Combining ties

The tie has been, is and will be one of the elements of superior elegance when it comes to shaping your look. However, just as it can be the perfect complement to your outfit, it can also become the element that completely breaks your style. To always hit the mark, we tell you how to combine ties and always hit the right one.

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How to combine ties with the shirt

We start with the basics: how to combine ties with the shirt. In the end, the shirt and the tie are in direct contact and if they don’t match, the rest of the clothes will only complicate it. The reality is that learning how to combine ties with a shirt couldn’t be easier

How to combine ties with plain shirts

Plain shirts are the most popular and used, so knowing how to combine ties with plain shirts will guarantee success 90% of the time. The best thing about wearing a plain shirt is that the range of ties that we can use is tremendous.

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Thus, one of the options we have is to combine the plain shirt with a plain tie, yes, in a different tone than the shirt and the suit. The result will be a minimalist look.

On the opposite side we have the option of combining the plain shirt with a plain tie of the same color. In this case, the look will be risky, modern and groundbreaking. Only for the brave.

The last option we have is to opt for a patterned tie to combine with the plain shirt. The only element to take into account is that the colors of the shirt and tie match, because the print will be the one that takes center stage.

How to combine ties with striped shirts

From plain shirts we now turn to how to combine ties with striped shirts. In this case, striped shirts break the most formal looks, giving a different point. The only thing you have to keep in mind and strictly adhere to is never combine a striped shirt with a striped tie.

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For example, a safe option is to combine a striped shirt with a textured tie, since they have different proportions, they will make a perfect combination.

If you like to wear simple looks, you can opt for a plain model but in a different color from the shirt, with a minimum of logic, so that they combine wonderfully in the simplest way.

For the coolest, the definitive option is to combine the striped shirt with the patterned tie. Of course, finding a combination of stripes and patterns that fits is more complicated than the previous options. One option that always works is wide striped shirts with small dotted ties.

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How to combine ties with printed shirts

And what if we want to learn how to combine ties with patterned shirts? Well, the only rule that we must comply with is that the design of the tie and that of the shirt are not confused with each other. From there, we can let our imagination run wild.

A risky but tremendously effective option is to combine a dot print shirt and a textured tie. The result is an elegant outfit but also groundbreaking like few others.

If what we are looking for is to enhance the design of the shirt, we must combine the printed shirt with a plain tie whose color enhances the star element of the look.

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Another risky alternative would be to combine a shirt printed with small checks with a tie with large dots. With this difference in size, everything will fit together.

How to combine ties with plaid shirts

Combining ties with checkered shirts is essential, since checkers have been sweeping all levels for decades. In fact, since the office dress code was relaxed, checked shirts are almost more common than striped ones. To get it right, we tell you how to combine ties with plaid shirts.

As always, the plain tie is always there. In this case, take advantage of the squares on the shirt to reduce the impact of the print and relax the look.

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Although it sounds strange, combining a plaid shirt with a striped tie can work. The secret, in addition to the colors, is that the sizes vary from one to another. Thus, if the shirt is a small square, the tie should be large striped.

To finish, we propose the alternative of combining a plaid shirt with a structure, either woven or knitted. What we get with this choice is a contrast of textures that always works.

What colors combine between shirt and tie

We have looked at the models and textures, but now it’s time to know what colors to combine between shirt and tie. And it is that, within how complicated it is sometimes to find a suitable color, having to combine two only doubles efforts.

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In fact, knowing how to combine shirt and tie colors is important both in an informal meeting and in a formal or etiquette event. Knowing how to do it, combining shirt and tie colors will be very easy for you.

How to combine a blue shirt?

We begin by looking at how to combine a blue shirt, in this case, light blue, as it offers more combination options. However, the premise that you must be clear about is that the blue tie should always be darker than the shirt.

Two other colors that a blue shirt goes great with are dark green and orange. This last option, only for fashionistas.

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How to combine a white shirt?

Literally, with a white shirt you can combine ties of all colors, types, patterns and textures.

How to combine a pink shirt?

If we ask ourselves how to combine a pink shirt, the answer that does not fail is with a navy blue tie. Now, if we want something more risky, we can try a dark purple, green or light brown. In this case, let’s try to avoid green for the tie.

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