How to wear jeans

Jeans are a versatile item in our closet. Depending on how you combine the jeans, you can use them to work, to go out on the street or to a party. Good jeans are always the best bet and today we are going to show you how to wear them.

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Jeans: a great garment to always have in the closet

There are many men with style who have dared to wear jeans at high-end events without clashing in the slightest. However, walking through the streets of my city I have been able to observe everything in each body that is laughable. As with everything in this life, there are rules when choosing a jean and it is important to take them into account. The problem isn’t the body, it’s finding the garment that has the right cut to fit perfectly.

With jeans, it is important to take into account the premises that are going to help us a lot so as not to get confused in the choice of jean. Our first tip is:

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Don’t be grumpy when it comes to buying jeans. Jeans are an investment because they are a garment that you are going to use a lot and it will suffer a lot of wear and tear. In this type of garments, cheap is always expensive. I usually play it safe and buy jeans from quality brands, like Levis.

Colour counts

In terms of colour, light-coloured jeans are specially designed to be used in leisure time. They are more casual looking. So if you want to use it for everything, it is advisable that you choose the darker models that you can wear informally with a t-shirt or in informal events with a shirt and/or blazer.

The complements

The advantage is that there are many, many clothes that complement well with jeans, so it will be quite simple for you to always choose the one that best suits you. Remember that a blazer and a t-shirt are fantastic and usually look elegant, so it is an outfit that you can take everywhere.

The shape of the jeans: which one do I choose?

Finally, you should keep in mind that the shape of the jeans influences. You can always choose straight pants (they never go out of style). I always try to avoid skinny jeans because my style is formal, although if your outfits are modern it never hurts to have one in your closet. Forget the flared pants.

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