Best Peaky Blinders Haircuts for Men | Hairstyles

The world of cinema and series can cause many things in its viewers and one of them is the changes of look that They have some of the leads coming out. If there is a very important series that has been extremely successful, that is Peaky Blinders.

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In the Tommy Shelby and his brothers series we can see a series of very charismatic and striking hairstyles, which are becoming more frequent to see among his followers and clients who go to the hairdresser, for this reason we want to bring you best peaky blinders haircuts for men

Best Peaky Blinders Haircuts for Men

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It is nothing more than the latest chic style: rustic and cosmopolitan at the same time. Contradictory? Let’s call it an adaptable style, a hairstyle that adapts to any occasion. This aspect of the chameleon is probably responsible for its massive success with all kinds of audiences (not just devoted fans of the series). How did this pattern come about? In the 1920s, the Peaky Blinders haircut became popular among British workers and the working class. In this case, the hairdressers did not have the time or financial resources to be as perfect with their clients, so they stopped learning the aspects. So, in an effective move, they switched to shaving the back and sides of the head, leaving the hair above the head. Something that makes sense given the fashion are exaggerated sidelines and bangs. If you decide to ask Shelby for your trusted barber, we’ll show you how to pinpoint him with total precision so you get to see as much of the character on the show as possible.

The shelby is a reissued undercut that adapts to new trends. Specifically, instead of minimizing the sides and back, as they do when minimizing, in this style, they’re evenly shaved to create a strong contrast. The upper part of the hair should be much longer. This allows you to change the position of the bangs from one side to the other. Follow your natural movements, but not the other way around. To add volume to the top of your hair, while also securing it, use natural wax or gel to keep your hair from moving even if you don’t hold it all day. Treat and correct your Shelby hairstyle with a shaving kit, for example, if you want to cut this hairstyle at home, for a fresh and light look, you can choose Arthur Shelby. The name of the oldest character in the series. The difference makes genius and in this case one of the most coveted hairstyles. To achieve this: Let your hair grow a little longer on top of your head. Then you can just style all your hair with plenty of styling gel or styling gel.

Best Peaky Blinders Haircuts for Men: Finn Shelby

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This haircut is the hardest and most striking of all. If you are one of those people who like to be different and showy, and who do well with these cuts, you should take into account that it does not have a side shave, upper length and fingers brushed with the help of a little gel.

Best Peaky Blinders Haircuts for Men: Michael Gray

If you don’t dare to risk too much and your style is more classic, opt for a more formal haircut. Worn by Michael Gray with clean, polished sides and trim. The sides are carefully released and the bangs are pulled back. Use a round brush and hold it steady with a light hairspray or some soft wax

Best Peaky Blinders Haircuts for Men: Tommy Shelby

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If your face is angled with high cheekbones and slightly messy hair, copy the main character’s cut, leaving the top long and messy and shaving the occipital area. For more movement, go for layering long hair and comb it forward, letting the hair fall to your forehead.

Best Peaky Blinders Haircuts for Men: Arthur Shelby

If you have straight hair, this is definitely the style for you. With the sides shaved to a maximum, the middle part is styled high on the nape. Better? Go from keeping your hair up to shaving the sides, or else your safest bet is to discourage yourself from letting it grow out. To fix this, use gel or wax and comb it through completely, if you don’t like the marks it leaves, use your hands to create a more resistant style.

Best Peaky Blinders Haircuts for Men: Other Hairstyles

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But although they are less well-known characters, both Salomon, played by the great Tom Hardy, with a more traditional hairstyle, with short hair on the sides and a little longer on top, and Isaiah, with a very shaved cut, but without actually having it shaved like the main characters; They are also very interesting haircuts for men.

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