Look for a company dinner

The Christmas dinners of the companies are coming, no matter how much the Mayans get annoying and tell us that we are not going to arrive, do you already know what to wear? in this
such a special day We have already given you all the guidelines for dressing elegantly for this New Year’s Eve, however, today we want to get away from that elegance a bit and focus on a slightly less formal style, so it will not be jacket, tuxedo or blazer suits velvet. Dare and risk!

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Do you want to hit the mark with your latest look for your company’s Christmas dinner? Today we will tell you the best combinations so that you can do it without fear of killing yourself with this very special outfit. Let’s start with it!

As I always tell you, this look depends a lot on where the celebration is. Many places require dress code, half dress code… but since you’re going to celebrate it with co-workers and it’s a slightly more informal dinner, or so I think, this is your post.

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stay checkered

In this dinner, take advantage of the pull that paintings have by wearing them without fear. I don’t mind overly flashy jackets, however this one from ASOS is very understated and elegant, isn’t it? You can also combine it with a denim shirt and dark jeans. Doesn’t it look really good, right?


Although I also like the result, a bit casual, which gives off a patterned shirt next to a jacket. For example, this one from HEbyMANGO, which is very good.

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This combination has been exploited by ASOS and they do it very, very well. Of course, nothing is more comfortable than jeans, but together with a blazer, as in the example above, it seems to be the great choice for this dinner. What do you think of the spike? And the option of a blazer with a vest and some jeans?

Say goodbye to blazers, if you want, and choose a pretty cardigan. I have loved these from HEbyMANGO, the truth is that the entire collection is very good, and combined with a shirt with the option of a tie, it would look great, they can fix the styling for us. We put a good coat over it and take it off when we’re in the restaurant.

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If we are not convinced by jeans, we have the option of chino pants. These basic pants can be chosen from several colors and they give you that casual touch that we are looking for in the article.

Don’t be cold either, if you leave the house late you’re going to be very cold. Take a coat, for example cloth, as a
trench coat with a belt or even a three-quarter length is fine.

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What are you going to choose at the end for your work dinner? Can you afford this kind of freedom or do you have to wear a suit?

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