The best typical Hanukkah gifts to enjoy with the family

Hanukkah is just around the corner, so if in your family If you celebrate this Jewish holiday, you will already know that throughout the 8 days that it lasts, different gifts are usually given or various presents are delivered. So now, let’s get to know the best typical Hanukkah gifts to enjoy as a family.

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Hanukkah 2020 is celebrated between December 10 and 18, so there is still time to buy some of the typical gifts of this celebration in which the deed of the Jews is enshrined in recovering the Holy Temple in which they lit the Menorah with a single oil, but being able to hold the flame for 8 days. Hence, the Hanukkah tradition is to light a menorah with eight candles, which are lit one by one over 8 days, in which gifts like these are also made:

Day One – Traditional Gifts

The first of the days of Hanukkah we can dedicate to the gifts that are more traditional for this festivity. In this way we can take home a new menorah, which is the candelabrum in which the 8 Hanukkah candles are lit.

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To the children, we can also give them a dreidel, which is a spinning top with which a typical Hanukkah game is played, or also give them a little gelt (which were formerly real coins but currently consists of coins of chocolate).

We can also take advantage of this first day to teach the little ones the game with the dreidel. Each one contributes a small amount of gelt that is placed in the center and then each child must spin the dreidel that has letters on each of its sides. Depending on what appears to us when the dreidel stops playing, we may or may not earn money.

This is what appears on each side of the dreidel and what is done in-game:

  • Nun means “nisht” or “nothing”. The player does nothing.
  • Gimel means “gantz” or “everything”. The player wins everything in the pot.
  • Hey means “halb” or “half”. The player keeps half of the pot. (If there are an odd number of pieces in the pot, the player takes half of the total plus one.)
  • Shin (outside Israel) means “shtel” or “put”. Peh (in Israel) also means “to put on.” The player adds a game piece to the pot.

Day Two: Puzzles and Games

On the second day of Hanukkah we can surprise the whole family with board games or puzzles with which to spend a day of games once the menorah has been lit. In this way, many families bet on games like Monopoly or Cluedo, which, although they are board games without more, allow the family to be together in a special way on Hanukkah.

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Day Three – Books

After having lit the third candle of the Hanukkah menorah, we can choose to give each and every member of the family a few books according to their reading levels and interests. Reading not only serves as a great way to improve your vocabulary, but also provides hours of entertainment. Local libraries are a great option for buying books on the cheap, as many have small sections where donated books find new homes.

Day four – A gift for the whole family

Let’s take advantage of the fourth day of Hanukkah to teach the little ones in the house, the joy of sharing by buying a gift for the whole family. We can make this surprise as cheap or extravagant as you like, since the important thing here is spending family time together. For example, some economic ideas include buying the same item of clothing for each member of the family, or if we want something more expensive, we can hire a getaway or family vacation and surprise the family with the news while we eat dinner.

Day Five – Pajamas

Clothes are also one of the typical gifts that are usually given at Hanukkah and although we have already mentioned the idea of ​​buying the same item of clothing for each member (in fact, sweaters with Hanukkah prints for the whole family are even sold) We can also choose to buy pajamas that do not need to be matching. Let’s choose pajamas for each family member based on their tastes or their age.

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Day Six – Charitable Giving

Teach the little ones in the house, and the family in general, the joy of donating by dedicating a night to charity. For this sixth day of Hanukkah we can reserve as much money as we want to donate and decide as a family which charity or charities you are going to donate the funds to. Alternatively, you can also buy gifts for a children’s charity, for example, or for people in need. It sure will be a better Hanukkah gift than anything else

Day Seven – Favorite Items

Present each of your family members with a gift bag filled with some of their favorite things. These do not have to be expensive items. In fact, you can collect them throughout the year when you find them on sale. Ideas include candy, jewelry, cosmetic items, craft supplies, tools, and other practical items that each recipient of your bag will enjoy. The important thing here is not the gift itself, but the fact that you put the effort into preparing a personalized bag or box for each member of the family.

Day Eight – Handmade Gifts

Gifts do not have to be bought in the store, so if we are good at crafts or DIY, we can take advantage of this Hanukkah to give our family members things we made ourselves. In fact, if you have small children at home, this is a great opportunity for them to give each other gifts, so you can ask them to draw pictures, make, for example, a necklace or bracelet with a bit of pasta or Have them make a keychain with a chestnut. Small handmade gifts that any family member, and not just children, will appreciate.

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