How can you dress according to your height

One of the main problems that men face when it comes to dressing is knowing which clothes best suit us. And to make it a little easier for you to choose clothes, we are going to help you by telling you a series of tips so that you can get to know which clothes best suit you, focusing on your height. Choose well depending on how tall you are.

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When we are going to fill our wardrobe it is very important to know ourselves. For this reason I always advise a Personal Shopper who will help you with this task, recommending what suits you best. Today it is not only an option for many women, but more and more men turn to the advice of a professional.

But, unfortunately, we are in a crisis situation and many cannot afford to make an economic effort to hire a fashion professional. That is why in Moda Ellos we are going to propose a range of tips so that you know what and what type of garments suits you best. In a previous article we focused on the complexion (Dress according to your constitution: Fat, Thin, Muscular) and today we want to do it according to the height. How can you dress according to your height?

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How to dress if you are tall

We start with tall men and the looks that suit them best. If your height is on the high side, there is nothing like joining the latest trends that go with your height, such as long jackets and skinny pants with roll up. It is not about, keep this very clear, about pretending to be shorter, but about taking advantage of the shape of your body to be comfortable with it. This is the most important thing of all.

Baggy clothes or oversize cuts will suit you, as they will be tailored to your needs, although they always tend a bit wide, so this year is your year so that nothing fits you, short or prevents you from dressing in a way stylized.

The look that we propose is this one that you see, a casual and very chic combination, in denim, electric and gray tones for the suede ankle boots. We start with the jacket, which is the main thing for this type of outfit. As I said at the beginning, you will look for long-cut jackets, the kind that everyone falls below the buttocks, at the hips, because it will suit you better than anyone else, fitting the right size.

Avoid, therefore, blazers, as they tend to be very tight in terms of length, and given that on an average height they would be above the hips, this garment will be on you at the waist, which will make you feel something ridiculous, whether it’s your size or even if it’s too big for you.

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Your allies are also skinny pants and the tendency to pick up the bottoms, because this will create a feeling that you still have too many pants, something that you will surely appreciate when the only thing you find when you go shopping are pants that fit everyone well and you guys stay as if they were corsairs.

Tall men

If you are a tall person we recommend:

The coats

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Men who are tall look very well with those jackets that are bomber type. Double-breasted jackets and blazers also favor you a lot. You can play with prints and jackets with large drawings.

The pants

Skinny pants are the most indicated. But the problem is that everyone likes to wear the pants model. The straight ones are also worth it.

The shoes

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You can wear, the tall ones, certain boots or ankle boots without being afraid that they will shorten your leg, taking advantage of the fact that they are still worn.

How to dress if you are short

In order not to give the feeling of being even shorter and thus avoid that feeling that overwhelms you with height, it is best to wear a blazer or a long jacket, always mark your hips with a belt and a shirt or t-shirt inside.

This is important because this way you will create the effect that your legs are longer, or that there is a greater proportion. I also recommend that you wear clothes in your size and, as much as possible, avoid baggy cuts, since it will give the impression that you are shorter than you really are.

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As for pants, more or less the same: skinny jeans or slim fit chinos will be your thing, but stay away from flared or elegant leg jeans, as they will shorten your legs much more, something that can be solved in women’s fashion with the waist at the waist, but not in men’s fashion. Sorry guys!

Remember that the bottom of your pants is the right cut, no more, because the same thing will happen as with the width.

Short men

The pants

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The size that best suits the small man is the one that rests on the hips.

The costumes

The tighter the better. They must wear the same color in the pants and in the jacket. A trick, you can take advantage of the fact that large soles are worn and gain centimeters with boots or shoes when choosing footwear to wear with a suit.

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