How to dress when you reach 30 years old?

At present, as much as it is hard to admit, the incorporation of young people into the labor market occurs well into his twenties. Closer to 30 years of age than 20. And it is, at that moment, when the need arises to have the type of garments that until then were not owned or occupied as important in a man’s wardrobe. Today I want to help you dress when you turn 30.

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Thirties are not an easy age when it comes to looking for style. And it is not because, the 30s, are the age of transition from the time in which you were more sporty, to another in which the tie, the suit and the shoes are the father of our day.

The first purchases that are destined to make us a new wardrobe will be the ones that should be paid more attention. These purchases must be made in a thoughtful way and, always, with a head. The result will be useful to us in our workplace for many years to come.

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You must have two closets

Until today you have a closet that was worth going out on weekends and going to eat at your grandparents’ house. But, the time has come to differentiate the closet. I’m not saying that you buy another closet in addition to the one you already have (if you can better), I’m just saying that you should differentiate the work area, with the leisure or free time area.

Turn 30 doesn’t mean you have to give up your leather jackets in winter or your sockless Tods in summer. What I mean is that you should incorporate into your style, for example, a blue coat or black Oxfords to get more serious and formal looks.

Exactly the same thing happens with plugins. If your Casio, Polar,… watch was the one that told you the time during your daily exercise, like in a cocktail bar, the time has come to have a much more formal watch. Also, I think it’s about time to start collecting cufflinks instead of bracelets.

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It is from the age of 30 when the man’s style lays the foundations to build the definitive image that we will transmit abroad. But always keeping in mind that we must put our personal touch.

Adds a personal touch to the style

If you are one of those who believe that there is no easier and more elegant combination than a navy blue suit with a white shirt and a dark blue tie, you must make this a look that will differentiate you. Another example, if you like something as simple as putting your handkerchief in your jacket pocket, you shouldn’t hold back. It is a point that will differentiate you from the rest. Do you take it?

Buy a special garment every year

Having a good wardrobe, I’ll be honest, is a long process, unless you have good capital. The best purchases are those that are meditated on and “re-meditated”, those that are not seized by impulse or for the pleasure of that particular moment. If that special garment that we want to be in our closet before the end of the year is planned, you must plan the purchases to get the garment.7

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Dress according to your age

Why am I putting this on you? There are people who are resigned to having a birthday and have a habit of wearing ridiculous clothes like any teenager would, when they could boast of the best 40 years worn and have a style according to their age, and not that of their children.
Well, the same thing happens in reverse. I am surprised to see many young people, just in their early 30s, already married or not, who seem to have inherited their parents’ clothes. They are what I call “Old Young”. I’m not saying that you wear tracksuits all day, but you can use more tailored suits for work, good jeans for informal occasions, …

Turning 30 can be a great experience to try and start consolidating your style. This will be responsible for projecting your image to the environment in which you live.

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