The newest in men’s shoes

The fashion of men’s footwear sets trends at the beginning of the year. Many stereotypes have been left behind and now you can find very particular men’s shoes that break with the traditional style and that stand out for their conversion and adaptability to the different contexts of each day.

The advantage of the spring season, which is the one that occurs at this time of year, as well as the summer season, of which some glimpses begin to be seen; is its high number of possibilities in terms of styles and colors. Models prepared for all types of days, cloudy and sunny, with more cold or heat. And that is why now is the time when a greater variety of shoes can be seen on the market. The combination between a casual style and elegance is the trend; those that can be used during the day to day and keep an eye on them for Saturday night.

The Fluchos models follow this trend a lot, with a young style that combines perfectly with a high-quality material such as leather. The predominant color in this type of shoe is brown, in its different shades, without ruling out some soft black that can be used both to go to work and to a meeting with friends on the weekend. The sole is high and has a padded insole that guarantees good grip and foot comfort, although the height of the shoe is medium. The good weather is approaching and the high boots have little time left until next autumn.

Dark colors are dominating the men’s footwear season. Brown, black and blue tones set the current trend, possibly due to the idea of ​​having an ‘all-terrain’ shoe, valid for any time of the day and in many contexts. It is the line of the Trotters brand, which attracts attention with an elegant range that stands out for its conventional leather shoes and other split leather models that present the particular style of moccasins. Summer is near and this type of footwear is beginning to be seen on the street, a fresh option for days when the sun shines more strongly.

Green boat shoes

Following the flash of good temperatures, boat shoes begin to acquire more importance in the wardrobe of many men. It is a low leather shoe, which is worn with short socks to allow breathability in the foot. It is a very comfortable proposal in which a specific color is predominating: green. Shades from this range, including khaki, with discreet, gathered soles. Elegance is found here, in some cases, in the style of the cordoneras. In fact, the lace borders the shoe, with entrances and exits that mark a particularity very typical of sneakers.

High Drops

The high loose ones have traditionally been an objective of the feminine public, although now they are gaining prominence in the men’s feet. It is a more informal style that moves away from the canons of the work level, but it does have a lot of acceptance in other settings. They are shoes that, in addition to presenting a fairly high base, have been loaded with accessories to provide a characteristic touch to each model. One brand that has found a niche in this type of footwear is Cetti, whose split star imbues many pairs with a style similar to this one. Produced mostly with suede material, they stand out for a greater variety of colors than in more formal shoes. Blue, yes, continues to be the priority, and it is in the details where the difference can be made. The laces tend to be brown or white, with the idea of ​​contrasting with the rest of the shoe; and the sole is kept with a similar tone to reinforce said difference. There is even a model with a high drop that breaks with everything established. It is the color shoe completely white.

Among the quality brands that lead the season with this type of shoe is Callaghan, made in Spain and which stands out for the highest quality in its offer. Its range of Sneakers, which have left behind their sporting function to go towards an urban style, without complexes, and in which there is room for all kinds of personalities. The Sneakers, in fact, are among the offer of the main new shoes for men; for its adaptability and versatility. Perhaps for this reason, a traditional and elegant footwear brand, Martinelli, has launched a collection of this style. Again with dark colors, the goal is to create a relaxed and discreet shoe that allows long walks in the city without feeling discomfort.

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