How a man should apply the eye contour

The eye contour has become today a product that is used regularly, not only in order to obtain a radiant look, but with the awareness that keeping that area of ​​the skin in good health is essential.

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Men have been interested in skin care for a long time, which is why we can find products exclusively for them on the market, such as the famous contour.

The region that makes up the skin that surrounds the eyes is much more sensitive, fine and delicate than any other of our complexion, therefore it is completely necessary to use specific products to achieve more personalized and correct care.

In this article we are going to talk about the fundamental steps when applying an eye contour, since on many occasions we can doubt and that is exactly what we want to avoid.

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Pay close attention and grab a pen and paper! to write down the guidelines and all the essentials 😉 .

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The importance of the eye contour in a man

Applying the eye contour correctly is very important, but it is also important to know exactly what this product is for and that many men perhaps apply it thinking that it is just something to eliminate eye bags, hydrate the area of the eyelids or to achieve a splendid appearance, however it serves much more than that.

The eye contour is one of the areas of the face that ages earlier than others, because this area of ​​the dermis is very fine, without pores and with very low levels of collagen and elastin, making it It is essential to take care of it by applying a good product indicated for this region.

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Have you turned 30? Then you will notice that dark circles and bags are usually something to be dealt with on a daily basis, perhaps due to fatigue or other factors (such as smoking, drinking and having a bad beauty routine), but don’t worry because you still have time to remedy it.

It is known that the thirties is a crucial time to analyze our skin and start offering it more specialized and effective products, so don’t let your eyes look dark and inflamed to start taking care of them!

The famous eye creams are the most recommended products to take care of this delicate skin, since they have prepared and specialized ingredients to treat it respectfully and safely. Therefore, remember that we should not extend facial creams to this area, since they can be a bit aggressive and cause some damage.

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How to choose the correct eye contour?

Before starting with the guidelines to apply it correctly, we are going to address one of the big questions that comes to all of us from time to time, how do I know that the contour I am going to use is a good choice?

The answer is simpler than you imagine, but it can seem like a world when there are no written rules about what should and should not be in our product.

The essential thing is that its ingredients are respectful, you can always look for information about them by identifying them in the INCI, always avoiding the use of irritating, toxic or harmful substances in general.

The next thing is to make sure that it is suitable for our skin type, since depending on this the ingredients will vary, but this is very simple since the brands usually differentiate the recommendations regarding the types of dermis well on the packaging .

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And finally, you should know that there are two options when choosing the cosmetic, we can buy it or we can do it at home, this will depend on the tastes of each one. The fact that it is a homemade cosmetic does not mean that it is worse, sometimes the opposite is true.

Therefore, for those of you who are curious about making a lotion of this style at home, here is a link where you will find some very simple recipes: Learn how to make a homemade eye contour.

How a man should apply the eye contour

Now yes, we are going to begin with the essential steps that must be followed when applying this cosmetic, which is a little different from the rest due to the simple fact of having the responsibility of treating a slightly more delicate region.

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Based on the fact that you should not take a large amount and neither apply it by dragging your fingers or pressing on the area, we are going to list the guidelines to follow:

  1. Apply a few drops of contour in the lower area of ​​your eye, just where the dark circles are located.
  2. Filter the contour by giving a few small “touches”, it will be enough to do it with a couple of fingers or even with just one.
  3. To explain it a bit better, use your ring finger and distribute the product from the tear duct to the end of the eye or temple.
  4. You can also apply it to the lower part of the eyebrows, between the eyebrows, in the corner of the eye and of course, covering all dark circles, you give those small touches so that you cover the entire area until it penetrates.

With these simple steps we would have the routine more than complete, yes, it is essential that we follow everything we have discussed to the letter, since only then will we achieve great results.

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Aspects to take into account when applying the eye contour

To finish, we are going to talk a little about some factors that can help us strengthen the correct way to apply this product. Although we already know what the steps to follow are, there are always tips that can be crucial for a process to go well.

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So the time has come for you to absorb these tips and keep them forever, because I’m sure they will be of great help to you on many occasions 😉 .

Follow an application order

We cannot apply the contour whenever we want, since everything has an order on the skin and in this case it was not going to be less.

The ideal is always to start with cosmetics with a more fluid texture and finish with those that have heavier textures, in this way we will be benefiting the absorption of all of them.

In general, the eye contour is soft and not very oily, so it is usually recommended to use it as the first lotion right after cleansing.

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It is essential that the dermis is dry so that the cream penetrates better. Immediately afterwards we can add the cream, the serum and everything we use.

Use the correct amount, neither more nor less

Many times we tend to make the mistake of thinking that the more amount of cream we use, the better the results, however this is not true and it can even spoil the whole process.

Do not think that more is better, on the contrary, the ideal is to increase little by little until you find the correct amount. The skin will only absorb what it needs and discard the excess, therefore it will be clogged and cause unnecessary damage.

Usually it is advisable to use the size of a grain of rice for each eye, even so, if you see that you have a lot left over, you can reduce it until you hit the quantity.

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Exact areas where to apply the product

Although we have already seen how to apply the product correctly where we have also talked about areas of the skin, I think it is not a bad idea if we narrow down the area where it is necessary to apply it to understand a little more about the entire previous process.

The area where it must be placed carefully and smoothly in the orbital bone or the eye socket, it is essential that we cover the area that goes from the end of the eye to the temple or rather until we reach the beginning of the hairline, thus we will affect the dreaded crow’s feet.

The area between the eyebrows and the lower area of ​​the eyebrow are also areas that will benefit greatly from the use of this lotion, since they are prone to developing wrinkles over time.

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Remember that it is very important not to get the lotion too close to the inside of the eye itself, since over the course of the day, sweat and skin friction can end up getting inside and causing some type of irritation.

Areas where we should not apply it

As we have already said in the previous section, the eye contour should never be used very close to the eye, since they are delicate areas and the lotion with the heat and movement of the skin can migrate to the inside of the eye, something which we should avoid at all costs.

The areas where it is not recommended are mobile eyelids, both upper and lower, remember that it should only be applied to the area of ​​the bone that can be quickly identified.

Also, it is important that the lotion does not coat the lashes, as it can clog the pores and lead to much bigger problems.

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Which finger should it be applied with?

This may seem unimportant a priori, however it is essential to apply the contour with the ring finger, since it is the one with which we have less force and therefore the one that will exert less pressure on the skin.

The problem with other fingers is that we can press harder than recommended and cause damage to this delicate area, also due to the pressure and dragging of the skin we can also create wrinkles.

The best time to apply it

To finish, we will talk about the best times to use this cosmetic, so that we can get the most out of it and obtain the best results.

It is very easy to know the correct routine, since it is very similar to that of other cosmetics such as cream, serum and all those that are part of the daily routine.

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It is normally known that the ideal frequency is in the morning and at night, just after the two facial cleansings, since this action is used so that the lotion penetrates to the interior and our skin absorbs all its benefits .

Therefore, and in summary, the ideal moments are in the morning when we get up and wash our face and at night just when we get home and at night when we cleanse our skin again to go to sleep.

Remember that the application of the eye contour must be done after hydration and constantly, since only then will you see results. In addition, it must be through a good quality product and similar to our own dermis.

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Cheer up with the use of the eye contour and tell me how it went for you, although I’m sure what the answer will be… 😉 !

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