Converse with studs, the latest trend

In each season we echo the new Converse trends, this time we have seen several models with studs that have not gone unnoticed.

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While looking at an online shoe store I couldn’t stop noticing the Converse models in which they appear with studs on different sides, with different colors and designs. The truth is that you can find other types of models and trends within the same brand, such as decorative zippers, both on the sides of the shoe and on the back, from the heel upwards.

If we focus on the studs, we have chosen these three models that can serve as an example of the type of shoe that you can find and see if it is your style. First of all, the All Star Rc Leather Studded Hi shoe in brown that you can also find in grey, you can see that they combine circular studs with cone studs.

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The second image is the Converse All Star Studs Canvas Platform Hi, there are three features that quickly attract attention: first, the size of the sole that is wider than usual, the squared studs that are placed on the right side from smallest to largest size along with a side zipper.

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