How Long Should A Man’s Scarf Be

The length of most men’s scarfs is about 10 inches wide, 70 inches long, and manufactured from a decorated cut of cloth to swaddle around the neck.

So we can say a scarf is a simple rectangular-shaped fabric.

men's scarf for summer

Many men are puzzled about how to wear a proper Scarf, many men consider it womanish to wear the Scarf, but it’s not true. In this modern era, the fashion of wearing Scarf is advancing to a new level.

Advantages of wearing Scarf:

Protection: Scarfs do a fantastic job of protecting the neck. In winter, a wool scarf can keep the neck warm on a cold night, or a light-lined Scarf can save a person’s neck from rays coming from sun and sand when crossing a desert area.

men's scarf for summer

Stylish look: A vital element of style is added to your physical appearance after wearing a scarf, especially when a color to a bland outfit is introduced. In order to match a good style, you should keep the rest of the outfit as simple as possible and keep the Scarf bright in color to give a fabulous look.

Length Of Scarf:’

Usually, a person should wear a scarf around the height of the person wearing it. This will give a nicely proportioned scarf look without being too small for a tall person.

Rules To Tie A Scarf:

  • Simple look _ only those knots should be tied which are comfortable for you in wearing. Keep your confidence high.
  • The length and width of a scarf can restrict options if knot styling.
  • Always remember that Scarf is not a tie, so keep it loose to make yourself more relaxed.
  • Always remember the primary thing “Function of the scarf is priority and fashion is second.”
scarf length calculator

Some Famous Styles for Wearing Scarf:

Regular Scarf:

Regular Scarf is an excellent average length scarf and perfects to use in daily life. If you find difficulty deciding what kind of Scarf to wear, you should go for this one. It will give a fantastic look to your appearance.

Scarf length Chart

Knit this Scarf with a width of 18-23cm / 7-10 inches and the length of 180cm/ 70 inches for an average person.


Then comes the Fashionistas between us! Super-long wrapping styles are trending nowadays, and many fashionistas are using this.

The width should be the same as used in “Regular Scarf” explained above, but to look handsome, keep knitting the Scarf until it suits your appearance.

how long should a man's scarf be

For this type of Scarf. Continue knitting it until the measures of about 210-215cm / 79-83 inches in length are obtained.


The leading group, I think, is of a senatorial way of wearing Scarf. This style is usually seen at places like big airports all over the globe and fancy hotels and restaurants.

men's scarf for summer

The Scarf is gently wrapped around the neck and is permitted to swing open with the Scarf ends precisely lined up, then the jacket or coat is bounced on over the top. On a cold night, one end of the Scarf can be doubled up over the other, and you can close up the coat to keep yourself warm.

A graciously narrow scarf having a length of 16-21cm and a width of 7-9 inches is required to get this style.

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