How can you go dressed for a Christmas Eve dinner with the family

The most feared thing at Christmas arrives, family events, or for On the contrary, the most anticipated, depends on how you want to see it. The fact is that, whether you like them or not, these are very special moments in which you must wear a look that is in keeping with the occasion. Read on to find out what look to wear.

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This type of dinner or lunch, depending on the house and family, is usually held at home. Either in your own or in that of your grandparents, uncles, parents, siblings… The options are many as members make up the family. And although it is still a special occasion, the style of your clothing should be halfway between casual and formal. Based on what was said before, here are some clothes with which to make your style:

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  • Christmas Sweaters
  • The informality of the blazer
  • One of the occasions when you can dust off your fun Christmas jumper from the closet is this. Your grandmother will surely drool with you and the smallest of the family will want to be playing with you all the time. However, you can be the target of the prankster brother-in-law, but who cares, Christmas sweaters are a trend, so don’t wait until April to put one on. Take advantage of!
    Christmas Sweaters

    They’re really cool! The first is from TopMan and the second from Asos. Topman with red tones and with the details made up of reindeer and the one from Asos we bet on big stars in the snow. Combine this type of sweater with a basic oxford shirt in white or pastel tones. Skip the ties or bow ties, these jumpers are already flashy enough on their own.

    The informality of the Blazer

    If the option of the Christmas sweater does not convince you, you can always choose a Blazer. My suggestion is that you add a less serious touch with casual clothes. This ZARA velvet blazer combines perfectly with jeans and even with sneakers. But not with the ones you do sports in the gym, but with the ones you go for a walk or have a drink with. If you see that this color does not convince you, we leave you another blazer, in grey, a slightly more serious touch from Pull and Bear.

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