Help me find the best accessories for spring-summer 2013

Good weather arrives, spring arrives. It is time to completely renovate the wardrobe and start thinking about the accessories that the firms are launching for this season. Seeing what I need, today I want to give you a selection of accessories for spring-summer 2013, the basic accessories that should not be missing from our closet. Do you want to help me?

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I take my winter clothes out of the closet, part of them just in case, I look and… buffff amount of unfilled space. I only see shirts, t-shirts, jeans, scarves,… but no accessories according to the new season. For what I am about to search and find spring-summer accessories with a good, beautiful and cheap relationship. Fill up the extra closet space!

We start with the simplest: the seatbelts

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Belts are the most basic accessory that should be in your closet. This not only has the job of leaving the pants in place, but also adds style to our look. We have a wide variety of choices, from the most classic, to belts that have shapes, striking or different details, be wider or less wide, of different materials… What I like to say, variety is the taste! ! That’s why I love this plugin.

Which one do I choose?

Always looking at the detail of the “money” I have made a selection of belts. A belt that I have kept an eye on is that of Adolfo Dominguez. Made in canvas and that has appliqués of suede, with a metal buckle. You will find it for a price of 29 euros.

The second option is that of Purificación García. The two-tone, orange and blue belt, made of leather and priced at 79 euros. An option for those with a little more budget.

The third belt that has caught my attention is the one from ZARA, with studded details and you can find it for 22.95 euros. Something cheaper than the previous ones. Perfect for a casual look.

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Massimo Dutti has known how to win me over with this beautiful blue belt. Ideal for the spring-summer season and it is priced at 29.99 euros. Not very expensive right? I think I’ll opt for the latter.

Now it’s time to think about holidays and bridges, places to visit, gastronomy to enjoy… mmm! I love traveling. And that is why the next accessory is very necessary in our closet. Do you already know which one I’m talking about?

Backpacks and Bags

I don’t know about you, but I love carrying accessories such as backpacks or bags. For this complement I have found a wide range of bags and backpacks of a great variety, shapes and colors. In ZARA, one of my favorite stores, I have seen several models that I liked. I really like the first leather bag, which is combined in two colors, you will have it for 139 euros. If going to the gym is your thing, the second and third options are great and you will have them for 49.95 euros. And for those who like the daring, the last one is yours. A bright yellow briefcase for 79.95 euros.

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Other Low Cost firms also make strong bets with accessories for bags and backpacks. He by MANGO presents its canvas satchel for a price of 45.99 euros and its classic travel bags for 59.99 euros.

I’m already filling my closet a little more, but I keep looking and I see that I’m missing something, I don’t know… That’s it! a scarf! A perfect complement for this season. Can you help me?

We complicate the search a little more: Foulards

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Temperatures rise, or so it seems, and scarves cannot be missing this season. They add a touch of color to your look with a jacket as well as keeping the neck area warm. This complement gives us a touch of style as long as we know how to choose it correctly. Take your scarf crossed at the height of the torso if the cold allows it, you will only have to pass it behind your neck and letting it fall by the ends.

Which scarf to choose?

You have many options, depending on your taste, but I prefer the wide variety that the ZARA collection gives me. Selecting the four that I liked the most. And its price ranges from 15.95 euros to 19.90 euros. Not very expensive right?

Now all that remains is to finish off and for that I want to give you the bow ties that I liked the most. Do you like them?

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Bow ties to finish off

More and more of us are joining the bow tie fashion, but these are not only useful for special occasions, but you can also use them daily. And for this spring we have many options to choose from. A complement that has ceased to be a label to become an all-terrain when it comes to style. Purificación García has managed to transfer that to its bow ties and this Spring Summer season it launches a wide range of different models. From the wool,…. We better see them right?

You will find them for a price starting at 64 euros. For all tastes.

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And it is that the firm of Amancio Ortega, ZARA, never ceases to amaze me. The Spanish firm opts for the point with prices within the reach of all budgets and ranging from 12.95 euros. We will find them in all models, from stripes, squares, to moles. Cool!

Once you’ve seen my favorite accessories, do you think there’s any missing?

Where to buy the plugins

  • Belts

Adolfo Dominguez 29 euros

Purificación García 79 euros

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ZARA 22.95 euros

Massimo Dutti 29.95 euros

  • Backpacks and bags

ZARA Combined Bag for 139 euros
Blue band bowling 49.95 euros
Combined Bowling 49.95 euros

  • Scarves

ZARA from 15.95 euros

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  • Bow Ties

Purificación García from 64 euros

ZARA from 12.95 euros

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