2014 Summer Sales Calendar

The 2014 Summer Sales Calendar is the calendar that we already have in Modaellos for all those who want to be informed of when the summer sales period will begin in which they can buy the current spring-summer 2014 season but with reduced prices and thus be able to save and, incidentally, continue taking advantage of the garments that we will wear until next autumn.

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Sales Calendar 2014 Summer

The 2014 Summer Sales periods, as already experienced with the 2013 Sales, will be extended depending on what each store, brand or business determines. The current economic crisis, as well as the increase in VAT to 21%, has greatly reduced sales in clothing stores, so months ago it was stipulated that they could decide when to start and when to end the sales.

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In the case of the 2014 Summer Sales we have to say that most stores will choose to start their calendar from the beginning of July and when the “summer campaign” period ends. Then each store could extend their sale season past the start of spring if they wanted to.

On the other hand, it is said that some stores will take advantage of the “back to school” to combine the summer sales with the launch of the new autumn-winter campaign and thus be able to take advantage of the increase in sales during the “summer campaign” to offer better prices and have higher profits.

These are the two possible periods of 2014 summer sales:

  • From July 1 to August 31, 2014
  • From July 7 to August 31, 2014

You can see that they could start shortly, so we’d better be attentive to see which fashion brands start to post their sale sign before the good weather ends and we can take advantage of our summer purchases to do so. get a t-shirt or swimsuit to enjoy our vacation saving some money.

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