The most comfortable shoes to go to work

In classic fashion, for elegance in gentlemen, we can find several forms or variants of lace-up shoes, or buckles , such as loafers and ankle boots, which are also very suitable, in some versions, to wear with suits or dress pants. But in addition to being elegant when it comes to dressing, we look for comfort in them, since many of us wear them all week because of our work.

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For this reason, in this post we will tell you which are the most comfortable shoes that you can use to go to work, because we must take care of our feet, in addition to being fashionable.

The most comfortable shoes to work

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When it’s time to go to work, in some offices and depending on the work we do, we are asked to dress one way or another. Follow our tips for dressing at work.


A very valid option are loafers. Very comfortable shoes, which can come with or without tassels. They are ideal to wear with a suit or even with casual clothes, so you can feel comfortable with them at work, as well as being trendy. The sole of this is usually leather or rubber. Leather as a frequent material in its manufacture, in addition to suede, for better perspiration of the foot, being made in different colors.


This shoe model was born in the 1930s in the US, and for the warmer season you won’t find anything much cooler than boat shoes, which you should wear without socks (as long as you wear them in hot weather), or those that it has gomini or rubber studs instead of a traditional sole, like the Tods type.

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Shoe with laces

Always this shoe for a more formal occasion, whenever you wear a morning suit or tailcoat, as well as a tuxedo. An option that you have to resort to (shoes with laces), if you are looking for seriousness and formality. They are not very comfortable, but to wear them for a few hours, there is no problem.

The booties

A very practical and comfortable shoe for our wardrobe, especially for winter, since they are very comfortable and warm. These are born in India and were introduced to Europe by the British colonial administration. The ankle boots, so that they show off their “grace”, you must wear them with pants that are a little shorter. They also combine very well with flannel, corduroy or even jeans, lately very used by us. You can wear them with casual jackets, with or without a tie.

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A gray flannel suit, which looks very elegant, can be perfectly combined with brown suede ankle boots like the ones shown in the previous image, as Italian designers, Diego Della Valle or Salvatore Ferragamo are making fashionable.

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