Shoes for a rocker style

The rocker look and even some grunge is causing a sensation in the world of fashion, today we show you some shoe options so you can enhance that look.

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If you are passionate about rock music or your idols are AC/DC, Nirvana or the Rolling Stones, this season you are going to enjoy a lot with the options that fashion puts at your fingertips.

Now not only leather jackets will be the essence of the rocker style, you can also enhance the style with other types of accessories such as Lenny Kravitz-style footwear.

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The first boot that we have put on you is from the Bunker brand, it not only exudes masculinity and style, but the gray color of the boot framed by black and all leather, gives a rocker look. The fact that leather has been used as one of the materials to shape and create this boot ensures the quality of the shoe for the foot.

We cannot talk about rock without mentioning the Dr Martens brand, this time we have chosen a studded boot that covers them completely and stands out on the black background. This Spike model has a lot of style, it is also built on the inside of leather and can become one of the most desired models for these looks.

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