How To Wear Monk Strap Shoes

Shoes give us the first impression of a person. And if your shoes are nice and classy, then your impression will be the same as well. The history of monk strap shoes goes back to the 15th century in Europe; back then, they were for manual labor, but today they have used classes and sophisticated symbols of society. 

You can enhance your look with Monk strap shoes comfortably. Monk strap shoes provide you a classy and fascinating look with comfort. Sometimes, we have difficulty deciding what type of monk strap shoes we should wear with what kind of clothes or what straps shoes will look good and be comfy in the hot season. Also, what type of shoes will enhance which look.

This article will give you a clear perspective on all those questions that are running through your mind.

Single straps or Double straps

double monk strap shoes with suit

Both the single straps and double straps are in trend. But deciding which one will go with which look and occasion are not that difficult. Single straps are more classy, so they are perfect for business and formal attire.

While the double straps have a kind of edgy appearance that will go well with casual wear and an excellent fit for weddings and parties.

How to wear monk strap shoes?

With Suits

  • The best colors that go with suits are black and brown monk straps to look good, mainly with any type of suit.
  • For a more formal look, go with a black suit and black single strap monk shoes, which will provide you a classy look with comfort.
  • If you don’t want to go for a black suit and want to try a grey, Navy, charcoal, or beige color suit, then you can go for brown double strap monks.
  • If you want a unique twist and Crisp with shoes, you can try forest green or oxblood colors and experiment with different suit colors.
  • Moreover, you can also try double monk strap shoes, which also give a business casual look.

With Jeans

  • If you’re pairing monk straps with jeans, then you can go for slim-fitting jeans with long straps. This will give you an intelligent kind of look.
  • If you are going for a more casual look, then you can go for TAN double monks and dark skinny denim with a white t-shirt; this will give you an extraordinary kind of look.
  • If you are going for a smart and casual look, you can go for brown leather single straps with a slim blue-fit denim Oxford shirt and blazer with a brown belt.
  • If you want a versatile look, you can go for brown leather monk straps, giving you a unique look.
  • Also, you can experiment with different types of monk straps with varying types of jeans like deep blue, forest green, mustard yellow, leopard pattern vamp, creeper style pair, etc.

With Shorts

  • You can go for slim-fitting white or beige shorts with grey or Navy linen and a shirt with brown double strap monks for summers.
  • If you want a casual Friday office look, you can go for black double monks with black shorts and an Oxford shirt with a tie and blazer.
  • Also, you can try brogued double monk straps with Navy shorts, an Oxford shirt, and a cream blazer for evenings and afternoons.

When and Where to wear Monk Straps


  • For a formal occasion going for a monk strap is flawless and perfect as it gives you a sense of personality with the formal attire.
  • You can go for a black suit, white Oxford shirt with black leather single monk strap shoes for black-tie dress codes.
  • If you want a significant and straightforward look, you can go for a white Oxford shirt with a pattern pocket square or tie and monk strap shoes.
  • If you want something unique and want to experiment, you can go for a three-piece suit with an Oxford shirt, tie, and double monk straps.


  • For weddings and parties, one requires a relaxed formal attire with a more sophisticated approach that monk strap shoes can reach.
  • For a Semi-formal look, one can go for a full suit with brown leather single strap monk shoes with a Polo shirt or roll neck ones.
  • Another sophisticated choice would be double bond straps with chinos and blazer combo and Oxford shirt and accessories like sunglasses and pocket squares.

For Casuals

  • For cold months brown mums with Navy, great chinos, and sweaters will significantly match casuals.
  • Moreover, blue jeans with open-necked Oxford shirts and suede double monk shoes will be an excellent combination for summers.
  • If you want a simple look but stand out enough to give a statement, you can go for a black t-shirt paired with grey trousers and black box strap shoes.
are monk straps formal

Business Casuals

  • For smart business casual, you can go for single monks.
  • If we talk about smart casuals, you can pair up with the tailored suits separated with structured outerwear and details like ties and pocket squares. Also, you can elevate your monk strap shoes to a more business look.
  • A charcoal suit with roll neck shirt and brown leather Monk straps will be a classy combination for a business casual look.
  • If you want an office-friendly winter look, you can go for brown leather double Monk strap shoes with a Navy or charcoal suit and structured coat.

I hope These points would have helped you styling your monk straps with a perfect pair of outfits.