Easy Way To Pack Men Ties For Travel

How to pack mens ties for travel is a question that pops up whenever you need formal attire to sport it. It is essential to fold ties for storage so that they don’t get wrinkles.

Give a few minutes extra to fold the moving ties properly to avoid the headache when you reach the location.

How to Fold a Tie for Storage

Here are a few methods you could follow to fold ties for storage to make it look wearable once you reach your destination.

Method 1- Use a Tie Case

  • At first, fold the tie inside out in equal halves. This will protect your tie from getting any wrinkles or becoming dirty while storing it in the suitcase.
  • Clean a flat surface like a table and lay the tie over it. Take the narrow length of the tie and fold it on top.
  • Face the inside portion of the front of your tie upwards.
  • Now start rolling the narrow end of the tie and continue rolling till the end. At the end of rolling, it will form a cylindrical shape.
  • Put your tie in a tie box. You can buy tie boxes through online sites or in stores. Moreover, most of the tie cases can hold almost two to six ties.
  • Tuck in the tie box in the corner of the suitcase to not have to worry about moving ties.

Method 2- Fold the Tie Flat

  • Fold the tie and insert the narrow end of the tie in the loop. Keep the front of the tie outward.
  • Pull both the ends to line up the narrow and wider part of the tie in its half-length.
  • Again pull the narrow end through the loop and fold for the second time in equal halves.
  • Now layer it in-between two folded shirts. This will help to keep the tie wrinkle-free.
  • You can even fold it in half and insert it in a ziplock bag. Ziplock bags are also readily available both online and in stores.

Method 3- Use a Suit Bag

  • Take a regular hanger and put the suit’s shoulders in the right and left corner of the hanger.
  • Insert the narrow end of the tie from the bottom part of the suit hanger. Line up both the ends of the tie together.
  • Pull the narrow end of the tie via the loop to secure it from moving.
  • Place the suit inside the suit bag and position the hook of the hanger.
  • Finally, close the zip of the suit bag. In this way, your tie will remain with a suit only and save your time dressing up.

Tips to Pack Men’s Tie for Travel

You already know how to fold a tie for storage. We thought of sharing the top 3 tips on how to pack mens ties for travel safely.

  • Avoid storing ties beside anything that can spill.
  • Keep ties in a zip lock or sealable bags.
  • Seal the box and label it to make it clear for which destination you want that particular tie.

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