Spring Summer 2022 trends in shirts

Spring summer 2022 men’s shirts are among the fashion trends in the men’s wardrobe. Versatile designs, eco-sustainable fabrics, fresh tones and a fluid style characterize this garment for men during the new season, transforming them into the true stars of the hot season. In this article you will find all the models of fashionable men’s shirts, the most popular colors and all the tips on how to combine the shirt to create a perfect outfit.

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Men’s shirts surprised us on the most famous catwalks of the different fashion houses because the new cuts and designs are revolutionary. The shirts are transformed, they are shorter, patterned, ideal for an informal but versatile look, with that sporty note that you always like. The shirts made of fresh fabrics, casual but reminiscent of a retro atmosphere, are also a trend.

Spring Summer 2022 trends in shirts | Bowling shirts

Bowling Shirt by H&M

Among the men’s trends of 2022, men’s shirts are renewed with a unique style characterized by prints in which stripes are imposed and also various colors. They are bowling shirts, shirts inspired by the type of shirt worn when bowling and which are “retro” inspired. A type of shirt that also forgets about tighter or fitted cuts to give way to more dropped shoulders, wide and short sleeves and a design that is close to oversize which is perfect if you like to dress in a relaxed way.

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You can see below some models with both neutral and more sober colors and of course, with the most diverse prints.

PRADA Silk Bowling Shirt

PRADA silk bowling shirt

CELINE bowling shirt

Uniqlo Bowling Shirt

Spring Summer 2022 trends in shirts | Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian Shirt by C&A

They were already a trend in 2021 and they are again for this 2022. We are talking about Hawaiian-style shirts, characterized mainly by having prints of large leaves and also large flowers. This year you have them in practically all the firms.

Tommy Hilfiger Hawaiian Shirt

Scotch & Soda Hawaiian Shirt

Spring Summer 2022 trends in shirts | Cuban collar shirts

Tommy Hilfiger Cuban collar shirt

The traditional cut monochrome shirts suitable for all types of men’s fashion outfits and events are flanked by short shirts like the bowling shirt that we have just seen but also by the Cuban collar shirts. Shirts that in their day (and still in Cuba) were known as “guayaberas”, a type of comfortable and roomy shirt, designed to be worn open, with a shirt underneath and with pockets on the chest. A style of shirt that prevails for this new spring-summer 2022 season, if we pay attention to the latest proposals already seen in the new collections of the main firms.

H&M Cuban collar shirt

Universal Works Cuban collar shirt

Spring Summer 2022 trends in shirts | Linen shirts

Zara linen shirt

As for fabrics, we have already said that the spring summer 2022 trends in men’s shirts also go for those models that are cooler and for this, nothing better than linen. In fact, firms like Zara are betting in style on this type of fabric, taking into account that it is one of the most popular in their new collection. You can see some models below, and although they are all linen shirts, you can also see the variety in their prints and designs, such as the mandarin collar.

Zara lyocell linen shirt

Zara linen shirt with mandarin collar

Zara linen shirt with mandarin collar

Spring Summer 2022 trends in shirts | Regular fit shirts

Tom Ford regular fit shirt

For those who prefer the classic shirt, 2022 is dressed in the regular fit cut and also with the blue tone in all its variants and shades, as well as white. Colors that although basic provide a fresh style. An essential style of shirt that you are going to wear a lot to work or to events, which we can also find with light prints, although with the mentioned colors.

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Gant regular fit shirt

Regular fit shirt by Uniqlo

How to combine 2022 shirts with style

Hawaiian Shirt by Superdry

For those who want to combine the shirts that are trending this season and that we have just seen, we always have to remember the rule less is more. In this case, to create a stylish casual outfit, the shirt must be coordinated with what you are wearing.

If you want to combine a shirt with a print, it is good to avoid combining more than four different colors in the total look. In order not to make mistakes, it is good to always rely on Itten’s circle that allows us to combine colors that are close to each other and at the same time play with shades or combine opposite colors.

For those who want to buy a shirt with a more daring color or with motifs such as leaves, flowers, Hawaiian prints, it is always better to choose a color that goes with the complexion.

To create a casual shirt look, denim is always the best option. In this case, the darker the shirt, the darker the color of the jeans should be. The presence of the belt is also something fundamental. For those who prefer a sporty look, sneakers are the best option while for those who prefer a more classic look, lace-up shoes are also moccasin or ankle-style.

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For those who have to wear a light jacket, the men’s blazer is certainly elegant and chic, while the classic denim jacket or the nautical jacket are sportier solutions. Also in this case the jacket, if the shirt is patterned, must be monochrome and must not turn off the shirt.

Spring summer trends 2022 men’s shirts | Final Tips

Clearly, for those who are not used to having a very colorful look, it is important to choose a shirt with a clever design and print. In this case, the Hawaiian shirt may not be the right solution, especially if the colors are too bright. It is better to choose a white or light blue shirt, in linen or light cotton, which are never boring and are evergreen models, among the spring summer 2022 men’s shirts.

For those who love the most colorful looks, Hawaiian shirts are definitely the best option. In this case, if you love lighting with color, choose the ones that best match your complexion, depending on the color scheme! This factor is very important because combining the shirt with your complexion is always the best choice to not clash!

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