The style of the controversial Geordie Shore

Geordie Shore is once again the audience leader since its return to our screens. And it is that once again the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of these boys are back, waiting to be more obscene and less dignified than ever. Therefore, we take a look at the unique ways of dressing each of the members of this peculiar group. Do you want to meet each member of Geordie Shore?

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And it is that these controversial English boys, nicknamed “Geordies’s”, are starring in the new season of Geordie Shore in Cancun.

The styles of each member of the house

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Their styles are varied and range from the most modern and current to the most tacky. With unnatural tans, more like something out of a Martian movie, and with V-neck shirts up to their navels, which seem to be competing over who can be the most tacky. And if you think otherwise, at the end of the article I will change your mind. Sure!

Gary or “Gaz”

He prefers that his friends call him “Gaz”. At 23 years old, he boasts of knowing all of Newcastle. A great expert in being single, living life and according to him “should have a master’s degree in flirting.” His way of dressing is the least disliked. He usually wears tank tops and sagging pants a lot.


He confesses to being a “professional poser”, stating that he does not let a mirror or even a reflective surface pass without looking at himself. Sensitive, quiet and boastful, the boy of the house. He goes to the gym every day and his style is the most tacky of all. With the greased part on one side, his style sometimes seems like a reflection of a clown.

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He defines himself as a guy who likes to look good. His ideal day would be two sessions of the gym (in the morning and in the afternoon), facial cleansing, tanning and waxing. Her fashion style leaves nothing to the imagination. He reminds me of another Jersey Shore character, the father of all Shores. Or not?

What do you think of these guys from NewCastle?

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