Purificación García for Men, how are your collections?

Purificación García is the firm of the designer of the same name who, although she has made a name for herself in Spanish fashion thanks to the elegance and modernity that its collections give off, which you can also find now at El Corte Inglés, also has collections for men and that we can discover now at Modaellos.

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Purificación García’s men’s collections (of which we already saw their spring-summer catalog a couple of years ago), stand out for being very formal and elegant and in which many of the current trends for men predominate. suits 2012.

Purificación García for Caballero. How are your collections?

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  • If we can distinguish the collections launched by the Purificación García firm for men for some reason, it is because they tend to stand out for being made up of garments that, although they are very elegant, are characterized by blazers, jackets, shirts and dress pants , but which are also combined and presented in a casual way.
  • The firm has always stood out for giving fashion a formal yet modern sense, and in the case of men’s suits, we have to say that the Purificación García spring-summer 2012 collection has a good number of interesting proposals in the that we have both blazers combined with shirts in various patterns and jeans, as well as suits in quite light tones or pastel tones and that are ideal for hot nights (and days).

Trends in the 2012 Purificación García collection:

  • Colours: Colors are the big trend for summer 2012, since fashion firms seem to have agreed that we can wear both very striking colors and those that are distinguished by being very light, and Of course, we have to mention the pastel tones.

  • In the case of Purificación García, it is worth mentioning that the firm chooses colors that are stronger or more prominent for the pants and then combines them with blazers in a more “sober” tone, but at the same time is capable of betting on a jacket in a most intense green with which to “break schemes” and that allows you to be one of the most stylish among your friends and acquaintances.

  • Blazers: On the other hand, and although I have already mentioned the presence of blazers in the collection on several occasions, we cannot forget that it is one of the great trends of the 2012 summer season, so it does not surprise me at all that they are very present in this collection and that in fact we can buy them with a classic cut and in shades like black, or with a somewhat more informal style and with colors like beige or gray, as well as those that are more reminiscent of the “navy” style. ” with a tight waist and a very successful color such as navy blue.

  • Prints: Another of the trends that Purificación García has taken for its new collection is that of prints and when it comes to proposals for men, what better than to bet on insurance and use everything that is stripes and squares.
  • We can then see proposals or “looks” in which, although a suit or “outfit” made up of a blazer and dress pants is presented, it is also combined with a striped sweater, a similar t-shirt or a matching shirt. paintings and that you can also wear with jeans and without any jacket.

  • Shorts: Being a summer collection, we cannot ignore the fact that shorts are present, although in the case of this firm, not to be worn with t-shirts and flip-flops or with a beach “look”, but rather combined with a casual style ideal for special meetings.

Photogallery of the spring-summer 2012 collection of Purificación García:

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Video of Purificación García:

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