Michael Jackson costumes for Halloween 2022

We are a few days away from being able to celebrate the festivity of Halloween 2022 and surely on some occasion you have thought of becoming a whole music star for a day One of the most recurring costumes every year is the Michael Jackson costume. In fact, despite dying years ago, his legacy in the costume world is still more than valid.

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The “King of Pop” continues to live in the hearts of many of his fans and those who admire him, so on Halloween 2022 you can bet on one of his “looks” and clothes to look like him. At Modaellos, we show you the best Michael Jackson Costumes for this Halloween 2022 and how to become a musical legend easily and quickly.

How to dress up as Michael Jackson for Halloween 2022

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A style icon like Michael Jackson, with his varied “looks” and with all kinds of accessories, is the perfect choice for us to dress up for Halloween 2022. We are also going to explain that for many of the “looks” or Michael Jackson outfits, surely we can get them with clothes that we already have at home or with t-shirts, shirts and jeans that we can buy without spending too much.

If you’re looking to dress up for Halloween 2022 as Michael Jackson, and maybe encourage your friends to choreograph Thriller on the most special Night of all, here are a few Michael Jackson costumes that will make you look similar to him and at least remember something of the majesty of this great star, the King of Pop who left us a few years ago.

The truth is that Michael Jackson has so many costumes and outfits to imitate, as long as his career was, so that not only Michael’s costume in Thriller will be available.

The different costumes of Michael Jackson

There are many more options, for example if you know how to moonwalk, you might be interested in impressing your friends with a complete Michael Jackson costume in Billie Jean,

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Or if you like long choreographies, you might be interested in Michael Jackson’s costume in the Bad video or the jacket he wore in the Beat it video.

We will also see Michael Jackson’s outfits, the military outfits he wore and the inevitable white glove, as well as his Smooth Criminal black Fedora hat, as well as the King of Pop’s masks, glasses and wigs.

From Modaellos we recommend that you bet on being original and making your own costumes instead of buying them.

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Although it’s very easy to get an MJ costume on the internet, the truth is that these don’t look too good or realistic, so we’d better choose our own clothes and you’ll see how the result convinces you much more.

Halloween horror makeup with mask

Curiously, the horror makeup for Halloween with a Michael Jackson mask is one of the simplest. The pop legend was a pioneer in the use of the mask, due to his obsession with not getting infected. Thus, the image of Michael Jackson wearing a mask, when surrounded by crowds, was common and very normalized.

A decision would only have to be made regarding the horror makeup for Halloween with a Michael Jackson mask: whether the mask will be white or black. They were the two alternatives that the singer used to go out on the street.

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Once we have chosen the color, it is time to choose the Michael Jackson era to complete the makeup. In other words, if we opt for a younger Michael Jackson, we can cover the rest of the face with a dark tone and features that are not as marked as when he was an adult.

If we want to be like the Michael Jackson of recent years, the horror makeup alternatives for Halloween with a Michael Jackson mask would be two colors: white or gray.

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It was the time when the King of Pop had the most consumed face, more alien features and a nose on the verge of disappearing. A very characteristic but also highly worrying look that, however, made us understand the constant use of a mask outdoors. An infection could be very dangerous for him

Obviously, the Michael Jackson costume allows us certain licenses, such as a glitter mask. No one would be surprised if the King of Pop had worn a mask with diamonds, to match his recognizable glove. Of course, whatever mask you wear, always remember to wear the lower strings loose, another hallmark of the many left by the singer.

Michael Jackson Costume in Thriller for Halloween 2022

If there is an iconic video in Michael Jackson’s entire career, it is “Thriller”, which also has one of the costumes that best represents this music legend.

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How to get the Thriller costume for Halloween 2022

Dressing up as “Thriller” is simple, you only need red jeans, moccasins, white socks and finally the “star piece”; a red jacket and to which you can add some black strips to imitate the details of the original.

In this image you can see what the original jacket from the famous video was like, and how to take a similar jacket in red and stick black adhesive tape on it to make those “V” lines.

The truth is that the result will already serve you if you are going to use it for a single night. Another option is to buy it since Thriller costume jackets are easy to find on the internet but they won’t go below 30 euros, so for a few hours you don’t have to spend that much money.

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With a red jacket

We have done a search for red jackets or jackets that could be used to go as Michael Jackson this Halloween 2022.

And the result has been this one from Asos, which although a bit expensive (200 euros) the truth is that it can serve you perfectly for what you want but also, you can take advantage of it the rest of the year for all kinds of occasions, no just to dress you up.

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With a red shirt or t-shirt

Then there is the one that you try to make a Thriller costume like the one we have explained but only using a t-shirt like the one you see above.

If you find a t-shirt or shirt on the internet that has a design like this, it will already be almost completely done since you will only need to wear red jeans, black loafers and little else.

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Michael Jackson costume in Beat it for Halloween 2022

In the same way that “Thriller” is one of the most popular works of the king of pop, “Beat it” is another of the songs that elevated him and therefore you can bet on a “look” like the one Jackson wore in your video. It will be enough with a few simple elements to obtain and again of course, for a red jacket.

How to get the “Beat It” costume

To go as Michael in “Beat It” you need a black jean, some moccasins, and a shirt with patterns or colors in red and blue just like he was wearing.

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The jacket is another matter and although the model in the video, in red, with zippers and those details on the shoulders may be difficult to find, we can buy one that imitates its style or one that is specifically for this type of costume.

How to get a Beat it jacket made

In this way, you can, for example, get a quilted jacket, like the one in the photo of aria, which is from the new Zara collection.

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With a jacket like this, which includes the side zippers, it will only make you add other zippers on the chest and sleeves, as well as the shoulder piece.

I suggest you get a jacket like this one that is made of polyester, since it will be easier for you to add what is necessary. In this way, you can sew zippers or whatever you want much better than a leather jacket.

Michael Jackson costume in Billie Jean for Halloween 2022

Another Michael Jackson costume for Halloween 2022 can be that of “Billie Jean”. Another pretty easy outfit to get. You will need black jeans, again loafers and white socks, a white t-shirt (better if it is V-neck) and a sequined jacket with a matching glove and fedora hat.

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How to get the Billie Jean costume for Halloween 2022

Surely you have the jeans, socks, t-shirt and even shoes at home. We will need to get a jacket, although a black blazer would be useful as long as we have the glove and hat that you can buy since they are not too expensive in costume stores.

Getting the costume from the Billie Jean video

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From the video of the same song we can get this other costume. A black, “slim fit” suit can be worth it if you combine it with a pink shirt, red bow tie, white shoes and white socks.

This costume seems much more original to me, the other one, the one with the glove and so on, is almost more repetitive. Surely on Halloween 2022 you will find more than one “Michael Jackson” with sequins and a fedora hat, but few will know that this pink shirt “look” is also perfect.

How to make the sequin glove

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One of the key pieces or elements of this costume, apart from the fedora hat, is the sequined glove and if you want to be able to do it yourself it is very easy.

You can buy a glove that is white, and buy some glitter or special glitter. You apply some glue to the glove and dip it in that glitter and voila! You already have your Michael Jackson glove for this Halloween 2022.

Michael Jackson Costume in Bad for Halloween 2022

In “Bad” Michael Jackson made studs and silver belts fashionable as well as leather jackets and large belts. For this type of costume you will need a leather jacket, to which you can put several buckles, a wide belt, tight black jeans and even if you don’t see it in the photo; in the video Michael Jackson wears cowboy type boots.

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How to get the Bad costume for Halloween 2022

Surely you have a leather jacket at home, or someone who can lend it to you. You can put belts, chains, whatever you see to “customize” it and the rest will be much easier. Ideally, you should also have somewhat long hair so you can curl it or make waves, but if not, don’t worry, they sell very cheap wigs.

Black jeans will be mandatory and without tight much better. For the upper part, under the jacket, you will only need a black t-shirt (preferably with a V-neck) and pointed-toe boots as footwear, although if you are one of those men who have joined the current trend of wearing chelsea boots and these are dark, they’ll do the trick.

The pants for Bad’s costume

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On the other hand, and although I said that a black jean will be enough, you can try to make pants like the one Michael wears in the Bad video that stands out for having red sides.

It just so happens that in the Zara Autumn 2o18 collection, there was a black pants that has two red strips on the sides. If you find it in a Lefties, you’ve got it fixed

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You just have to add some studs or belts and that’s it

Michael Jackson Costume in Smooth Criminal for Halloween 2022

“Smooth Criminal” is another of the mythical videos (it has so many!) in Michael Jackson’s career and if you choose to wear a white suit, blue shirt and fedora hat it will be clear that you have dressed as the King of Pop.

How to get the Smooth Criminal costume for Halloween 2022

Maybe it’s difficult to have a white suit, but maybe a jean of this color and a shirt? You can choose to see how it looks on you and if it convinces you.

The key will be in that blue shirt and of course, the white fedora and classic style shoes. You could even try wearing black pants, but the blazer must be white, next to the hat.

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Michael Jackson Costume in Black or White for Halloween 2022

The “Black or White” costume is another great option to become Michael Jackson this Halloween 2022. The reason is simple, just look at the photo above. A white shirt, a t-shirt of the same color, and a peak, black jeans and little else.

How to get the “Black or White” costume for Halloween 2022

It couldn’t be easier and if you want to wear that kind of glove or forearm that the singer wears you can buy it (they sell it easily on the internet) or you can also try to copy it.

You put a bandage from your elbow to your hand, pass your thumb through a hole you make and if you want, tie everything with a string so that it fits you in a similar way.

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Michael Jackson costume in In the Closet for Halloween 2022

This Michael Jackson “look” may not be as well known or iconic as the previous ones, but the truth is that if we take into account the long career that this singer had, we can find many ideas apart from red jackets, loafers, and sequined gloves.

How to get the “In the closet” costume for Halloween 2022

“In the closet” was a famous video when it was released in the 90s since the model Naomi Campbell participated in it, so if this Halloween 2022 you want to become a different Michael Jackson than everyone knows or remembers, nothing how to look like in that clip.

It is also a super simple “look” that you can get with elements that you will find in any fashion store. All you need are good skinny black jeans, a tank top with a V-neck (or, failing that, strapless) and the best thing is that you have long hair combed back in a ponytail. If your hair is short, you can opt for a wig or on the other hand, gel everything and style it as we have told you.

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Iconic Michael Jackson Elements

We have already seen Michael Jackson’s costumes that are “iconic” but at the same time are simple since the singer used to wear a wardrobe that allowed him to dance, that is, without too many artifices and to which he added small accessories that were the that ended up marking the “look” of each of their performances.

The glove, the hat, the sunglasses or a military-style jacket can be found in any store and with little else you will get your Michael Jackson “look”.

Michel Jackson Costumes for Halloween 2022


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