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With good weather you want to play sports. I myself have changed my training habits. I used to go to the gym from Monday to Saturday and when the training was over, in the same gym, I did aerobic exercises both on the bike, on the elliptical or on the treadmill. But when the weather is good, I go out more to play sports, especially to run and play soccer. Good footwear to practice sports is vital for the care of our body, especially knees, and if it is reduced to 50% much better.

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In addition to fashion, sports are part of the list of my great passions. Running has become a routine, just like eating, and more and more kilometers are covered in my shoes. Footwear is an essential part of this sport. You can’t practice running or even walking if you don’t have good shoes that, above all, protect your knees. And if it is reduced to 50% much better.

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Like for example these Adidas Performance Duramo that have gone from costing 80 euros to only 40 euros.

Soccer is another of my passions. As a good fan of the king of sports in Spain and the best club in the world, FC. Barcelona (I had to say it), I like to play games with my team that my friends and I have set up to play on Sunday mornings. And looking in different stores, I have found these football boots also discounted by 50%. Some Adidas Performance F5, very similar to the ones Villa wore.

Although it is not sport and fashion that surrounds me. In this life there is time for everything and I also like to go out with my partner and my friends (we will have to relax, right?). Sometimes I choose a slightly more sporty look, with a polo shirt, skinny jeans, accompanied by skaters. Like these Nike Ruckus that used to cost 65 euros and have now gone to 48 euros.

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And you, what kind of shoes do you use for sports?

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