Men’s fashion: How to dress in Spring Summer 2022

First of all we should make one thing clear to you: you don’t have to be obsessed with color. Although you may think so, no one is going to judge you for wearing a reddish-colored garment. As long as, yes, you follow the most obvious advice: you should always dress for the occasion, choosing those shades that best suit your skin tone, and ultimately choose those shades that don’t clash so much.

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That said, especially in Spring Summer 2022, an extremely interesting option is to give the colors or shades that we usually use a spin, and move away from the more sober tones, such as black or gray. Unless, of course, you want to offer a smart yet casual look (as gray might be), then any neutral shade like black, navy, gray or white is pretty safe.

How to use color in Spring Summer 2022: some tips that will be useful to you

Take into account your skin tone

When it comes to fashion, finding the right color according to our skin tone is complicated, and in many cases, it basically comes down to understanding which one could suit us best.

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For example, if you have an olive color you can opt for clothing elements with yellow or green tones. While the darker your skin tone, the easier it is to achieve bright colors.

Combine with care

As a general rule, slightly brighter colors tend to show up more when paired with black or white garments. In this way, it is normal that you may want to consider whether you really should wear your black jeans every day.

Instead, however, you can choose to replace them from time to time with a pair of gray or navy pants, which will help create a much softer contrast with slightly more vibrant tones.

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Like your TV settings, increase the brightness of the primary basic colors. You don’t have to wear yellow and pink if you want a summer look. Choose lighter primary neutrals like blues, light olives, light browns, and light grays.

Choose the most suitable material

We tend to look only at the color, and we forget something very important: the characteristics of the garment that we are going to wear, especially in relation to the type of material with which it has been made. For example, garments that contain acrylic or polyester tend to take color better and print hues better, creating a much more vivid, rich, and beautiful look.

However, natural fibers, such as cotton or wool, once dyed tend to appear less rough, especially when they have a textured finish, and can generate a certain depth that will help soften the overall effect .

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Linen is made from a plant and is a frequent substitute for cotton in the summer. This means that wherever you can find cotton fabric—button down shirts, T-shirts, shorts, and even suits—you’ll find variations of linen. Why it’s great for summer: Linen has a looser weave that allows more heat and air to escape. This breathability helps save lives during the hot and humid months.

Bedding often gets dirty because it wrinkles easily. This is due to a lighter open weave. (The more open the fabric, the more wrinkles it will have.) To avoid this, you’ll often find cotton-linen blends that take advantage of the breathability of linen but the structure of cotton.

In fact, clothing with many folds is a sign of better quality clothing. Cheaper panels tend to be stiffer and wrinkled, rather than warped and wrinkled. So if this summer, if you have a nice wrinkled linen suit, button it up!

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Fabric technology has improved dramatically since the days of our fathers. Today, synthetic materials are made from natural by-products, making them more eco-friendly and fun to wear. My favorite is tencel, a silk substitute made from wood pulp.

Why Synthetics Are Great for Summer: Tencel is often blended with other fabrics like cotton for a softer, smoother feel. It also increases wrinkle resistance and cooling (temperature). One of my favorite shorts is the Tencel mix. On really bad summer days, I like to put it in the fridge to cool down.

Clothing Fit

Summer is one of those times when you can relax a bit. Choose a roomier cut. Let your skin breathe: wear a loose-fitting T-shirt and a button-down shirt. Don’t be afraid to try on shorts or baggy pants and shorts. Consider how men in hot Middle Eastern countries dress: usually loose, airy clothing and a shirt made of light, breathable fabric.

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It is important to look for clothing labeled “fit”, which is not the same as plus size clothing. The comfortable fit will give you more breathing room, but still fits in important areas like the body and sleeve length. By increasing the size, the size of the outfit increases evenly in all areas. This will make your shirt or pants too long.

Dressing for the season

Deeper, richer tones are often a great choice for Fall and Summer. And everything will depend on what your favorite colors are, to try to move on the same range of colors and shades.

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So, for example, if during the summer months red tends to be your favorite color, during the transition of the change of seasons (that is, from summer to fall, and finally to winter), burgundy can become an excellent substitute.

But you don’t have to start big. You can, for example, start by applying some flashes of color to rather small elements, such as the shoes, the coat or some other extra accessory.

In this sense, although mustard or khaki may not be ideal shades for all men, the truth is that a brown coat is universally elegant.

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2 useful ways to use color in Spring Summer 2022

Elegant Casual

In most situations, a sweatshirt, pants and a pair of sneakers can be useful, as well as extremely comfortable. And, among the most appropriate colors or shades, you can opt for blue or orange, ideally without any type of logo or graphic print. That for the upper part, because for the lower part an interesting option is to choose a gray or a navy blue.

If, on the contrary, you want to be at the more elegant end (for example, dressing casual but for strictly business matters), an ideal option is to replace the sweater with an orange jumper, and a matching shirt that pair with blue, or lilac with purple.


Between office Christmas parties, winter weddings, and what to wear for Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, the truth is that the colder months of the year aren’t necessarily suitable for dressing up.

And although you can choose to dust off the typical party outfit of every year, why not try to stand out with a burgundy or bottle green suit? They are all rich and deep, seeming inherently intelligent. In turn, opt for a white shirt and a dark tie and you’re good to go!

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Of course, the key this time is to avoid any item of clothing that could come to discover you as remotely festive.

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