How to choose and wear a men’s shorts?

The high temperatures are already beginning to do their thing and radio stations are already beginning to listen to the songs that They are running as queens of summer. Summer is just around the corner and from Moda Ellos I want to refer to everything you need to know to find the ideal shorts/bermuda shorts after having told you about the latest trends in bermuda shorts for this summer.

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As it happens to them, we like to bet on cutting the fabric in summer. Bermuda shorts are perfect and versatile garments where they exist to make high temperatures more bearable. Thinking about it, I am going to give you some tips that can be very useful when choosing shorts.

Bermuda Jeans

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Bermuda shorts are very common in the men’s wardrobe. Whether you’ve transformed your long jean from last season or the shorts you bought a while ago, they’re a piece of clothing that’s always there. Bermuda shorts with jean fabric are suitable for any type of environment, whether it’s for work, going to university… You can use your favorite shirt and belt, or even accompany them with a jacket.


Men with large thighs, bermuda jeans will emphasize your hips, leaving them noticeably wide. In this case, you should look for dark washed jean shorts with a straight cut and that does not cross the line marked by the knees.

Tailoring Shorts

Tailored fabrics are ubiquitous in all men’s fashion and it’s clear that they fit perfectly in men’s shorts. This type of shorts is usually slightly tight and does not usually have details. Just one back pocket, two side pockets, and a fit that flatters many body types. You can combine them perfectly, just like jeans, with a jacket.

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With this type of fabric, many men complain that they can clearly see their buttocks, especially if due to some unfortunate misstep, some water falls on you. Make sure that this does not happen by looking for shorts or Bermuda shorts that are straight cut and that can be folded at the hem, so that the pants do not fit too tightly on the legs.

Bermuda shorts pockets

Many men prefer shorts for leisure hours. The large pockets are very useful since they can be filled with what is needed at that moment: keys, wallet and mobile. But be careful, the area of ​​the pockets is a large area occupied by the legs and carrying objects can deform and make our shorts, due to the pressure of the objects with the leg, look ugly.

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Wear a very basic, unprinted t-shirt. Thus, if you want to carry your objects in your pocket: cell phones, wallets, keys,…, the proportion will be more easily balanced.

Sweatshirt with Bermuda

Many of us have chosen to wear Bermuda shorts with sweatshirts. It’s a very comfortable and fun style, and these pieces have a much less formal face. Use shorts without details such as pockets and unnecessary prints on ordinary days with the T-shirt and a printed leather backpack or bag.

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The sweatshirt with the shorts can fit very well on all bodies thanks to the structure of the fabrics, but it can be too casual. If you don’t want this to happen to you, look for pieces without footprints, cables or extra pockets.

Polyester shorts

The polyester in the bermuda shorts for men are casual. They can be used to go to the beach, gym or do any other sport. This garment is not recommended to be worn at work or at the university, that is, more formal occasions.

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Polyester bermuda shorts with drawstrings are usually more comfortable than snap closures. But if you want to go to the beach, the buttons are the safest.

Tips for choosing shorts

Some basic tips to keep in mind when choosing your shorts:

Consider your height and physical build. People with a complexion look better on certain types of shorts than on others. For example, a shorter person should wear shorter boardshorts and avoid surf-style shorts below the knees, as they will make them appear even shorter. On the other hand, a tall person has a greater range for bermuda shorts, although ones that are too short and narrow will cause the “stick effect”.

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Run away from “chonis” and too flashy prints. Brightly colored boardshorts with tacky palm tree or flame drawings look great in articles about ’90s nostalgia, but now nobody wants to look like a traveling disco on the beach.

Take into account the materials, you can find polyester shorts, ideal for going to the beach, or opt for other jean-type shorts. Each one has its uses, for example if you want them for daily use, but also to go to the beach with friends or family, polyester shorts are ideal.

Try not to carry too many things in the bags. The type of cut of Bermuda shorts means that, if we carry a lot of things in our bags, a deformation occurs that gives rise to a kind of jug effect, which is not very pleasant to look at.

Bermuda shorts can be combined with almost anything, as long as we do it with a little taste, balance or aesthetic sense. Obviously, we are not going to wear shorts with feathers, a duffle coat, or a suit jacket, but surprisingly they combine quite well with other types of clothing, such as thin raincoats.

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The last piece of advice we can give you is not to be afraid to wear shorts. Many people believe that they are exclusive for playing sports, going to the beach or the pool. However, they can also be turned into a very comfortable garment, perfect for everyday use during the hottest months.

To finish we leave you with a video and some articles of interest to complement the INFO that we have given you in the article.

Video: Making men’s shorts

Apart from buying shorts, where we can choose our favorite brands and styles that best suit us, there is also the option of making our own shorts. Here the variety is infinite, and we can design any type of shorts, with the patterns, colors and design that we like the most. In the following video you can see an example of how to make your own shorts, you will need a little practice but if you have a little patience you will see how you get it.

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