leg pants.

Back then they were known as “Oxford bags”, when underperforming students at Oxford wore pants with hems up to 100 centimeters in circumference, in such a way that they almost looked like two pants in one. Shortly thereafter, in the 1950s, both Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando ended up making them their own way. And the same was true of the late David Bowie in the 1970s.

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Fortunately, as you can imagine (and as you’ve probably seen for yourself), fashion is cyclical, so wide leg pants for men are making a comeback in clothing stores.

Some useful tips when wearing baggy pants

If you’re a little tired of skinny jeans, and want to try something different that will give you a little more room to “breathe” through and feel a little more comfortable, there’s no doubt you should make room in your wardrobe to baggy pants. If so, take note of some of the advice that we want to propose below.


If you want to opt for a slightly more relaxed leg fit, there is no doubt that casual looks are the easiest, simplest and simplest way to experiment. You can start with a rather classic color or fabric, such as black or navy cotton, or a wonderful wool blend.

And to balance it more or less adequately, you can wear it with a simple, well-fitting round neck t-shirt. Many wide leg pants often come with traditional front pleats, and a slightly higher waist. So it is recommended to enter the upper part to highlight this feature.

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Elegant Casual

As dress codes have become more relaxed in recent years, wide leg pants have become a great way to dress every day in a casual yet elegant style.

And what’s the catch? Keep everything else simple, to make the pants this time the garment that truly stands out above all else. You can think of tonal shirts, long-necked shirts. Or even the parka jackets or simple coats with zipper, sporty style.

Smart style

If you want to dress a little more serious or “smart”, but don’t want to part with your beloved baggy pants, you can opt for a cropped or tailored jacket. In fact, luckily these kinds of pants can work perfectly in casual business office.

Thus, pleated trousers, but well shortened, can add a certainly casual touch to a somewhat more formal look, especially if you combine them with a deconstructed blazer, well-polished shoes and an elegant shirt.

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Wide pants are ideal for day to day, because they offer you the enormous possibility of moving much more easily. Whether it’s going to work, shopping, meeting friends, or even playing sports, wide-leg cotton pants can be great.

Especially if you combine them with loose-fitting sweatshirts and jackets.

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