How to dress for a Gala dinner What to wear? Advice

The traditional gala dinner, as you may have discovered at one time or another, becomes a popular way for companies and organizations celebrate a great event, or achievement. The reality is that they can take a variety of very different forms and differences, but they usually include some basic elements: a meal in which you must settle and sit down, some type of live entertainment to liven up the evening, and a dress code that is fundamentally characterized by being formal. And since most gala dinners are very elegant events, it is evident that what is expected at them is that men always attend in their best clothes. Therefore, if you have recently received an invitation to attend an upcoming gala dinner, and it is the first time this has happened to you, it is quite likely that you have doubts about what to wear. What to do about it?.

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As you can imagine, now is the right time to send your three-piece suit to the dry cleaners, dig up your favorite tie, and pick up some sort of matching accessory. In short, you must present the best version of yourself, which must be professional, serious, organized and influential.

It is essential to get the perfect fit, it is characterized by being an essential part, since a jacket that is too big can make your classic suit or tuxedo end up looking cheap, of poorer quality. The same goes for pants that are too long, as if they are hemmed they can look sloppy.

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So, we’ve already given you the top recommendation: go to a tailor as soon as possible, which will give you the chance to create a perfectly customized fit before wearing your tuxedo. And do it on time. On the other hand, take note of the advice that we propose.

Classic Suit (Tuxedo)

In general, a gala dinner is characterized by being as traditional as possible. It is, as many experts think, a true icing on the cake of any corporate event of some importance, be it an important congress, a celebration on special dates (such as Christmas), an anniversary… It is so, so important that it is common for each table has one or several personally assigned waiters, who are in charge of serving dinner and taking care of the needs of the different diners seated in it.

In the case of clothing, something as traditional as the classic suit or tuxedo may triumph. And it is that, as the experts also think, we could identify this type of event as “black tie”.

Hence, most organizers expect male guests to wear a three-piece suit, or tuxedo. Since it is held at night, a dark colored suit is advisable, such as navy blue or black. And combined with a somewhat formal tie.

The cummerbund may not be a mandatory accessory, but you can opt for a single or double breasted jacket.

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You can also vary a bit and be a little more creative. For example, you can substitute the suit lapel to a single-breasted shawl collar; it’s something that tends to look sleek and modern, compared to more classic styles, but helping to maintain an equally formal and authentic look.

On the other hand, you can also wear pleated pants, which will give you a more traditional look. Or, flat-front pants, perfect for a modern twist.

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Bow tie or necktie?

It is common for many of the guests to finish and complete their look with a high quality necktie, or bow tie. Bow ties are especially interesting, especially if they feature a pointy type of design. The fundamental thing, in short, is that it combines perfectly with the suit. And this should also be taken into account when wearing regular ties.

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Ties, it’s true, are characterized by being a bit more extravagant, but you can still wear them.

The shoes

It is advisable to choose black or very dark blue shoes, which are characterized above all by being perfectly clean and shiny. Leather shoes can be interesting. For example, Oxford shoes are usually one of the most common and common choices.

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