Make a change of image without failing in the attempt

Did you know that a good change of image or look can cause you to improve your style without you noticing? Women are experts in constant image changes, whether with clothes, hair or makeup, but men can also make a change of image without failing in the attempt and following the steps that we describe below.

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The basic rules for making a makeover

How can you change your image and improve your style? For a good makeover you must pay attention to details, shapes and colors. However, the important thing is to follow the basic rules and you will look better than ever.

Buy clothes that look good with your skin color

Some men buy clothes that match their personality, which is fine, but when it comes to a makeover and that it is successful, it is important that the clothing is whatever the style, fits you well with respect to the color of your skin The end result can cause everyone to congratulate you on your makeover.

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In this way you have to find the perfect combination of clothes with the color of your skin:

  • Very light skin: use shades of brown, cream and olive green.
  • Olive skin: use blue, black and brown
  • Darker skin: use black, white and bright colors.

Quick tip: If you have a certain eye color, change your image accordingly. That is, choose shirts or jumpers or T-shirts that are the same color.

Buy clothes in your size always

Whatever image change you are thinking of, it is better to go through the choice of clothes that are always your size.

Do not think of a makeover based on baggy clothes or that it is too big for you, you will certainly look ridiculous. The rule applies to everything from jeans to t-shirts, shirts and jackets… from now on they must be tight or just your size.

By wearing clothes that are the right size, you will look more elegant, slim and with an otherwise fashionable makeover.

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Add some sunglasses to your makeover

A change of image not only happens through the clothes, or by the fact of changing the style of dress, but we have to pay attention to other factors such as accessories. Among these, you cannot miss good sunglasses even if they are graduated. Also choose those that best match the type of face you have.

On the other hand, don’t stop betting on classic models from brands like RayBan that will allow you to hit the mark with your makeover whatever your style.

Buy essentials inside your new makeover

Any image change happens because you want to improve. Therefore, whatever your decision when it comes to dressing from now on there are some elements that are essential. In this way, you will be able to change your image and if you get what is essential and necessary, you will not have to spend extra money.

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  • Grey suit: if your change of style involves trying to look more elegant, it is important that you have a gray suit that you can use for job interviews, weddings, or you can use the jacket with jeans if you want to be able to introduce in your makeover new casual “looks”.
  • A black tie: Essential for a change of image that is formal.
  • A dark brown belt: it goes well with pants, jeans and shorts so you can use it for any makeover you have thought of.
  • A Scottish scarf in shades of brown: Whatever your makeover is in mind, this type of scarf is perfect for any occasion, from the office to the bar
  • White sneakers for a casual look: And in fact for any change of current image.
  • Slim-fit black jeans: Especially suitable for those thinking of a casual makeover or also for formal “looks”.
  • Dark blue slim fit jeans: Ideal for a makeover that is casual or for those looking for a change of look or modern image.
  • White, black or gray V-neck T-shirt: They are essential for any change of image that we have thought of.
  • A classic silver watch with a medium dial: Perfect for a stylish makeover.
  • Waterproof jacket: The best option for a change of image that is close to the latest trends.
  • A leather jacket: fantastic for a makeover from retro, elegant, casual and also modern.

One last thing: don’t be afraid to try new styles when it comes to makeovers as well, colors and clothes. You’ll be surprised to see what actually works.

Makeover in body care

Leaving clothes aside, if you really want to change your image you should pay special attention to:

Your Hair

Hair is very important for any makeover, but it is important that even if you want a change, it is your style.

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The best thing you can do is look at a magazine with modern cuts and take it to the hairdresser (not the barber).

A hairdresser will cost a little more but will have the eye and experience to make your hair look its best, effectively matching the hairstyle to your face.

Teeth Whitening

It’s not good to look at horrible teeth. Even if they’re crooked, at least you can enhance their color and make your makeover stand out, for the better.

To get a quick result, you should have your teeth cleaned and then you should use a whitening gel every night for a couple of weeks.

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Quick Tip: Make an appointment with a hygienist first, to get rid of any stains. Your teeth will immediately look brighter and whiter later, even without a dental cleaning.

Take care of your skin

If you suffer from acne or have pimples, do anything to take care of your skin. If you take care of your skin properly and it improves, everyone will immediately notice a change in you as well.

We advise you to do the following:

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  • Wash every day with a facial scrub
  • Use the toner afterwards to tone the face
  • Use face cream
  • Cut the beard and wax

Cut Your Nails

Any makeover should also include cleaning and trimming your nails regularly.


If you’re pale, be sure to color your body, perhaps with UVA rays. You’ll see that your new tanned look and the clothes you’ve chosen will complete the makeover you’ve always wanted.

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