Skate-style shoe brands

One of the styles that is becoming more and more popular among young men is Skate, at we wanted to dedicate a space to what they are the brands that you can find of this footwear and which are the models that are on sale.

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We have based ourselves on the models and brands that we can find in the Spartoo online store to present you with a selection of Skate models that you can buy and also items that are on sale so that being fashionable is always as easy for you.

The Etnies brand is presented to us as the prince of skate shoes, a brand created by a skateboard lover Pierre André Senizergues. Its shoes are defined as comfortable, flexible, resistant and prepared for cushioning, which makes them ideal for sports.

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Another brand is DC Shoes, which brings extreme sports to life in its footwear and marks each of the trends with colours, styles and techniques. It is an ideal shoe for lovers of skateboarding and urban fashion.

Vans is one of the firms that have been around for the longest time in the world of footwear, since 1996 when the firm was designed until today it has managed to succeed with skateboard lovers.

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What other brands would you highlight for Skate?

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