When is Valentine’s Day 2022

In Modaellos we tell you when is Valentine’s Day 2022, so that you have time to think and organize a good plan for your partner and, of course , so you can dress up for the occasion.

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When is Valentine’s Day celebrated in 2022?

Valentine’s Day is one of the most significant dates of the year, generally highly anticipated by those who have a partner and considered with some discomfort by those who do not. In any case, this popular party will be celebrated in the year 2022 on February 14, as is perceptive, and that day will be Monday.

You have to keep in mind, however, that Valentine’s Day is not celebrated on the same date all over the world. As with other festivals that are linked to the customs, culture and historical development of a population, in some countries Valentine’s Day is celebrated on another date that has greater meaning for its inhabitants. When this happens, the party is not technically Valentine’s Day, since the day of his homage was fixed in an immovable way, by the Catholic Church, on February 14. But its meaning as Valentine’s Day is indeed transferable.

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In most of Europe and in the United States, Valentine’s Day is celebrated, but, for example, in Brazil, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on June 12, the feast of San Antonio de Padua, and in China its equivalent is celebrated. every year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. In many countries that have different traditions, Valentine’s Day itself has also begun to be celebrated on February 14 due to Western influence.

Why is Valentine’s Day on February 14?

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated on February 14? Despite the fact that some urban legends indicate that it was an invention of a certain commercial brand to boost sales in a period of declining consumption, the truth is that this festival has a long tradition. It is true that it did not begin to be celebrated and popularized as we know it today until the end of the 19th century, but its raison d’être is millennia old.

Its origin is directly related to the Roman festival of Lupercalia or Lupercalia, which used to be celebrated around February 15. This festival was related to fertility, which is why there were many rites that supposedly encouraged it, often linked to sex and sensuality. This meant that, when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire, Pope Gelasio prohibited the celebration of this festival. However, its popularity meant that it continued to be commemorated in different ways behind the back of the Church, which caused the latter, to counteract its influence, to decide to give it a patina of Catholicism by linking it to a saint, as had happened with other popular pagan festivals. like the winter solstice.

Valentine’s Day was the saint chosen to be linked to this party. Its existence is not taken for granted even in the church, which led to its religious commemoration being removed in 1969 despite its popularity. It is usually linked to one of the three martyrs who were executed by Emperor Claudius II for their Catholicism, but most of the legends associated with him arose during the Middle Ages. The most popular of them defend that Valentine was a bishop who defied imperial decrees by marrying various couples by the Catholic rite, especially those starring soldiers, who could not legally marry at that time. But they are posthumous legends and hardly anything is known for sure about the real Valentine.

In the centuries after the establishment of the commemoration of Valentine’s Day, reference to its relationship with love continued to be made, although its popularity was not too great nor was it widely celebrated. It began to have great relevance from the 19th century, with Great Britain being one of the first countries in which Valentine’s Day became a massive party of an increasingly commercial nature. From there it spread to North America and other countries where the story of Valentine’s Day already had a certain tradition, such as Italy or Spain. It is currently a very popular festival, being especially relevant in countries like the United States and Great Britain. We hope you will enjoy it too in the year 2022!

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