The new fashion for beard implants

If it exists, currently a real trend among men is to wear a beard. It seems that everyone likes to grow long beards or sport a goatee. Be that as it may, easy hair is in fashion, so much so that a new technique that has to do with beard implants is even imposed and that can be the solution for men who want to show off a beard but who cannot.

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The new trend of beard implants

Beauty clinics have noticed this “fever” that exists today for beards and therefore, all those who wish to boast of this “hipster” trend but who are bald-headed, will cease to be as of now.

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Fashion implants land in Spain and they do so in the midst of the rage that is lived by something that years ago was not liked at all but that now seems to be the trend of the moment: men wearing all kinds of beards and not only that , it is said that women pay more and more attention to men with beards so what are you waiting for to wear one?

The key is to know what type of beard you like and once decided, you let it grow and that’s it. For those of you who cannot have a beard because it simply does not come out, you can resort to those implants that I have mentioned and that according to the International Hair Restoration Society (ISHRS) have multiplied in recent years. In 2012, only 1.5% of hair restoration procedures corresponded to beard implants, in 2015 this figure increased to 3.7%.

On the other hand, the Mendigo platform ensures that the percentage is exaggeratedly higher and that in reality, beard implants have grown by 600% in the last decade.

The reason for this increase not only has to be associated with the fact that beards are in fashion thanks to the influence of the “hipster” style, but also that implants today are better, more natural and without sticking I noticed so much that what you’re wearing is actually an implant so men with facial hair problems are asking for them a lot more than they were five years ago.

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It is also a suitable and recommended resource for men who are tired of looking youthful. The beard always brings masculinity, so it is the solution used by many men with softer features who want to highlight their virility.

How are beard implants?

Similar to a capillary or hair implant, beard implants are usually performed with one or two per follicular unit, and the result is a very natural beard.

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The usual thing is that for the elaboration of the implants, the hair from the nape of the neck is taken as a donor, since in that area the hair is longer and allows a longer and more abundant beard to be grafted.

Of course, if you are determined to get a beard implant, prepare money and above all, patience since between 300 and 700 grafts are needed for each side of the face, depending on the area that we have to cover and the desired density .

Regarding the cost of having a beard implant, it must be considered that to do it a medical team of between six and seven people is needed for an intervention of just over four hours, so in total the figure may be above of the 6,000 euros.

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Have you decided to get a beard implant? We leave you this video in which you can check the process to follow to carry it out.

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