Chukka boots for men: everything you need to know

The so-called Chukka boots represent, almost without a doubt, one of the simplest styles and simple footwear for men, being in fact a basic element in the men’s wardrobe for many decades now. However, despite being a classic and basic shoe, many men often have some questions about when to wear them.

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The Chukka boots or shoes consist of a rather casual type of footwear, which despite having been used for decades, is a type of footwear whose creation is relatively recent, especially if we compare it with other male models .

It was developed during World War II in Africa, where the British military realized that the traditional footwear they used was not useful in the country’s own desert terrain, needing rubber soles that would allow them a better grip, which They were light and, in addition, it offered them the possibility of having greater protection (especially so that the sand did not enter the interior of the footwear).

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These are precisely some of the advantages that even today we continue to find in this type of footwear: it is light, it protects the interior from the entry of uncomfortable and undesirable elements (such as dirt or small stones), and its grip on the ground is certainly excellent.

What clothes to wear with chukka boots?

The chukka boots stand out for being a truly versatile type of footwear, in such a way that they can be used with a type of informal dress, or even something more serious. For example, they’ll look good with jeans and a T-shirt, but they also tend to work great with dark chino pants and a polo shirt or sweater.

It is a type of shoe as suitable for day-to-day as it is for business, and can be used with khaki pants and a coat, or even a sports jacket.

Even did you know that they can also be used with a suit? As long as they are used properly, of course. For example, you can perfectly contrast the color of the chukka boots with pants; that is, if the boots are dark in color, they will contrast perfectly with lighter-colored pants, and vice versa: lighter-colored boots with darker pants. Of course, you must avoid that the color of the boots and that of the pants coincide too much. It’s not so appropriate to wear khaki boots with khaki-like pants.

Is it possible to wear chukka shoes with a suit?

The truth is that yes, it is perfectly possible, although as long as some warnings are maintained. For example, chukka shoes are fit and proper when paired with a suit for special occasions, but always outside of business hours. The combination, however, will look totally out of place in bank offices and in more serious and/or traditional workplaces.

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But if you want to wear this type of shoe with a suit, it’s better if the chukka has leather soles and calfskin uppers, rather than suede boots with rubber soles, and the bottom bottom of the pants cover the top of the chukka. So the boots won’t look much different from other leather dress shoes.

And can they be used in summer?

Given the fact that they are also known as ‘desert boots’ (although desert footwear is actually a specific type of chukka shoe), and that they emerged from the hot climates of both Africa and India, they are a useful option as they are a light, elegant and closed type of footwear.

Chukkas can technically be worn without socks, as wearing them can make your feet sweatier and tend to smell bad.

However, they are not recommended to wear with shorts as they would actually make you look like you are a proper guide on an African safari.

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