The different types of modern mustaches

Mustaches have become one of the great male beauty trends of this 2020 and although modern beards are still seen a lot, it seems that More and more, men opt for wearing mustaches that are also original. Let’s get to know the different types of modern mustaches below.

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The different types of modern mustaches

For several years now it seems that male facial hair is on the rise. Not only when it comes to wearing a beard, something that practically most men wear, but also, the mustache has acquired a certain role and we can even see how some mustaches from the past have been adapted so that they can be worn today and also look modern.

Not all of them, obviously, are going to look good on you since it is essential to understand what type of mustache best suits your face, so we are going to review the different types of modern mustaches so that you can choose the one that suits you best. It better fit you.

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Chevron Mustache

Photo: Instagram @marcodamoda

Although the Chevron is a type of mustache considered classic, since the first mustaches of this style emerged in the 70s, it is also one of the clearest examples of the aforementioned, since it has come back with force until become something modern.

The shape of this type of mustache quite thick, but it is also limited to the perimeter of the lips. Basically, we could say that they are very reminiscent of an inverted V on the upper lip.

As these are the essential features, the Chevron mustache is perfect for those who are taking their first steps in this world. The beauty of this style, in fact, lies in the slight disorder of the hair, which gives it a touch of charm. To get them, you don’t need to take care of any detail, except the length of the hair, which should not exceed 1.5 cm on the sides of the mouth.

Clark Gable Mustache

Photo: Instagram @gianmarco.onestini

The mustache that we can find as Clark Gable mustache, pennetta mustache or hawk mustache is also a modern mustache today, although the truth is that it began to be worn in the 40s.

In particular, this is a type of mustache that lends itself to men who have full lips and slightly exposed cheeks, two rather rare features to find on a man’s face. Also, although it may seem like a mustache that is too “vintage”, the truth is that it is enough for someone famous to wear it for it to become a trend again.

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Handlebar Mustache

Here we are talking about a type of mustache that is quite coveted. When natural mustaches have run out of growth, you often want to create an artistic look. In this sense, the handlebar mustache lends itself perfectly. However, in order to obtain a satisfactory result, it is necessary to arm yourself with a lot of patience and dedication, especially in the first period.

Thinking of simply curling the ends of the hair is a common mistake. Curling work must be constant, even practiced several times a day.

In addition, the application of a beard wax is essential, since it will allow you to seal the lengths.

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Handlebar mustaches are also often recreated on the face of men who prefer the hipster beard style. In this case, therefore, they are called a hipster mustache. The shape varies depending on the look you want to achieve, but the principle remains the same. What changes in this case is the length of the beard, which gives the style its name.

English mustache

Photo: Instagram @josebouder

The English mustache could be considered the forerunner of the handlebar moustache. Although the features are not strictly identical, we can say that there is an obvious reference. The English mustache, in fact, is still a little narrower and more compact, but with a very similar shape. The ends must be precisely curled and sealed with the appropriate shaving wax.

In order to wear it correctly, as with the handlebar mustache, it is essential that genetics be on your side. In fact, the hair should cover the entire area below the nose, all the way to the lips. The central part, on the other hand, is usually left without hair, to give the look a more orderly effect.

Mustache and fly

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In this case it is a guy who foresees the presence of a mustache and a small part of the beard under the lower lip. For this detail, in fact, it takes the name of fly. This look developed further around the 1950s and was then taken over by hippies, and now by many men who want to make having that little bit of hair under the lip modern.

It is perhaps not the best mustache of all, but the truth is that those who choose it are usually men looking for a very personal and particular style.

Mexican mustache

Photo: Instagram@descreeycuestiona

The Mexican mustache is widely known throughout the world, both for cartoons and for prominent actors in the world of cinema who have worn it. As the term itself suggests, this type of mustache was born and belongs to Mexico, a place where even today it is possible to see how many men wear it.

As for other countries in the world, the Mexican mustache is a faithful reproduction of the original despite the fact that the training process is quite long and demanding.

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French mustache

Photo; Instagram @edu.mengelle

Also in this case we are faced with a very particular style but one that currently sets the trend. The shape of the French mustache, in fact, is quite eccentric, as it is elaborate and creative. The hairs, in fact, can reach significant lengths that are difficult to maintain. Also, as often seen in this case, the ends are often rolled up on themselves.

What distinguishes them, however, is the amount of hair that constitutes them, very particular indeed. Sometimes, in fact, they can reach dimensions beyond the scope of the most common daily activities, such as eating. If you want to try this look, just like in the case of the Mexican mustache, you will have to pay close attention to the hygiene of your hair.

As we can see, there are many mustache alternatives to choose from. Some more strange than others, but since the mustache says a lot about your personality, it is essential that you always feel at ease. Hoping to have been of help to you, we hope you find the look that suits you best.

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