The best 130 hairstyles for men Short Hair Winter 2023

If you like short hair you are in luck since there are many options and trends that we can see in this regard for this new season. From the haircuts that opt ​​for shaved heads or the most modern styles such as the “undercut” or the cuts with texture, we want to show you in this article, the best 130 hairstyles for men Short Hair for Winter 2023.

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Before we start however, we want to remind you how important it is to take good care of our hair when we wash it.

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It will not do us any good to have a modern haircut or one that is a trend if in reality our hair looks fragile and careless.

This type of shampoo, which is usually the usual one in supermarkets, usually includes very cheap ingredients and chemicals that in the long run destroy hair, irritate the scalp and leave hair fragile and brittle.

The best sulfate-free shampoo on the market is undoubtedly Dalire Sin Sulfates. The Spanish brand has been the sensation of the season in the circle of hairdressers and dermatologists. It is a range of products without sulfates, without parabens, without silicones, without salt and without allergens.

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By avoiding these toxins, it allows the hair to regenerate naturally and you will be able to wear a perfect hairstyle. There are other foreign brands that you can also compare, but for value for money it is unrivaled. A very high quality shampoo where you will notice the difference if you have always used traditional shampoos.

And with this previous point, below: The best hairstyles for men: Fall Winter 2022 – 2023 Short Hair trend.

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Latest trends for short hair

Short hair seems to be common among men, both mature and young, but the truth is that in recent years, it seemed that the great male trend was to wear hair a little longer or with bangs or ridges that are still in fashion as well as the hairstyle with a quiff.

The bangs are going strong in Winter 2023 and apparently they have done it to stay. In this way, it will be one of the trending hairstyles in the new season.

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Now let’s see what styles you can choose with the new season, and which of them may suit you best depending on what your style is but first of all, let’s also see the latest trends in this regard and how to wear them.

Take hair back

This clean and masculine cut is reminiscent of the American military and aviators of the 60’s. It’s simple, effective and always has its little effect. It goes well with thin faces and brings out the blonde or light brown highlights in your hair.

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You can choose to keep your hair at its original length and comb it back with a styling product or prefer a more structured cut by shaving the sides (the famous undercut) to highlight the hair in the middle.

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Users of this cut are advised to maintain their scalp with a styling lotion or light gel so their hair doesn’t look too slicked back. As for your comb, you must have a solid comb that is not too fine to maintain the homogeneity of the cut in all circumstances.

Keep a natural and relaxed cut

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This cut is very fashionable among men, especially between 25 and 45 years old. It is easy to do, style and maintain. It is used with short or medium long hair in general. This slightly “David Beckham” style is quite timeless and suits many different face shapes.

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If that messy-looking cut doesn’t seem like a lot of upkeep, make sure you don’t neglect it!

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Wrongly, many men use gels that are too aggressive to hold your hair all day. Then we recommend a daily wax that will make less of a deposit on your hair in the long run.

Go for the very short “bad boy” cut

Getting your hair short is not a decision to be taken lightly. We recommend this undercut style for men who have an even skull because it is the shape that gives this hairstyle its charm.

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The advantage of having close-cropped hair is that it requires little maintenance. You don’t need gel or three different shampoos and lotions to take care of your scalp. In fact, it is enough to shave it and wash it periodically with a simple but not aggressive shampoo for the skin of the skull, which is very fine and reddens easily.

The sulfate-free shampoo that we told you about earlier can be a good solution.

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Depending on your style, you can either shave your hair evenly with a clipper or cut it in layers leaving more thickness on top of the head. Whichever option you choose, be sure to test your clog or talk to your stylist beforehand to make sure you appreciate the end result.

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Style your haircut with strokes

We see this style of cut a lot in athletes, especially soccer players. Giving structure and originality to your short haircut by adding “features” to it is a way to highlight and highlight your style right down to the scalp.

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There are plenty of stroke styles, and some strokes almost look like art designs or tattoos. Here we present you with sober and versatile stroke styles for day to day.

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A thicker line down the side of the head or across the top of the forehead is a good way to start experimenting with this look if you’re new to it. We recommend a fairly fine and discreet line to start with to quickly familiarize yourself with your cut and see if it fits well with your expectations of a man with short hair.

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Fade for men: how to choose it according to your hair and face?

Choosing your haircut is not a choice that should be made at random. Several criteria are taken into account. Trends evolve, and for men, the faded cut remains a safe bet. In fact, a faded cut for men allows you to be stylish and look well-groomed. But it is still necessary to choose well the type of gradient that you do.

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Depending on your hair, the gradient will not be the same. Depending on the shape of your face, too. Some faces can afford to have a gradient that starts at white, while others it’s better to keep some length. It only depends on the harmony that the gradient brings. It should perfectly match your hair texture and face shape.

Instagram @ihxbarber

Therefore, it is necessary to reflect on the question, to study your face and the movement of your hair, to determine the cut that is most likely to magnify you, to highlight you.

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Cuts with toupee

For the new Winter 2023 season, it seems that many men recover that short hair that was so popular years ago and that it returns with some new options and styles that you are going to love, among which the shaved cuts dominate.

The modern toupee

This style of wearing hair very short on the sides, as you can see in the images above, is not new if we take into account that it was already worn a lot during Winter 2023 but it has ended up being imposed this year and brings a lot of freshness to men’s hair style.

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In addition, this type of hairstyle allows you to be able to “play” much more with the central hair that, in short, you can style to the side, backwards or as you prefer, in addition to allowing it to be worn by men with curly hair as well.

Or you can also choose to style the quiff in a modern and casual style but without leaving the central part as long as in the previous example. A modern and fresh quiff, perfect for

The classic toupee

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Along with the modern version of the toupee that we all know, short hair for Winter 2023, you can also wear a more classic style, due to the trend for “retro” fashion, and above all the desire that many have for recovering the hairstyles of the 50s and 60s.

The toupee with marked stripes

For those of you who want a type of cut that is a mix between the classic toupee and something more modern, then there is nothing like choosing something similar to the cut that you see above, with a toupee that is combed in a very classic way, but with the detail of some marked lines that can be achieved by shaving with the machine to the maximum.

Short hair if you have curly hair

It’s all about curls! Now we are going to tell you about the best hairstyles for boys with curls, they are the most flattering for this Winter 2023.

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The curly toupee

For those of you with curly hair, you can then wear the hair seen above from the quiff trend. As in the image above, we have a short hair style that is ideal for those gentlemen who have wavy or slightly wavy hair.

It is only necessary to try to shape your hair into something with the use of a fixing product and that’s it, you have an impeccable look to show off.

The disheveled curly

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For example, a little wax will be enough to achieve that raised effect and that will allow you to wear a fresh and very current cut for the whole year, and ideal for the next Christmas.

You can also choose products that allow you to wear your hair with a “messy effect” as you see above and that will give you a fresher “look” when it comes to looking stylish at the beach or pool.

The hairstyle with natural curls

On the other hand, hairstyles with curly hair and a natural style will also be a trend in the new Autumn season. The key is to keep the curls very short, and comb them to the side or the center.

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Or you can also opt for those that are natural curls but somewhat shorter than how they are usually worn. A type of cut that is perfect in the event that you have very marked curls, but you do not want to spend a lot of time working on them. In fact, I’m sure that with a cut like this you’ll barely have to spend more than a couple of minutes styling your hair.

Fade Cut with Short Curls

The “fade” style, that is, the gradient cut style, is a type of cut that will also suit you very well in the event that you want to wear a modern cut for your curly hair, although again it is a success go for very short curls.

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Classic cut for wavy hair

Wavy hair is perhaps a little more “problematic” than curly hair, although that does not mean that we do not have modern cuts for this. In fact, any of the cuts shown above will help you look trendy, but you can also choose a classic style with a marked parting, as we see in the image above.

Crests for short hair

Crests never go out of style, that rebellious look that the female sector likes so much makes crests continue to be worn year after year.

The modern crest

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The crests seem to be back, or at least their inspiration leads us to find highly recommended short hair hairstyles like this image of the actor Zac Efron and that shows us a type of cut that never goes out of style.

For a few years it was imposed on the streets, among others thanks to David Beckham’s haircuts, but it stayed in the urban conflicts and now it is already part of what we see; in fact, a lot of celebrities are currently wearing this cut.

The crest with stripe

Although this haircut is known as a Mohican crest or “faux haux”, you can also bet on the example that I show you that it would be a “semi faux haux” parted on the side.

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You can easily manage this type of hairstyle in any situation, so the use of a spray or wax in a small amount is very important and also mixes the trend of the moment with the shaved sides.

You can also wear it with the sides a little shorter or shaved and it will look much cooler. If you want to be able to maintain this type of hairstyle but without making it look “stuffy”, it is best to use wax.

Or you can also opt for the somewhat shorter and not so marked ridge. A type of crest that closely resembles the “spiky” cut style that is also going to be popular this Winter 2023. A fresh and modern type of cut, which is also very flattering for people who have oval or round features, but who it also serves to perfect faces that are square.

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Tousled effect

The disheveled and crazy effect of boys is very attractive to us, so we recommend that you opt for a hairstyle with a disheveled effect this fall.

The disheveled with a shaved head

This is another of the short haircuts that have been in fashion for a couple of years and that is very easy to achieve. The one you have in the image above can be achieved using a hair dryer and some fixing gel or wax to achieve the “disheveled” effect, which you can also wear completely unstructured and with shaved sides.

In this case, the upper area of ​​the hair has been left a little longer in order to generate the effect we want, so it is a very practical cut to experiment daily with the style in that dimension.

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The raised disheveled

Like the one I explained to you before, we can also choose to wear a “disheveled” hairstyle, but playing towards one of the sides, or in fact without the hair being placed only in the center or upwards.

This style is also popular thanks to the influence of styles such as the “rocker” or the use of a toupee. Finally, it has derived into something much more natural and, of course, more current.

The tip disheveled

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Look at how the model we have in the photo above wears it; He wears his hair all the way up and with the sides much shorter. She has also added a lot more flair by styling the strands so that they are directed to one side.

To achieve this hairstyle, it will be enough a bit of hairspray, a dryer and that you give it meaning with your fingers. You can also do it with a little wax.

The disheveled “just woke up”

Also within the “disheveled” style we find what is known as the “just got up” hairstyle, ideal for both short hair and a slightly longer one.

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To achieve this “disaster” hairstyle, you will need the help of a bit of wax with which to give movement to the hair to the point that it appears to be tangled.

Side part with short hair

There are different styles of hairstyles with the parting on one side for men and, in this section, we are going to present them to you. Which one do you prefer?

The classic style

In recent months it seems that among the haircuts and hairstyles for short hair, for men, the “retro” style prevails. With a very classic look.

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He wears his hair shaved a lot both on the sides and on the nape, leaving the central part with much more hair so that you can comb it up or with a marked parting in the middle.

The truth is that the classic style is once again a trend for men’s cuts and hairstyles 2020, but they are not worn as much with the very marked parting as years ago.

It is better to comb to one side, give it all the wet effect you want, but leaving the hair a little looser to make it look more current and elegant (something essential for fall).

The somewhat raised hairstyle

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You can also choose to comb it to the side, although without having to gel your hair from top to bottom. What’s more, even with some volume, it is a style or hairstyle that will suit you very well and with which you will make your short hair look much more stylish.

Hairstyles like this one that you see above, I find it perfect for all types of men and what is better, for the great occasions of this season.

With a shaved side

We cannot fail to mention the hairstyle with the most marked part of all. This occurs when one of the sides is completely shaved, almost to zero.

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In this way, a contrast is produced that combines the classic style of wearing hair combed to the side, and the modern style that follows the trend for shaved heads.

Or we can also opt for those that are short haircuts with a marked parting to one side and with the front part completely raised. A type of cut and hairstyle that although it seems very classic, the truth is that it is very popular.

The “hipster” style

You could not miss the fashionable hairstyle this year, the hipster style that is not only worn in the hair but also the beard and characteristic clothing is very common.

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Classic Hipster

The “hipster” style is perhaps the style with which many of the trends that we have been mentioning throughout this post have been managed to unite and that is also really imposed. Many may say that the fashion for the “hipster” has already passed and that this type of man halfway between the modern and the “vintage” is no longer in fashion, but the truth is that you cannot deny that you see, and a lot, hairstyles like the one in the photo above.

The streets are filled with young and not-so-young people who evoke styles that are somewhat “retro” but also have a “look” or a more modern sense.

In this way, if you choose to have the sides shaved, the central part must be well populated and with that “pompadour” which is how the hairstyle is known in which the hair is slightly raised but without being very marked. That is, it is not a toupee but it can be confused with one. This type of hairstyle and in fact the “hipster” style cannot be without a good beard and that makes the cut and hairstyle stand out much more.

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Modern Hipster

The most modern version of the aforementioned hipster hairstyle, goes through a more pronounced cut. With the central part somewhat looser and backwards, and the sides much more shaved. You can’t miss the beard either.

Bangs and short hair

As complements to a hairstyle are bangs and we present different models of bangs so that according to your taste and haircut you can wear the one that suits you the most.

Classic style

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I don’t want to forget to mention the short hair that surely many of you have worn in recent years and that you still want to wear.

A style that is making a comeback as it has been seen again on the fashion catwalks for the Winter 2023 collections and with which you will be able to rejuvenate almost instantly.

Asymmetric style

Currently, short hair with bangs is worn a lot, but without reaching the almost tacky style of Justin Bieber at the beginning of it. For this new Winter 2023 season, I propose a slightly more modern hairstyle, which also includes a tousled effect and with the ends of the bangs cut asymmetrically.

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You can get this hairstyle at any hairdresser, and then to maintain it, you can dry it forwards, then to the sides and finally place the bangs with a little gel.

Textured Style

Special attention we also have to give to short haircuts with bangs that also combine a textured cut that are perhaps the most popular in this Winter 2023 season. A type of cut that gives more movement to the hair that also It greatly rejuvenates the person who wears it. A perfect style for a hot season, which also looks great if combined with bangs like the one we see above, combed up.

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Or a fringe like this one that we see in the image above, a fringe that is somewhat longer, paraded and that is also worn with a textured and disheveled cut that will surely set a trend for this Winter 2023 season.

Retro style

Another option is to choose a fringe that is somewhat thicker, and that has a retro style that allows you to be the most romantic boys of all.

That disheveled “touch” on the top of the head will give you more volume and will allow you to show off your hair, also, as you can see in the image, it looks great even with curly hair.

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Caesar Style

On the other hand, the cut called “César” is also back in fashion thanks to the trend of male bangs, and although it is not one that is as exaggerated as the two previous ones, the truth is that it can suit you very well. well comb the hair like this, forward with a little movement to the side. A cut that seems most suitable for this new season.

Shaved style

Let’s not rule out the most extreme cuts for the bangs, with the hair well shaved, and the bangs shorter than normal. In this way you will be signing up for the trend that we present below: the “buzz” style.

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Shaved style

When the cold arrives in the months of Winter 2023, many boys choose to be comfortable and cool, so very short or shaved hair is one of the best ideas.

We cannot forget very short or practically shaved hair. This type of “hairstyle” never goes out of style since it does not require time, having it practically shaved, in its preparation. It is also an ideal type of cut or hairstyle if you want to be able to be fresh even during the autumn-winter season.

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Very short or shaved hair is back to being worn a lot, and even as you see in the image above, you can mix it with a beard since these are once again a trend. This cut and beard also seem to me for those who want to look stylish.

Even celebrities are joining the trend also known as “buzz”. We recently watched Justin Bieber go from longer hair to completely shaved and this is how he looks now.

In this way, the singer is once again a trend and thanks to a cut that really does not have much mystery, and is currently sweeping among young people.

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If you are looking for other short hair styles or proposals for this season on the Moda Ellos home page, you will find many more in the photo gallery that I leave you with now, but first I want you to take a look at this article in which you It will explain the type of face you have to get it right with the choice of your hairstyle.


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