The best down coats for men 2021

When choosing between the best jackets and coats for men, the down ones seem to not only guarantee a real protection against the cold, but they are also a trend, so being in all stores and being able to choose from practically all brands, we have made a selection for you, with the best down coats for men.

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Feather coats are a type of jacket that guarantees great insulation so that they have the ability to heat our body, especially when we practice outdoor activities, or if, for example, we have to move from here to there during all day. As we say, this type of coat can be bought from different brands, so we have analyzed the best ones and present them to you below. These are the best down coats for men 2021.

Dustin’s Down Coat

One of the first down coats that we want to recommend is the model you see below, from the Dustin firm but on sale at El Corte Inglés.

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A three-quarter coat, which also has a padded and hooded design as set by the latest trends.

Dustin is a quality brand, and in the case of this coat, we find a piece made of polyester, filled with artificial down but which guarantees that we can stay warm throughout the day. It also has several pockets, and for the closure it has a zipper and buttons. The price of this coat is €129.

Emidio Tucci down coat

Emidio Tucci is another of the brands that has one of the best feather coats, or down jacket, of all that we can currently find for this season.

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In this case, we have to talk about a blue coat, with two pockets and light padding. An elegant polyester short coat, which you will be able to combine with any look you wear and also be warm. The price for this coat is €199. Also on sale at El Corte Inglés.

Brook Brothers Down Coat

Brook Brothers is perhaps an unknown brand to many people, but the truth is that we are dealing with a quality fashion firm, and among its many winter proposals, we have to highlight its down coat that you see below.

A long navy blue coat, which is also water repellent, with a hood, two front pockets, one inside, and snap closure. A coat model made of 86% nylon on the inside and outside as well as 14% spandex. A quality model that guarantees warmth to the body, but perhaps its price is a bit high for the pockets of many of us: €590.

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Tommy Jeans Down Coat

Tommy Jeans is the “denim” line of the Tommy Hilfiger firm that also has coats of all kinds, including quality down jackets like this one that we show you below, which stands out for its quality, but also for its beautiful design.

A three-quarter padded coat in blue, which also has a hood, two outer pockets and a zipper as a closure. A model made of recycled polyester. Its price is €299.

Uniqlo Down Coat

Uniqlo has a collection of 2021 men’s coats and jackets that we cannot miss, and in the case of its down models, we have to highlight the model below:

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A hybrid coat that we can buy in black, as in the photo, as well as in other colors such as red, blue or khaki and that has been specially made with feather padding and insulating padding, so that when you wear it you will not feel the cold, but it is also a waterproof jacket. A coat model that also follows the latest trends, so that it comes in a three-quarter design, with a fur hood. Its price is €159.90.

Springfield Down Coat

The most popular “low cost” firms such as Springfield also have some of the best down coats for men and for this winter 2021 season.

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This is the case of the coat model that we show you above. A polyester down coat, which has Dupont thermal padding fabric, which guarantees that you are going to wear a coat that keeps you warm during the winter, but that is also waterproof and water repellent.

A coat model that comes with a fur hood and that you will find in Springfield in the camel color of the photo and in black. The price is €119.99 but it is now on sale at €79.99.

Zara down coats

Finally, we look at the down coats that we also have in the Zara catalog for the 2021 winter season, so we dedicate this special section to them.

The Inditex firm has several models, among which this coat stands out below, in blue, with a fur hood and also made with Sorona Dupont thermal padding, an insulating material that has the ability to retain body heat, as well as resulting in a light and breathable jacket. Its price is €59.95.

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Another of the down coats that you have at Zara is the model below, black, padded and with a fairly classic design, which also stands out for being made of technical fabric with water-repellent properties. The price of this model is €49.95.

We also want to highlight this other model, a padded coat or jacket, with a puffer style since it comes in a combined fabric. A coat model that we can buy in black or khaki, as we see in the photo, and which also stands out for its modern design, with two pockets and a large, high collar. The price of this model is €69.95.

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Lastly, we show you a padded puffer coat from Zara that stands out above all for its military print design but also has a double hood, one of which is removable, and a heat-sealed zipper. A coat that has a price of €59.95.

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