Emo Fashion Clothes 2016

How to dress like an Emo? That is the question that many people must be asking themselves and it is a question that is not so difficult to answer if you follow the guidelines that we are going to give you below. If you want to dress following the influence of a fashion that has gone from being a simple adolescent trend to becoming a new urban tribe, even a way of life, we now reveal the keys to be able to incorporate into your wardrobe everything you need for the Emo fashion clothes during 2016.

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Item Index:

  1. Emo Fashion Clothes, what does it consist of?
  2. T-shirts and pants for Emo Fashion Clothes 2016
  3. Accessories for Emo Fashion Clothes 2016
  4. Tips to dress like Emo, Trends 2016
  5. Other tips for the Emo “look”
  6. Emo Fashion Clothes Photo Gallery

Emo Fashion Clothes, what does it consist of?

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In the same way that hairstyle and makeup (especially eye makeup) are an important part when it comes to expressing yourself close to the feeling of the Emo, the clothes of this group usually stand out because they are very close to the youthful style, although always with some details that make them much more characteristic. Most Emo tend to dress in “denim” style clothing in which jeans and t-shirts seem to be the most used garments, although this does not mean that from time to time they vary a bit or that we can see them with a shirt or even with a sweater (in winter they usually go for sweatshirts or tracksuit jackets with t-shirts). For 2016, it seems that the “look” of a shirt with black jeans will prevail, for example.

On the other hand, accessories, and this is something that we are going to see in detail now, are also essential for Emo people and those who love bracelets and earrings and mostly with spikes or studs. As for footwear, they always wear sneakers or boots and in this case, they opt for military-style ones.

For 2016, many of these garments will be seen among the Emo since they are usually quite faithful to their style, although some novelties that we can mention are the use of skinny or tight jeans as the latest fashion brand, and the that they are also betting on the use of sweatshirts and jackets such as those made of leatherette that, on the other hand, seem to be a trend in the current autumn-winter season.

T-shirts and pants for Emo Fashion Clothes 2016

Emo pants are usually dark colors, black or dark blue, you could also use other colors of pants from time to time but very out of the ordinary, choosing somewhat more striking tones such as red for example.

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On the other hand, it stands out that Emo pants are usually always very tight, of the “skinny” type and can also show some ripping or be torn at the knees. Of course, it is always about jeans. Some Emo boys opt for “Chinese” type pants, although the truth is that the occasions in which we see them use them are rare.

The truth is that since the latest trends in men’s pants are characterized precisely by having skinny jeans with different rips, we can say that Emo’s are going to have it easy this season to find pants they like. This is a very classic style that they adopted as a hit to define their style so that somehow they are going to be a trend throughout this year.

Any Emo pants for 2016 cannot miss a good belt and within these, of course, we always see how young people who follow this trend opt for models with studs, which is undoubtedly the complement to take into account when combining them with dark pants.

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As for the shirts that Emo usually wear, we have to talk about colors that are mostly dark and in which some symbols may appear. They are usually round-necked t-shirts, and both short and long-sleeved, although in summer you can bet on tank tops like the one we see in the photo above.

The emo shirts are usually also very tight to the body and with a V neck. The color and message of the shirt expresses the personal feeling without there being a defined pattern when combining it. Some Emo bet on wearing t-shirts from their “punk-rock” groups, which is the musical style that this “tribe” or urban movement likes the most.

On the other hand, some Emo have introduced into their style of shirts this year, models that are somewhat longer than normal. “Oversize” t-shirts are the great trend in t-shirts for young people so do not hesitate to bet on them and above all you can buy them in colors like black or white that will combine perfectly well with your skinny jeans or with those that are something More spacious.

Along with the t-shirts I also want to say something about the shirts and although I have already mentioned that the Emo tend to bet on those that are checkered, we have to add that this year it looks like many Emo boys have begun to use completely ready and colored shirts like the same black, white or sky blue. In this way it seems that his style is “refined” slightly and the truth is that the combination with black pants works perfectly.

Many Emo opt for choosing shirts that seem inspired by the “retro” style that has been so popular throughout 2015 and that will be repeated again in 2016. The fashion of past decades seems to combine very well with the idea of nostalgia that prevails in the Emo attitude. I am not saying that they dress old or like in the past, although they can wear “looks” inspired by “retro” like this one that we see above.

This selection or “look” of Emo fashion (courtesy of Wikihow) seems to me the perfect creation of how someone who is of the Emo style should dress. Black pants, a hoodie with a zipper, a t-shirt and, of course, some accessories that we can see in detail below.

Let’s see now the previous “look” but “live” that is, how an Emo should dress in 2016 to look trendy. Trainers, jeans (not too tight really), t-shirt, and checkered sweatshirt with zipper.

Accessories for Emo Fashion Clothes 2016:

As for the emo accessories that you could use, we have gloves, ties and hats to give an intellectual touch, while dark. The color of the accessories is generally black or another tone that contrasts with the dark color, such as pink for girls or green for it, as well as black and white squares. Another tone that works and is very popular among this “urban tribe” is blue, if possible dark, and lilac, which they usually wear on sweatshirts and caps.

You can not miss the belts that are usually always studded and with the odd chain. The Emo usually also carry the occasional spike and they can even hang carabiners from the buckles of their pants. Hers is a style deeply rooted in feelings and emotions, but it is also very urban and we can say that a large part of her accessories seem to be a direct heritage of “punk”. The Emo belt is usually black, although we also find the use of white belts.

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On the other hand, we also have to mention the emo shoes, which are usually made of cloth and if they are worn, much better. If we had to say a shoe model, we would undoubtedly say the legendary Converse All Star or the checkered Vans. As for shoes, they also use and usually opt for military-style boots and some Emo even wear them with prominent platforms.

Among the Emo accessories, which have become more fashionable lately, we must also add the use of caps. Caps were not widely used by Emo until recently. Now the hairstyles of these young people are once again very straight and with bangs, contrary to the trend of a couple of years ago with which many opted to raise their hair as if they were wearing a kind of crest. In this way, now the hair is much more forward and accentuated with a cap, which of course, is usually dark. You can also opt for wool hats that are back in trend and are also used by some emo, yes, showing a bit of bangs.

On the other hand, it seems that the use of caps also gives way to the fact that during 2016, the Emo also bet on wearing woolen caps. They are currently a trend, not only for the Emo, but they have known how to adapt them to their own fashion style. You can wear it as we see above, with a gray hat fallen back and thus, you can continue showing off your hair and, above all, your bangs.
Tips to dress like Emo, Trends 2016

Now that we have revealed some keys to you regarding what Emo fashion clothes are, we can point out some trends for 2016 and that in fact are already beginning to be seen by young Emo people who we can regularly come across on the street. Checked shirts are imposed as a youth trend for this winter of 2016, and for the rest of the year, so if you want to dress up to date as an Emo, you can perfectly bet on them.

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You can choose them in dark tones, with gray and blue squares for example, and wear them over a T-shirt, combined with jeans, and of course, with sports shoes. The jeans can be tight or even skinny style , although another option is the ones you wear with a slightly wider cut.

Also bet on plain shirts as we saw above and that will give you another style within the Emo’s own way of dressing.

Another trend that we can show you, facing the Emo fashion of 2016, will be to combine two shirts at the same time. You can wear a shredded long-sleeved shirt, and on top of it, put on another one that is somewhat darker and short-sleeved. It is a perfect “look” for winter and to mark a somewhat different style from what we are used to.

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And of course, “ripped” jeans are the torn jeans that we have also seen before and to which we mention again. We suggest that you give them a change and apart from the black jeans that you always wear, bet on other styles of pants and others in colors such as blue or lilac as well as red, even those with a striped print.

Other tips for the Emo “look”:

  • The emo haircut must be special, you can see that in Emo Haircuts.
  • You can see emo makeup at: Emo Makeup.
  • Piercing and tattoos, they must be showy, on the tongue, on the eyebrow, on the lips or on the upper part of the nose are some of the places where Emos usually get pierced.

Talking about hair, and specifically about the way you can wear it as we are seeing in the photos in this post. The truth is that if the Emo are distinguished by something, it is by the hairstyle they wear and although years ago they barely went from wearing a good bangs completely flattened, currently we find a greater variety and even some Emo boys bet on the crests.

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If you have recently started to be Emo, what you should do is let your hair grow long enough so that you can iron it and make it look very smooth or on the other hand, that you comb it up and make a crest like the photo we see above. What do you think? It will surely be a great change for your “look”.

If you want to be able to see more images of Emo inspiration we leave you now a photo gallery that we hope you like.

Photos of Emo Fashion Clothes:


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