Gift ideas for men in 2021

We are in times of difficulties and more than ever the tradition of gifts makes sense. It is a way of offering illusion, of strengthening ties with loved ones. Although this Christmas many families will not be able to fully meet, electronic commerce is everywhere and there are no excuses because deliveries are guaranteed. So you just have to dive into the internet and decide.

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The network is full of good ideas. If what we need are Christmas gifts for men, we have a choice; the market is full of both classic and novel proposals.

Beauty gifts for men

Men take care of themselves more and more, that’s why gifts related to cosmetics are in fashion. Perfumes, creams, shaving machines or haircuts… are perfect products to give away and there are many more options.

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  • Perfume

Giving perfumes for men is a classic that never fails. On the internet we can find all brands, styles and prices, from mild colognes for the elderly, to intense perfumes with personality for young people and mature men.

An interesting option is the fragrance sets, which incorporate creations from the same brand in tester format. There are sets for men, women and unisex, which will allow you to have different fragrances for all times of the year.

  • Gift packs

Lots of gifts are a star item at Christmas parties. They can include eau de cologne or perfume, shower gel, deodorant, and body spray from the same brand. There are also manufacturers that present the same perfume in different formats, from the large size to have in the bathroom at home, to the spray to carry in the bag.

  • Luxury cosmetics and massage oils

There are more and more men who pay attention to skin care and there is a wide market for products specifically aimed at the male audience. Serums, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and restorative creams, dark circles treatments… are good proposals to give as gifts, without forgetting massage oils and shaving products.

Small hair cutting devices are becoming a highly demanded product. The confinement triggered sales and the market has been expanding with new designs and accessories. The most successful machines are the multifunction type, suitable for hair and beards. Most tend to incorporate different types of combs, which allow you to adjust the haircut to the desired length.

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Other original ideas for men

Beauty items are a gift option for men that always wins, but there are other original ideas. One is personalized objects, such as desk calendars with family photos, beer mugs with names, engraved dominoes, or even bottles of wine with your own label.

The world of cooking is also very fashionable and we can think of recipe books, knife sets, ultra-fast bottle coolers, espresso machines and gin and tonic sets with accessories. For barbecue lovers, there are briefcases with multiple tools on the market and those who prefer DIY will always appreciate a good drill-driver, a box of keys and bits or a laser measurer.

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